The Top 5 Reasons Sales Teams Don't Make Quota [New Research]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




When a rep doesn't make quota, the excuses can come fast and furious. Getting to the heart of the issue is often a challenge for sales managers and leaders. And when an entire team doesn't hit its number? Multiply the confusion tenfold. 

Qvidian sought to get to the bottom of why teams don't make quota in their 2015 Sales Execution Trends study. After surveying sales leaders from a variety of companies and industries worldwide, a few common problems emerged.

So is it the sales managers who are to blame? Not exactly. Only 30% of respondents cited managers' poor coaching abilities as the reason their sales teams weren't making quota.   

Instead, the top two answers focused on the reps themselves. Forty-two percent of leaders pointed the finger at an overly high number of no-decisions, and 41% said their salespeople weren't able to effectively sell value. Yikes.

According to the survey, these are the top five reasons sales teams miss quota:

  1. Too many no-decisions
  2. Sales is unable to communicate value
  3. Sales is burdened with administrative tasks
  4. Ramping up reps is too slow
  5. Managers can't effectively coach reps

The infographic summarizing the research also includes insights on sales leaders' top priorities for 2015, plans for driving revenue, and CRM adoption trends. See how your team's to-do list for the year matches up with other sales organizations' around the world.

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