If You’re Not Closing, You’re Losing: The “C” in Close


If you can’t or don’t close, then you lose, your family loses, your company loses; and your customer loses when they don’t close on what you represent. I personally have such conviction in what I represent, that I believe to my core that everyone loses when I don’t close. This belief, combined with an arsenal of knowledge, methods, and technology, is the fuel necessary to persist until you get the close.

There is only a slight difference between closing and losing; one letter to be exact, and that is the little bit it would take to close most of your deals.

The “C” in Close

The “C” in close could stand for commitment. Commitment is defined as “the state or instance of being emotionally impelled.” Commitment is the great shortage of our day -- it’s rare to find people who are committed and emotionally impelled to do whatever it takes to get something done!

The “C” in close could stand for consistency, as that is what it takes to achieve higher closing rates. Consistency is critical and will provide you with a set of choices free from variation and randomness, which will bring more harmony, stability and logic to the negotiations.

The “C” could stand for the can-do attitude that is absolutely vital to making things go right -- the eager willingness to accept and meet challenges. If you don’t bring this to the table, no one will ever support you in the closing arena, no matter how good your price, your product, or your proposal. Your negotiations will be filled with resistance, emotion, blame, falsehood, stalls and even bitterness. You have to bring the can-do attitude to the table every time.

The bottom line is, if you miss any of the “C’s” you will not close the deal; and you will only be left with “lose.” Many believe in their product, service, and ideas, but because they lack technique, can’t stay and close. The world will never know how great your product or service is, unless you learn how to close!

You either close or you lose; there is no middle ground.

There is no cost to the salesperson greater than the loss of the deal -- NONE. It depletes the individual’s belief and confidence in himself, his product, and ideas.

When a salesperson is unable to close, they become visibly demoralized, and over time, start to give up their quest with attention stuck on accumulated losses rather than the confidence and competence that comes from winning.

Losing the deal has devastating results as it fuels uncertainty, insecurity, doubt, fear, loss of hope and ultimately more lost sales.

These losses become very expensive emotionally and financially to yourself and your company and should not just be taken lightly. Certainly the prospect in no way benefits when you don’t close, as he is left to continue his efforts to acquire some product or service or solve some problem that he was hoping you would do for him.

Closing is the one step in selling that separates those who have, from those who don’t. Closing the deal separates those who love their jobs from those who don’t. It is the division between those who just dream from those who make dreams come true.

All dreams require action, and the most important action is the one that finalizes the transaction. No dream can become a reality without someone closing others on making that dream come to fruition.

Dreams don’t require dreamers, dreams require a closer! The “dream closer” will do what is necessary to close others on what they need in order to make that dream a reality!

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