The 3 Books That Helped Me Hit My Quota Quicker [Summary Included]


If you’re anything like me, your to-do list might look something like:

  • call 100 prospects
  • schedule 50 demos
  • send 100 follow up emails
  • generate 200 new prospects

... and so on.

So, when my boss mentioned I should read the book he just bought, it sort of went in one ear and out the other.

My top priority is to hit my quota, so reading a sales book just didn’t seem worthwhile. I went on with my days forgetting about this book, until I learned that one of my co-workers read the book and it was actually helping him hit his quota faster.

By not reading the book, I knew I was letting my boss down, but what I didn’t realize is that I was also missing out on valuable sales insights. Like the story of how Aaron Ross transformed the sales team without any traditional cold calling and scaled the business into a $100 million sales machine. Or the enlightening findings from one of the largest studies ever done in sales.

Determined to see the same results as my co-worker, I dedicated 10 hours to read the sales book my boss recommended and two other books I heard had proven results:

It took me 10 hours to read these books, but it turns out the 740 pages can be summarized into three 15-page sections.

To save you time I created a summary of these three top sales books, which include:

  • Three lists of key terms every reader should know
  • Shareable quotes to strut your sales smarts
  • Three actionable frameworks to try

Not only did reading these three books impress my boss, but I started hitting my quota quicker. I hope this summary brings you the same -- if not better -- results.

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