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10 Videos That Show How to Handle Sales Objections In a Snap


Objections -- salespeople know they're going to hear them, and yet, they never seem to get easier to handle. The prospect could take exception to the price, the contract, the terms, or to a feature of the product or service itself. While a rep might not know which objection is coming their way, it's a safe bet that there will be at least one in every sales deal. 

The predictability of objections can be frustrating, but it also sheds some light on how to handle them. Because objections are bound to pop up at some point, salespeople should spend time preparing their responses. Take it from the Boy Scouts, and be prepared.

In case you prefer to learn visually, these videos offer specific responses to common objections, and teach salespeople how to address them effectively (sometimes even before they arise!). Press play and improve your objection handling today.

1) Sales Objection Handling

Like many other tasks in sales, it's easier to handle objections when you have a process to refer to. In this video, Brian Conway presents a six-step procedure that salespeople can execute when a prospect raises a red flag.

2) The Agreement Frame: How to Handle Objections with a Smile 

A handy refresher course in acknowledging the prospect's point of view and making your response more positive by replacing "but" with "and."

3) Beat Your Prospect to the Sales Objection

It's incredibly valuable to know how to address objections when they come up, but it's even better to prevent them from entering the conversation at all. Sean McPheat explains how a salesperson can steal a prospect's objection thunder by bringing up and talking about problems before they do.

4) The Best Way to Defuse Dreaded Sales Objections

Rather than ignoring the elephant in the room, Jill Konrath recommends naming it right off the bat.

5) Handling Objections Training 

Colin Sprake advocates a one-two objection handling punch: Acknowledging the problem and asking an open-ended question. Repeat as necessary.

6) Objections Are a Sign of Interest

This video might be a little dated (forgive the production quality), but the message still rings true. Instead of looking at objections as pesky annoyances standing in the way of a deal, Dave Yoho argues that objections are actually a sign of interest. "I believe the more objections I get from a prospect, the more opportunities I have to sell that prospect," he says. "The more things that person is telling me about their interest, [the more] I can feed on at that moment." Makes sense.

7) How to Eliminate Sales Objections Forever

Stumped on how to respond to "we're not interested" during prospecting? Get a foolproof tactic to steer clear of this knee-jerk brush off.

8) Handling Sales Objections

Even though your emotions might be going crazy after a prospect raises an objection, Colleen Francis suggests expressing empathy and understanding before taking any other action.


9) 5 Simple Steps to Overcome Objections

The most powerful thing you can say when a prospect raises an objection? "Okay." Find out why.

10) Closing the Sale: 9 Common Objections

Rather than covering specific complaints, Brian Tracy lists the nine types of objections that surface most frequently in closing, and explains how to overcome each.

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