The New Rules of Selling [SlideShare]

Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



the-new-rules-of-selling-3-638"If you run a small company, then you're in sales. If you're a doctor or lawyer or accountant, you're in sales."

That's how David Meerman Scott's latest SlideShare, "The New Rules of Selling," begins. The SlideShare content is drawn from Scott's latest book, The New Rules of Sales and Service, and this quote in particular resonates with me. It harkens back to a lunch I had with our own VP of Sales, Mark Roberge, in which he told me that he thought every career could benefit from at least some experience in Sales. Like Scott says -- everybody, in some way or another, is in Sales.

In Scott's new book (and in this SlideShare), explore how Sales is evolving, redefining its own space, and shaping the world of Services along with it. If you're familiar with the inbound marketing story and the shift to a digital, consumer-driven world, I suspect much of this will resonate with you.

Topics: Inbound Sales

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