26 Stats That Make the Case for Sales Automation

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Jay Fuchs
Jay Fuchs


Every aspect of a sales process is prone to human error when carried out manually. As a sales professional, there’s a good chance you’ve slipped up here and there. Maybe, you lost a deal because you forgot to follow up with a prospect. Or maybe, you lost valuable time hashing out a meeting time with a potential customer.

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All those issues and more can be at least partially addressed by incorporating automation resources into your sales process. They provide an effective way for sales teams to streamline certain elements of their efforts and, in turn, improve their organization’s efficiency as a whole.

Here are some stats on sales automation facts and figures spanning multiple categories. Let’s take a look.

Sales Automation Stats

Overall Discipline

1. 60% of sales professionals say that AI/automation tools are important to their overall sales strategy. (HubSpot)

2. 57% of sales professionals agree that by 2024, most sales pros will use AI/automation in their role. (HubSpot)

3. Sales professionals can be found in the top 10 user groups of AI at organizations, ranking eighth in the list (as per when the poll was conducted). (IBM)

4. Sellers in the US and Canada spend over one-third of their time on administrative duties and updating their CRM (19% on each activity). (LinkedIn)

Benefits of Sales Automation

5. Sales professionals estimate they save around 2 hours and 15 minutes daily using AI or automation tools to automate manual tasks such as data entry, note-taking, scheduling, and so on. (HubSpot)

6. Sales professionals save an average of two hours and seven minutes daily using AI/automation tools for prospect outreach. (HubSpot)

7. Sales professionals who use AI/automation say that the biggest benefits of using such tools in their role are that:

  • AI tools save them time/automate manual tasks (38%).
  • AI tools help them use data to optimize the sales process (31%).
  • AI tools allow them to spend more time selling (31%). (HubSpot)

8. Research suggests that players investing in AI are seeing a 10-20% sales ROI boost. (McKinsey)

9. 80% of sellers in the US and Canada who met or surpassed 150% of quota use sales tech at least once a week compared to 58% of other sellers. (LinkedIn)

10. 90% of sellers in Asia-Pacific (Australia, India, and Singapore, to be precise) who attained 150% or greater of quota use sales tech at least once a week, contrasted with only 79% of other sellers. (LinkedIn)

11. 97% of sellers in the US and Canada find sales intelligence, sales enablement, and CRM tools to be “important” or “very important.” (LinkedIn)

Sales Automation (and AI) Tools And Uses

12. Sales professionals who use AI/automation feel that the most effective tools for helping them reach their sales goals are:

  • AI tools that automate manual tasks (25%).
  • AI tools that offer data-driven insights (20%).
  • Generative AI tools that help write sales content or prospect outreach messages (20%).

Data suggest that these are also the most popular AI/automation tools in sales. (HubSpot)

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13. 86% of sales professionals leveraging generative AI to write messages to prospects believe it is effective — 38% find it very effective, and 49% somewhat effective. (HubSpot)

14. The most popular tasks that sales professionals use generative AI tools for in their role include (in no particular order):

  • Content creation, or using generative AI to write copy, create images, or get ideas for sales enablement content.
  • Prospect outreach, or using generative AI to write emails, social media messages, call scripts, etc.
  • Research, or using generative AI for market research, to find datasets, summarize articles, etc.
  • Training, or using generative AI to learn sales forecasting or a new Excel function. (HubSpot)

15. 93% of B2B sales professionals using AI/automation find AI tools/chatbots that effectively assist with prospect outreach or lead generation. (HubSpot)

16. 44% of sellers in the UK use sales tech weekly, and 25% use it daily. (LinkedIn)

17. 30% of companies are using or considering using natural language processing (NLP) solutions for sales. (IBM)

CRM and Sales Automation

18. 42% of teams using a CRM use it to automate meeting scheduling. (HubSpot)

19. 40% of teams using a CRM use it to automate content automation. (HubSpot)

20. 36% of teams using a CRM use it to automate quote generation. (HubSpot)

21. 34% of teams using a CRM use it to automate meeting follow-ups. (HubSpot)

22. 29% of teams using a CRM use it to automate rep assignments. (HubSpot)

23. 28% of teams using a CRM use it to automate lead scoring. (HubSpot)

General Attitudes and Perspectives on Sales Automation

24. 69% of sales professionals believe that sales pros should use AI/automation tools for prospecting but avoid becoming overly reliant on them. (HubSpot)

25. 36% of sales professionals who use AI/automation find such tools easy to use to accomplish their sales goals, while a majority (55%) find them neither easy nor difficult to use for this purpose. (HubSpot)

26. 39% of sales professionals who don’t currently use AI/automation tools in their role say it’s because they don’t want to become overly reliant on AI tools. (HubSpot)

Automating Your Sales Workflow

Regardless of your industry or how your sales org is structured, there's a good chance your business stands to gain a lot from leveraging sales automation resources.

They can take a lot of the legwork, guesswork, and vulnerability to human error out of your sales process. With so many automation tools at your disposal, you should at least consider folding one or more into your sales efforts.



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