107 Fascinating Sales Statistics That Will Help You Sell More, Better

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



In the course of a sales rep's busy day, they don't have much time for rumination. But after their calls are done and their CRM totally up to date, they might start to wonder about those seemingly unanswerable sales questions:

  • How does my cold call to appointment rate compare to other sales reps'?
  • What's the ideal number of follow-ups before I can throw in the towel?
  • How many voicemails actually get a response?
  • What's the absolute best time to send a sales email?

But before long, the next day begins and it's back to the grind. Reps simply shrug off their speculations, and accept that some sales truths just aren't meant to be known.

Well, until now, that is. Sidekick has compiled a staggering 107 sales statistics that shed some light on even the trickiest selling quandaries.

Got a question about social selling, cold calling, prospecting emails, sales productivity, or closing? Chances are, this deck has the answer. And with concrete benchmarks to guide you, you can refine your sales process to sell smarter, better, and faster.


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