A Proven Framework for Prospecting Emails [+20 Free Email Examples]

Brian Whalley
Brian Whalley



20-sales-email-examples-blogThe following post contains excerpts from our new ebook on Inbound Sales, "20 Sales Email Examples: Real examples that showcase proven frameworks for sales email success.

Successful prospecting is a three-part process in which you need to establish who you are and how you can help your prospect. The message you're delivering should address:

  1. Why you're contacting the prospect (this needs to be focused on them and include the trigger event or data that says you should reach out to this person).
  2. Why you're contacting the prospect now (in other words, why your call is so timely).  
  3. A request for something you want from them that is easy and quick to complete.  

The final point should advance the sales process, such as qualifying their need or the timing of your outreach. The simpler and clearer your request, the more likely your prospects are to respond to you.

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As you'll see in the example below, this can be accomplished by providing them with tips that would only be relevant if they have a real need or informing them of a trend or piece of information that would influence their interest in you. 

Here's a HubSpot-tested example:

Hi [lead’s first name],      

Some [their company’s name] folks have been looking at our internet marketing resources and I wanted to reach out to you.      

I'm touching base because I've done a preliminary assessment of your website and would like to offer you some feedback specifically related to the (their company’s name) website.      

HubSpot has a software platform that helps companies do three things:      

1. Get found online
2. Convert qualified traffic into more leads to help lower CPL and Cost Per Customer Acquisition   
3. Measure their activities to understand what is working best and what they are wasting their time and money on      

If you'd like, I'm happy to set up a time to provide you with some tips, and we can discuss whether HubSpot would be a helpful addition to your online strategy.      

I look forward to hearing from you.      

Kind regards,

This email subtly uses all three points and establishes a simple ask. If they're interested in some tips that could improve their web marketing presence, they simply need to engage with this email.

People who reply positively to this message are demonstrating some of the qualities of a good opportunity. The tips about their website act as a lure to encourage responses. If you haven't already checked it out, HubSpot CRM is free, easy to use, and eliminates manual data entry like logging emails and calls. But the best part for prospecting is that you can track the open and click-through rates of each template, and share the ones that work best with your entire team.

Do your prospecting and outreach emails include these three points? What other elements have you found bring in more responses and attract attention?

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