No matter how much you love your customers and your job, there can be some dull days. Those are the days when you wake up to a rainy morning, miss the train, spill your coffee on your impeccably white button-down shirt, and, on top of it all, have a customer yell at you on the phone because you're out of stock of the product they want.

On those days -- which somehow often end up being Mondays and Tuesdays -- it can be hard to find the motivation to prioritize customer satisfaction. You're human, and that means that you're allowed to have a bad day, here and there. However, suffering through a moody workday can make eight hours feel like 20.

During those gloomy shifts, sometimes, all you need is some words of wisdom and inspiration to remind you why you do what you do. After all, a happy employee makes for a happier customer and, overall, a more positive interaction.

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8 Customer Satisfaction Quotes from Top Business Leaders

1. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

Source: Forbes

"Let's take most of the money we would've spent on paid advertising and paid marketing and instead of spending it on that, invest it in the customer experience/customer service and then let our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth."

This is the general philosophy at Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer. In the opinion of Tony Hsieh and his company, a business should be modeled after building happiness for both customers and employees. That is the true recipe for success; customers can't be satisfied if the employees serving them aren't. Click to tweet this quote.

2. Alex Allwood, CEO of The Holla Agency


Source: TAFE NSW

"It comes down to how your customer experiences the brand – and how that brand makes a person feel."

Alex Allwood trusts in this mantra as a customer experience specialist and author of Customer Experience is the Brand. With growing competition in every industry in every aspect -- from price to technology to innovation -- Allwood believes the way to differentiate your brand is through improving customer experience and, thus, satisfaction. A standout customer experience is what helps a customer remember a brand, and that's why companies should be focusing on meeting customer needs and expectations. Click to tweet this quote.

3. Julie Rice, Co-Founder of SoulCycle and Chief Brand Officer of WeWork

Source: The Cut

"There's a certain way of creating a service, hospitality, and experience that perpetuates people feeling like they matter."

In an interview, Julie Rice discussed how she wanted WeWork to have the same sentiment as SoulCycle about its members by having members connect with each other and the brand connect with its customers more. So much of what drives SoulCycle is its feeling of belonging. Members are continuously satisfied by their experiences with the brand not only because of the intense fitness classes but because of the community aspect. The relationships they build with other members and the acceptance they feel drives their satisfaction and lifetime loyalty. Click to tweet this quote.

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4. Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and former CEO of Apple

Source: Business Insider

"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves."

According to this quote from Steve Jobs, the best form of customer satisfaction is exceeding expectations that customers didn't even know they had. The best customer reps don't wait until customers ask questions and bring forth problems to problem-solve. Proactive customer support is high in demand these days. Offering product solutions, upgrades, and new technologies to customers shows them that you prioritize their needs and know what's best for them. Click to tweet this quote.

5. Janet Robinson, former President & CEO of The New York Times

Source: International Business Times

"Repeat business or behavior can be bribed. Loyalty has to be earned."

In this quote, Janet Robinson notes the distinction between customer sales and customer loyalty. It doesn't matter if a customer simply buys the same product over and over again from you if they feel no connection to your brand. When a customer is truly satisfied by the brand experience and not just their specific product, that is when they'll gush about your company to others. You want your customers to choose you over competitors because they are loyal promoters, not because you manipulated them into doing so. Click to tweet this quote.

6. Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations

Source: Shmula

"I believe customer service doesn't cost -- it pays. Just like advertising earns money by bringing people in, customer service pays by bringing people back."

Shep Hyken, a customer service and experience expert, quoted this in an interview with the HubSpot Service Blog. Here, he discusses how customer satisfaction ties into the customer experience. In his opinion, customer experience shouldn't be the responsibility of a specific customer department. Every single employee in a company should always have a customer-centric mentality and focus everything they do on how it will be perceived by the customer and satisfy their needs and expectations. Click to tweet this quote.

7. Indra Nooyi, former CEO of Pepsi Co

Source: Fortune

"The basic of business is to stay as close as possible from your customers, understand their behavior, their preferences, their purchasing patterns, etc."

In this quote, Indra Nooyi outlines the importance of a company building a close bond with its customers. In order to truly satisfy your customers, you can't make mere assumptions about what they want. The only way to build products and services that they'll actually purchase is by paying attention to their actions and listening to their praises and complaints. Mold your company around your customers, rather than forcing customers to adapt to you. Click to tweet this quote.

8. Brian Halligan, CEO & CO-Founder of HubSpot

Source: HubSpot

"Your focus should include creating communities outside of your site for people to connect with you, your products, and others within the community. Ultimately, this ‘outside' focus will drive people back to your site."

Our CEO Brian Halligan said it best with this quote tweeted by HubSpot. The best way to satisfy your customers is by providing value beyond the physical purchase they make. Yes, customers want an efficient and effective product or service. However, what they also want -- or don't yet know that they want -- is a community. Satisfy them and exceed their expectations by helping them connect with your other customers and build a community that can also connect them back to you. Click to tweet this quote.

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These quotes and inspiring industry leaders can brighten your work days and show how you -- as a customer service, support, or success employee -- can improve the reputation of your company by spreading a customer-focused mindset.

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