Let's face it: salespeople no longer have the upper hand.

Prospects can now look you up online and learn about your -- and your competitor's -- product, its features, its pricing, and quite a lot in between. In fact, according to Corporate Executive Board, prospects are already 60% through the sales cycle before a sales rep ever touches them. So what's a salesperson to do?

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan, who has been a salesguy since the early 90s, has a word of advice: Use inbound selling. "Buyers have more information available to them, and higher expectations for a relevant, personal experience when making a purchase. Giving them that relevant, personal, “delightful” experience that is driven by their needs and happens on their timeline is what an inbound approach to sales is all about."

Here's a snazzy SlideShare put together by Brian and the team here at HubSpot on how sales has changed and how to start using inbound selling to close more leads.

 The sales game is changing: keep up, or you'll get left in the dust!
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Originally published Sep 11, 2013 2:30:00 PM, updated September 23 2013


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