Salespeople Aren't Getting What They Need From Sales Enablement [New Research]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



"Free for all" is probably not the term sales and marketing leaders would hope describes their sales enablement content creation processes. Content wins customers, but not without a consistent procedure in place. After all, you want to present a single consistent message to prospects and customers -- not a different takeaway depending on the day.

However, for every four companies with some semblance of a unified sales content approach, one is flying by the seat of its pants. New research from Corporate Visions reveals that at 20% of organizations, content creators "just do what they think is best" with no overarching structure at all. And disorganization seems to be the rule rather than the exception -- only 29% of survey respondents indicated their companies had well-established content and messaging creation procedures. Scary stuff.

But perhaps even more alarming is the disconnect between what salespeople want, and what sales enablement is providing. Even though only 13% of sellers believe product- or company-focused presentations are most effective for winning business, a paltry 27% of organizations are creating content that focuses squarely on customers

Don't let your company's story have a sad ending because of inadequate messaging development processes. Take the three steps listed at the bottom of this infographic to converge meandering messaging paths into one efficient and effective road.


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