Content Wins Customers ... If Sales Reps Can Find It [Infographic]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner


find_needle_in_haystackGreat news, marketers! A new infographic from Docurated shows that the work you do pays off: 83% of companies cite high-quality content as a top driver of winning new customers.

But there's a slight glitch in the baton handoff to Sales. Those awesome pieces you're putting out? Reps can't find them.

According to the infographic, 58% of surveyed organizations agreed that speed of RFI and RFP responses is important to signing new contracts. But unfortunately, salespeople are slowed by disorganization: 65% said the ability to quickly find content was a major sales pain point. The infographic also notes that sales reps can spend up to six and a half hours per week searching for the content they need.

Cleaning isn't fun, but when money's on the line, it's necessary. Instead of churning out even more content, marketing leaders might want to redirect resources to making sure it can get in the right hands at the right times. 


How do you organize and distribute sales enablement content so reps can find it easily?

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