19 Customer Service Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2021

Sophia Bernazzani
Sophia Bernazzani



What's your weekday morning routine?


When I get into the office, I drink an iced almond milk latte, crank up the 2002-era tunes on Spotify, and spend some time in my inbox. Specifically, reading the newsletter subscription emails I get every morning.

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It's important to stay current on trends and new data in your industry, but it's harder to actually dedicate the time to reading new content. So I subscribe to blog newsletters and make it a part of my morning routine to read at least one of them every morning. Sure, sometimes I fall into the black hole that is my email inbox instead, but most days, I'm able to read about interesting new research and thought leadership other outlets are writing about.

If you're eager to learn more about the customer service space too, I've compiled a list of outlets you can follow and subscribe to in order to keep your education current -- and to keep your morning routine interesting.

19 Customer Service Blogs to Start Reading Today

1. Totango

The Totango blog is all about the customer journey, and the blog shares helpful resources for customer-facing practitioners and team leaders alike.

Top Pick: The Vital Role of Customer Success Operations

2. Relate

Relate by Zendesk is Zendesk’s content community that’s chock-full of blog posts, podcasts, and professionals to connect with about how to make customer service about relationships -- not transactions.

Top Pick: Improving the customer experience: why UX writers and customer service should team up

3. ClientSuccess

The ClientSuccess Blog is a great resource for customer success leaders looking to build an effective team and a strong organizational culture.

Top Pick: The New Ultimate Question for Customer Success and SaaS

4. SixteenVentures

SixteenVentures is written by Lincoln Murphy, one of the pioneers of customer success as a concept and as a business function. This blog is a must-read, whether you’ve been working in customer success for years or it’s your first day on the job -- Lincoln is the authoritative source for new concepts and best practices.

Top Pick: Customer Growth: The Difference between Sales and Expansion

5. Intercom

Intercom's blog shares valuable insights and tips for a wide audience -- customer success professionals and leaders will find a home here, but the blog shares content about management, career building, and product development stories and best practices.

Top Pick: Want your support team to drive revenue? Go real-time

6. Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist who writes excellent blog posts about growing and building a successful startup. Not all of his blog posts pertain to customer success professionals, but most posts are focused on the SaaS business model, making the customer success content on the blog highly relevant for customer success managers and leaders.

Top Pick: The 4 Teams Within Customer Success Organizations

7. Michael Redbord

Michael Redbord's SaaS customer success blog is right on the money. He built and led HubSpot’s customer support and success organizations, and now he's leading HubSpot's customer service product line, and he shares his experiences and opinions regularly on his personal blog (along with writing for this blog every now and then).

Top Pick: Why customer support must come before customer success

8. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is one the customer service industry’s most well-known speakers, and his blog shares not only his own excellent content, but the content he’s reading to keep informed about the customer success world, too. (Read about our interview with Shep in this post.)

Top Pick: Three C's of Customer Service Success

9. CX Journey

CX Journey is written by the organization’s CEO -- which stands for ‘Chief Experience Officer.’ This blog is dedicated to helping companies and leaders build an exceptional customer experience by capturing the voice of the customer (VoC), and it includes both tactical strategies for growth and big-picture ideas about where the customer success industry is headed.

Top Pick: Is Your Company People-Centric or Profit-Centric?

10. CustomerThink

CustomerThink is a community of writers and customer-facing professionals who contribute blog posts about a variety of topics -- including leadership, technology, sales, analytics, and tactical content for anything and everything customer.

Top Pick: How Much Time Should CEOs Spend with Customers?

11. Help Scout

Help Scout's blog covers a lot of different topics in the areas of customer loyalty and service, featuring quirky custom illustrations and detailed case studies to educate their readers.

Top Pick: Writing Support Emails: A Style Guide

12. Support Driven

Support Driven is a community of customer support professionals that connect via a Slack group, a podcast, conferences, and a blog. It offers a ton of resources for new and experienced professionals in the industry, and its blog offers in-depth articles, event and podcast recaps, and thought leadership.

Top Pick: To Leaderboard or Not, That is the Question

13. Planhat

Planhat's blog features in-depth articles and interviews with industry leaders about customer success and customer experience (like this interview with Michael Redbord).

Top Pick: How To Get Started With Your Customer Advocacy Program

14. ChurnZero

ChurnZero's blog is dedicated to content about churn reduction via customer engagement and retention, and the actionable tips and best practices are extremely valuable.

Top Pick: How to Effectively Deal with a Bottleneck in Your Customer's Journey

15. Fonolo

Fonolo's customer service and experience blog offers a ton of valuable resources for reps working on the front lines with customers, day-in and day-out.

Top Pick: How to Optimize Your Call Center's Performance

16. WinTheCustomer

WinTheCustomer is Flavio Martins' personal blog that's all about customer experience and customer service innovations. He regularly blogs about high-level thought leadership, in addition to tactical advice for service professionals.

Top Pick: 4 Ways Your Policies Can Ruin Your Customers' Experiences

17. Keep | Grow

Keep | Grow is HubSpotter Phil O'Doherty's personal blog about customer success, and he shares helpful blog content, along with templates and frameworks, about how to grow a strong career in the industry.

Top Pick: Ideas For Structuring Your Customer Success Team

18. ThinkGrowth

ThinkGrowth is a HubSpot Medium publication that covers content about businesses’ growth stories, across different industries. It isn’t dedicated to customer success exclusively, but it shares insights from thought leaders and innovators in the space who are breaking new grounds that are worth reading.

Top Pick: Two Models that Prove the ROI of Customer Service

19. HubSpot

This very blog you're reading -- the HubSpot Service Blog -- features original research, tactical strategy, and thought leadership content about all aspects of customer service, support, experience, and success. We advocate for investing in customer happiness and retention as a sustainable way to grow your business, so your happy customers will recommend your brand to their networks.

Top Pick: 6 Examples of Good Customer Service (and What You Can Learn From Them)

To learn more, read about how marketing and customer service can better collaborate next.

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