The State of Inbound: Sales Edition [Free Sales Report]

Corey Wainwright
Corey Wainwright



sois-14If you know HubSpot primarily for its marketing software and content, you probably already know that we've recently released our sixth annual State of Inbound Marketing report. You might also know that this year, we dropped "Marketing" from the title, and have rebranded it simply The State of Inbound.


Because one notable finding from this year's report is that inbound methodologies are being used to power not just Marketing, but Sales, too. With the growing prevalence of the inbound mindset among today's sales reps, growing alignment between Sales and Marketing teams, and our own release of the new HubSpot Sales Platform, we thought it appropriate to publish a sales-specific edition of our annual report -- our first annual The State of Inbound: Sales Edition.

I invite you to download and peruse the findings at your leisure. I've also included a few of the most interesting, shocking, and revelatory insights briefly below:

1) Marketing and Sales are more aligned than you might think: Marketing's top priorities for the next year are generating more leads and helping convert them into customers; Sales' top priorities are closing more deals and improving the efficiency of the sales funnel. (Tweet This Stat)

2) Manual data entry and integration with other tools are the biggest challenges sales professionals report facing with their CRMs; related, 59% of sales professionals are less than confident about the completeness of their CRM's data. (Tweet This Stat)

3) Only 47% of sales reps are equipped with website interaction history before reaching out to prospects. (Tweet This Stat)

4) On the other hand, 81% of sales reps agree that their prospects are at least "somewhat knowledgeable" about their company before the rep's first contact. (Tweet This Stat)

5) Despite the popularity of the term, only 7% of sales professionals are actually prioritizing social selling in their sales organizations. (Tweet This Stat)

I hope you'll take some time to review some of this report's findings, as well as note that this is just the first edition of this report. That means next year, we'd like to include questions from you that would help you better understand the current state of sales. Please feel free to leave comments about what data you hope to see in next year's report -- we'll be aggregating those questions to inform research and surveys for the second edition of this report.


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