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April 18, 2016

The Optimal Email Writing Technique for More Responses, Based On 40 Million Emails [Infographic]

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While the average person receives 122 emails per day, he or she only sends 34 -- so if you want a response, you’ll need to be strategic about everything from your subject line to your writing style.Start sending customized sales emails today in HubSpot CRM.

Fortunately, thanks to a study from Boomerang, you can now hit the perfect note. First, cut the jargon and Shakespeare-worthy prose: Data from more than 40 million emails showed that writing at a third-grade level will score you 36% more responses.

Using the right amount of emotion is also key. Surprisingly, your email shouldn’t be too positive; overusing exclamation marks and words with happy connotations (such as “pleased,” “delighted,” and “great”) leads to a decline in response rates -- perhaps because messages packed with positivity don’t feel genuine.

In fact, the research showed moderately positive or negative emails were the most effective, getting 10-15% more responses than neutral ones. That means next time you’re composing a message, you should give it a dash of warmth or hostility (but just a dash!).

To learn five more techniques for writing sales emails with better response rates, check out the infographic below.


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