Technology has made your customers more empowered than ever.

They have more ways to research options, take advantage of free trials, and share their experiences with your brand.

Technology also means your customers' expectations are higher than ever.

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Not only do 70% of customers expect service to be easier and more convenient to obtain, they also say it's important to be able to access customer service across a variety of channels -- such as phone, email, text, live chat, and social media. In fact, 36% of customers will switch service channels if they don't get a response from a customer service rep within an hour.

And because of those high expectations, a lot of customers' expectations aren't being met. In order to meet those high standards more effectively, there are a few ways customer service teams can provide the omni-channel experience their customers want. Read more in the infographic from Adweek below to learn about how to bridge the divide between customers' expectations -- and the service they're actually receiving.


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Originally published Apr 16, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated April 16 2018


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