13 More Tweetable Quotes From #DF14

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



speech_bubblesAnother Dreamforce is on the books. We laughed (Madam Secretary, please make @HillarysPantsuits a reality. Thank you.) We cried (Did Al Gore's presentation have anyone else sniffling a bit?). We meditated (with Arianna Huffington no less. Ommmmm). We ate a lot of avocado (on everything, and it was glorious). 

It was no doubt a week of great content, but it was also a week of a lot of content. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the latter half of the conference in case you missed them. 

Tweetable Quotes From #DF14

1) "We need to stop shoving product specs at our people and start teaching them about business." - Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist, The Bridge Group (Tweet This Quote)

2) "You can't make your content viral. You can just make it sharable." - Blake Boznanski, sales director, BuzzFeed (Tweet This Quote)

3) "Calling is still king." - Krista Bauer, business development senior manager, Salesforce.com (Tweet This Quote)

4) "Bring who you are as a human to your buyers." - Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist, The Bridge Group (Tweet This Quote)

5) "A big part of being agile is staying coachable." - Jill Konrath, sales speaker and author (Tweet This Quote)

6) "A rep is 54% more likely to achieve quota if they're active on LinkedIn."- Koka Sexton, global senior social marketing manager, LinkedIn (Tweet This Quote)

7) "The phone isn't dead -- cold calling is dead." - Jill Rowley, #SocialSelling evangelist and workshop leader (Tweet This Quote)

8) "The internet is becoming more powerful than the TV." - Al Gore, 45th vice president of the United States (Tweet This Quote)

9) "Competition becomes negative if you create a negative culture." - Bob Marsh, founder and CEO, LevelEleven (Tweet This Quote)

10) "We should think of ourselves not just as go-getters but as go-givers." - Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post Media Group (Tweet This Quote)

11) "Your best salespeople are your customers." - Jill Rowley, #SocialSelling evangelist and workshop leader (Tweet This Quote)

12) "I think tangible [rewards are] less important than people think." - Bob Marsh, founder and CEO, LevelEleven (Tweet This Quote)

13) "Social media is the ultimate equalizer." - Koka Sexton, global senior social marketing manager, LinkedIn (Tweet This Quote)

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