A sad but true fact in sales: Most prospecting emails don't lead to sales. An even sadder fact: A lot of prospecting emails never even get opened. 

It's thoughts like these that can send you into an existential crisis. If you send an email, but no one clicks on it, does it still communicate information? What's the sound of one hand clapping? (Sigh.)

But don't get too discouraged. We've compiled 19 eye-opening statistics on email subject lines that can dramatically boost your email open rate (and prevent an unpleasant depressive spiral). 

Some choice stats to get you started:

  • Emails that contain the word "you" in the subject line are opened 5% less often than those without.
  • Emails that contain the word "tomorrow" in the subject line are opened 10% more often than those without.
  • Emails with subject lines containing 30 or fewer characters have the best open rates.
  • Emails with personalized subject lines are more than 20% more likely to get opened.

Peruse the SlideShare below for even more informative and actionable subject line stats. And when you're done, apply your new knowledge in a prospecting email -- stat!

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Originally published Oct 2, 2015 8:30:00 AM, updated June 10 2021


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