My Email Personality Type Is “Inbox Destroyer.” What Is Yours? [Quiz]

Email is awkward.

Primarily because we’re all so dang different. Some people use smiley faces, exclamation marks, and crack jokes ... while others are traditional and formal. 

When the casual jokester and the formal emailer cross paths ... things can get weird

Likewise, some people are productivity nerds, while others are not. The productivity nerds (such as myself) know all of the email keyboard shortcuts, have ultra-organized inboxes, and use popular email productivity tools. On the other spectrum, there are people who have never heard of email batching.

Point being — everyone operates differently in email.  

And from our experience of helping 200,000+ people email smarter, we've noticed four major buckets of email personality types: 


First is The Exquisite Emailer. This person is an email etiquette expert, who just hasn't had the time to learn email productivity shortcuts. However, they write flawless emails by assuring they're professional, easy to understand, and error-free.



Second is The Email Machine. This person is also an email etiquette expert, but they're extremely tech-savvy. They leverage email productivity tools (such as HubSpot Sales) to do their job faster, yet they communicate formally and professionally.



Third is The Simple Emailer ... and this person likes to keep things simple. Unlike the previous two email personality types, they talk in a casual tone (ex. smiley faces and exclamation points!). And similar to The Exquisite Emailer, they haven't yet learned all of those fancy, schmancy tools and tricks.



Finally, we have The Inbox Destroyer. This person is a productivity ninja, but they talk casually. Yet despite their undeniable love for tools that help them email like a machine, they try to avoid sounding like one.  


So ... which emailer are you?

Who knows, maybe you're more cheery (or more robotic) than you thought. Or that you still have a few productivity tips and tricks to learn.

Take the quiz below to find out where you stand:  

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