The CEO likes your product and wants to buy it. Done deal, right?

Well ... not necessarily. Is the CFO on board? The HR director? The VP of sales? If you failed to secure widespread support among all the relevant stakeholders, your deal might be dead in the water.

Whereas decisions in the past were made by one or two primary decision makers, today's buying processes involve many more stakeholders. And just because the boss is keen on your offering doesn't mean they're willing to overrule colleagues who have misgivings.

According to The Challenger Sale, "widespread support for a supplier across their team is the number one thing senior decision makers look for in making a purchase decision." That's right -- broad support for a purchase is more important than price, flexbility, and vendor accessibility. When it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter how great the product is -- companies simply won't buy if all stakeholders aren't nodding their heads. That's why you must take an account-based sales approach, rather than a leads-based one.

If sellers can prove consensus to decision makers, they can make it easier for them to buy. Instead of leaving the legwork of sending tedious chain emails and arranging all-hands meetings to your prospects, take matters into your own hands with this stakeholder consensus worksheet. 

For each stakeholder, jot notes about their:

  • Primary business challenge
  • Desired results
  • Percieved pros and cons
  • Belief that the product will deliver results
  • Committment to purchase

Then, once you have feedback from all relevant influencers documented on the worksheet, you can copy and paste answers on the included one-page grid template to easily show the main decision maker who's on board, who's not, and why. 

And besides speeding up sales decisions by making it easier for prospects to gain and judge consensus, this worksheet can also be used internally for salespeople working a large deal as a team. Because each stakeholder's concerns are on one page, all the sellers involved can stay on the same page.

Click here to download this worksheet -- no form required.

Originally published Jan 9, 2015 7:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


Account-Based Sales