11 Things to Think About Before Deploying a CRM System [Infographic]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Rolling out any new piece of technology to an organization's sales team is a big deal, but especially when that tool is a CRM software. After all, CRM tools are sales leaders' primary portals into their teams' pipelines and revenue forecasts. For that reason, it's critical that these systems are set up correctly, function properly, and are used effectively and consistently.

The key to achieving these goals? Preparation. Don't wing it when implementing and introducing a new CRM system to the sales force. Just like reps should thoroughly prepare before getting on the phones with their prospects, sales leaders should painstakingly set the stage for a CRM rollout to ensure the system will be used to its full potential. 

This infographic from Preact lists 11 steps sales leaders should take before deploying a CRM system, and these considerations cover all the aspects of a new tool: user adoption, integration, security, goals, project team, and process alignment. If you're thinking of adopting a CRM system, use this visual as a checklist to complete your prep work. Hitting all the relevant bases before the launch drastically reduces the possibility of a failure to launch. 


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