20 Creative Spring-Themed Sales Email Templates to Use in 2021

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Chances are, your email templates are no spring chicken. And with buyers becoming more discerning every year, it's never been more important to ditch your copy-and-paste strategy and take a fresh approach to email outreach.


Boosting response rates (with quality responses, of course), is what matters most to reps, and timely, unconventional sales emails can be just what you need to get more eyeballs, clicks, and replies.

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Spend 30 minutes refreshing your tired email templates and you can give your buyers a memorable message they will reply to — and one they might just forward to their colleagues. Emails that show this type of share-worthy personality benefit your company even if you don't get an immediate reply.

Need a little help getting the creative juices flowing? Here are a few spring-themed sales email templates for you to customize for your prospects, product, and industry. Put your own unique spin on each one and start building that name recognition with your target companies and consumers.

Prospecting Email Templates

Use these emails to contact new prospects. Your creativity will make a great first impression.

1. Back to the Future

Remind the buyer the future is coming, whether they like it or not. The chances they know exactly what they're going to do are slim — so they'll probably want to hear what you have to say.

2. A Good Read

A book recommendation is only valuable to your prospect if you explain why that title is pertinent to their situation and highlight a part they should focus on. Doing so proves you read the book, and more importantly, thought about why it would benefit them specifically.

3. Watching the Clock

Provoke the buyer's interest with an offer to help them accomplish more in their day. Once you've earned their attention, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor. They'll be eager to learn additional ways to boost their productivity — including buying your offering.

4. New Season, New Strategy

Establish rapport with your prospect by mentioning the weather, which everyone loves to hate. Then demonstrate subject-matter expertise and a familiarity with their business by mentioning a likely challenge or focus are. Finally, leverage social proof by sharing that you've helped other companies with the same thing.

5. Congratulations on Your Success

Prove your knowledge of the buyer's situation by congratulating them on an effective campaign or competitive move. Even if they've already thought three steps ahead, they'll be curious to speak with you.

The language is casual, so consider tweaking it if you're emailing someone at a conservative company.

6. Theory vs. Practice

Finding a 🍀 ?

To earn your prospect's trust, show some empathy for their challenges. This email also highlights the expertise you've built in this specific area. If the buyer is experiencing the problem or opportunity you mention, they'll be compelled to respond.

7. A Groovy Tune

A familiar song will break the ice with the buyer — plus, once they've got it running through their head, they'll be thinking of your email all day. Add value with a highly personalized content recommendation.

8. The Right Place at the Right Time

Citing results from a similar company will either make your prospect worried about falling behind or eager to get ahead. Whatever the case, they'll be highly motivated to schedule a conversation with you.

9. Follow That Rabbit!

Is your prospect obviously conducting research into a topic? Help them out with some material they might not find on their own. And don't be afraid to source blogs from outside your company website. This shows you're plugged into the community and not territorial about where you get your information from.

10. Temperature Whiplash

Spring can seem like winter's second wind. Playing into that universal feeling of "Please, not another cold, dreary day ..." makes you relatable, and your beachy GIF will hopefully bring a smile to your prospect's face.

Follow Up Email Templates

Are you trying to keep a deal moving forward or strengthen a relationship? These follow up emails help you check in without being annoying or pushy.

1. Getting a Good Season's Sleep

It's always tough to re-engage prospects who have gone dark. With this tongue-in-cheek email, you'll remind them of your persistence without sounding aggressive. They may be amused enough to reply.

2. Some Mistakes Are Worse Than Others

Buyers will be impressed by your willingness to offer help with no strings attached. At the same time, you're demonstrating your subject-matter expertise. You'll have the ideal segue to discussing how your product can improve their efforts in the same area even more.

3. A Missed Connection

While you might be tempted to guilt trip a prospect into rescheduling, this strategy never pays off. Even if you manage to get them on the phone, they'll only be humoring you. Rather than wasting their time and yours, send them a follow-up email that summarizes the situation in a neutral way. Linking to resources is a nice extra touch.

4. Spring Renewal

This template should not be sent unless you've been communicating regularly with your client and know they're happy. If you send this to an unhappy client, you'll strike the wrong chord and risk a negative answer to your final question.

5. Testing the Water

If your prospect is an "Office" fan, this template will be a big hit. Perfect for reintroducing you into their inbox in a fun, friendly way.

Breakup Email Templates

Reach out one last time to prospects who have fallen off the grid.

1. Rinse and Repeat

Acknowledging it can be frustrating to receive multiple emails shows the buyer you're human and makes the situation feel less "salesy." And if they're Bill Murray fans, the film reference will make them smile.

2. Starting Fresh

This short and sweet template gives the buyer one last chance to engage with you. If they've simply been busy, it'll prompt them to respond or lose the opportunity. If they've decided not to buy, on the other hand, they'll ignore you or say they're not interested. Either way, you can move on.

3. Spring "Break"

This is a lighthearted way to break up with a prospect — at least for now. There's no pressure from the salesperson. Instead, you've reminded them of the benefits you can offer and left the ball in their court.

4. So you're saying there's a chance?

This template keeps things light while helping you know whether it's time to move on. If you don't get a response, it's probably time to sunset this prospect for now.

5. One Last Time

As the days warm up, your pipeline should too. Use these fresh spring-themed sales emails to engage new prospects, follow up with existing ones, and say goodbye to stale opportunities.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for cohesiveness.

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