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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner


follow_me_buttonThe Oscars may be a few months past, but awards season has arrived in sales and marketing thought leadership.

Earlier this month, Top Sales World came out with its list of the top 50 sales and marketing influencers for 2014. Who made the cut this year was based on several criteria, including social media presence, quality and frequency of written work, and a passion for improving sales and marketing processes.   

We’ve featured each influencer below, along with their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, for your following and connecting convenience. 

Congratulations to all honorees -- the sales and marketing world thanks you for your work. 

Listed in alphabetical order: 

Dr. Tony Alessandra 

Greg Alexander 

Miles Austin 

Trish Bertuzzi 

Joanne Black 

Tiffani Bova 

Deb Calvert 

Jim Cathcart 

Kevin Davis 

John Doerr 

Jonathan Farrington 

Colleen Francis 

Barbara Giamanco 

Jeffrey Gitomer 

Charles H. Green 

Gerhard Gschwandtner 

Matt Heinz 

Leanne Hoagland-Smith 

Mark Hunter 

Anthony Iannarino 

Geoffrey James 

Jim Keenan 

Jill Konrath 

Ken Krogue 

Dave Kurlan 

Dan McDade 

Nancy Nardin 

Michael Nick 

Daniel Pink 

Debbie Qaqish 

Neil Rackham (Note: Rackham does not maintain Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, but you can keep up with him on his website:

Linda Richardson 

Lori Richardson 

Kelley Robertson 

Keith Rosen

Steven A. Rosen 

Craig Rosenberg 

Tamara Schenk 

Todd Schnick 

Mike Schultz   

David Meerman Scott 

Tom Searcy 

Koka Sexton 

Tibor Shanto 

Art Sobczak 

Colleen Stanley 

Dave Stein 

Babette Ten Haken 

Robert Terson 

Ken Thoreson 

Dan Waldschmidt 

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