How to Shake the "Scaries" When Prospecting


We all know the feeling.

If you are in sales you are bound to feel a little scared sometimes to make that call or send that email. Even after prospecting for 10 years I still get scared sometimes.

Why all the fear? I realized something profound after a bit of reflection:

The only time I get the prospecting "scaries" is when I'm not 100% clear on why I'm calling someone.

If you have a rock-solid reason to reach out to a prospect, you won't feel nervous or scared. Instead, I feel confident and excited -- because I think I can help them.

Here's how I learned to shake the scaries.

If you're in sales today, it's because you like to help people. And if you frame your prospecting strategy around your desire to help, you can't go wrong.

Help yourself feel more confident when prospecting by asking yourself two simple questions before you reach out to a lead:

  1. Why am I working this contact/company?
  2. Why and how do I think I can help?

If you don’t have answers, put down the phone or delete the email draft, and do more research. Here's a step-by-step guide to effective targeted prospecting and research in case you're not sure where to start.

The worst thing is this thought popping into your head while the phone is ringing:

“What the heck am I going to say if they pick up?”

Stop. Back away from the phone.

Salespeople don't have to dread prospecting. Ask yourself these two simple questions, and shake off those scaries once and for all.

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