Early on in my sales career at HubSpot, I ended my prospecting emails with a proposed time and date to meet. Each of my emails finished with some version of the sentence below:

Do you have 10 minutes tomorrow at 2pm to connect?

The reason I liked this approach is because it let the prospect know that my time was valuable (inherently boosting my social value), in addition to allowing them to respond with a simple "yes.”

But the problem was that the answer was hardly ever "yes." If I got a reply at all, it was usually a proposal for another time and date.

If you are prospecting to decision makers, chances are they’re busy. If you are good at sales, your calendar is also pretty packed.

The amount of back and forth to actually discover and book a time that worked for both the prospect and me became very tedious. Most times I found myself sending three or four emails to book a single meeting.

It was imperative for me to find a solution. I decided to look into calendar apps. My fear initially was that no one would book meetings with me by going through a calendar app, but I decided to try it anyway.

After weeks of testing different approaches, I was able to crack the code. I found that decision makers look for two things when booking a meeting with a salesperson:

  1. Small time commitment
  2. Convenience

My emails now end with this sentence:

For your convenience, you can easily book a brief time to connect by Accessing My Calendar [link to calendar app].

This simple sentence lets my prospects know this meeting will not require a large time commitment, and enables them to choose the time that works best for them – no back and forth required.

I usually set about three to five meetings for myself per day by sending 25 new prospecting emails and 25 follow-ups ending with this sentence. This approach allows meeting requests to continuously flow in through my calendar app and saves me roughly 30 minutes per day trying to find a time that works.

I use the HubSpot Meetings tool. It’s easy to use and integrates with Gmail and GCal. The app sends me a meeting reminder 30 minutes prior to the appointment with contact and company info. I have booked hundreds of meetings with this app and I’ve actually had prospects say how much they appreciate this approach.

If you are doing a lot of prospecting or even account management through email, I strongly encourage testing this out. If you decide to experiment with calendar apps, let me know how it goes by leaving a comment here.

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Originally published May 11, 2015 8:00:00 AM, updated April 12 2019


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