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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



cloudsIf you didn't make it to Dreamforce 2014, you missed a lot of great content. If you attended Dreamforce 2014, you missed a lot of great content. So many sessions, so little time! It just wasn't humanly possible to get to them all.

But whether you soaked up the San Francisco sunshine in person or just basked in others' glow virtually, you can still get all the sales tidbits you might've missed. I spent the week jotting down my favorite takeaways from the sales-focused sessions and keynotes (and racking up the steps on my pedometer). Here's my coverage of the event, packaged for your convinience. 

HubSpot's Dreamforce Digest

Advice for Women in Sales from Industry-Leading Saleswomen

An all-female panel, led by Jill Konrath, weighed in on why women should pursue sales careers, and what differentiates saleswomen from their male colleagues. Get your daily dose of female empowerment and inspiration here. 

Answers to 4 Pressing Gamification FAQs

Is gamification dead, or alive and kicking? Does it make work more fun, or encourage cutthroat competition? Find out in this recap of the gamification keynote that included speakers from Bunchball and Badgeville.

The 7 Types of Stakeholders (and the 3 That Wield the Power to Close Deals)

From CEB (the folks that brought you The Challenger Sale) came this handy presentation on identifying buyer personas. Some stakeholders will help you, some will hinder you, but only 3 out of 7 can accelerate your close. 

5 Imperatives for Sales Organizations that Want to Stay Competitive

Change, or get left in the dust. That was McKinsey's message at Dreamforce 2014, delivered powerfully by Hugo Sarrazin. Learn what changes to make today to be in business tomorrow, such as engineering a consistent user experience, moving from products to services, and using big data to create advantage.

15 Tweetable Quotes From #DF14 (So Far)

A mid-way conference roundup of notable quotables from the likes of Jill Rowley, Mark Hunter, and Peter Ostrow.

13 More Tweetable Quotes From #DF14

Punchy one-liners from Koka Sexton, Jill Konrath, and Al Gore for your tweeting pleasure.

What was your favorite session or moment at Dreamforce 2014? 


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