Most of us would love to invest a fortune in higher education to further our careers. However, going back to school or taking courses can require a lot of time and money.

Enter training videos.

They are budget-conscious. They can be done easily during free time and paused when necessary. They don’t require you to commute to a random location. And, best of all, they allow you to still get the training you desire while dedicating your time to your current career.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best free training videos to help you become the best customer service professional you can be.

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14 Free Customer Service Training Videos

1. The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service

In 12 quick minutes, David Brownlee highlights his seven secret tips to producing exceptional customer service.

He gives examples of potential sales and customer service questions and shows you how to tackle each one. His goal is for customer service agents to always be trying to exceed customer expectations.

2. Amazing Customer Service Taxi Cab Story

In this video, Mark Sanborn talks about his move to Denver, where he met his new mailman Fred.

Fred might have seemed like an ordinary mailman, but he went above and beyond for Mark. He even went so far as helping fix a mistake made by a shipping company that was in no way tied to him.

Fred made incredible efforts to take his job as an opportunity to truly support his customers. These efforts inspired Sanborn in writing his book The Fred Factor about how exceptional customer service can often not even cost a cent.

3. I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service

This TEDx talk features John Boccuzzi who believes customer service is the greatest marketing tool a brand can nurture.

He believes in giving customers what they need, not what they think they want, which can often solve problems they didn’t even know they had. In his opinion, great customer service is the secret to long-lasting customer loyalty.

4. The Six Steps in a Successful Tech Support Session

This is a great tool specifically for technical support reps, but it can benefit service or support reps in any industry.

Don Crawley goes over key points to handling a support session, such as authenticity, professionalism, avoiding silence, and getting a callback number. He even gives an example of a practice call that you might experience, and how you would respond to it using his six steps.

5. Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

This unique training video invites you to participate in an eye-opening exercise. The video has you list five brands or businesses to which you are loyal, note how often you go there, and write why you keep going back.

From this exercise, you can identify the six main reasons consumers return to companies. Seeing these reasons from the point-of-view of a customer is a useful trick for customer service professionals.

6. 10 ways to have a better conversation

Celeste Headlee uses her experience working as a radio show host to describe the ingredients to a better conversation.

Some of her rules include asking open-ended questions, admitting to not knowing something, and listening without distraction. She captures attention with her easy-to-remember, actionable rules that can highly improve conversations you have with your customers.

7. 7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs



This video from HubSpot Academy is a brief overview of the key skills that make a great customer support professional. This training video could be helpful for onboarding new team members or helping new managers cultivate great employees.


8. Five Critical Customer Service Mistakes

Don Crawley lays out the five common mistakes that customer service reps make when conversing with customers. Some of the mistakes include seeming uninterested, not listening, and focusing on ourselves rather than seeing the customer’s perspective.

Crawley doesn’t just recognize these mistakes. He also shows you ways to avoid these situations and improve conversations with customers.

9. Hostmanship: the art of making people feel welcome

In this TEDx talk, Jan Gunnarsson relays his perspective on customer service and leadership, based on his years of experience in the hospitality industry.

He brings in an interesting point that customer service is not about marketing strategies, but about the attitude customer service reps bring to the table.

Customer service, in his eyes, is a matter of having knowledge that you then share with customers. It can be a very welcoming relationship because they choose to learn from you, and you subsequently take on the task of improving their lives.

10. Change Customer Service Like THIS Woman



In this video, Ross Shafer shares a story of how a Marriott employee giving him a free Coke had a dramatic effect on his loyalty and advocacy as a customer. The story goes to show how the smallest of gestures can have a huge impact on the customer, and how going an extra step can pay off in dividends for reps on the front lines of customer service.

11. How to Create Brand Advocates and Fans



In this HubSpot Academy video, Amanda Slavin shares her tips that are applicable for marketers and customer service pros alike about how to cultivate brand loyalty and affinity among your customers. These high-level insights will help any professional improve their brand and customer perception.

12. How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service: The Fred Factor



In this video, Mark Sanborn shares the story of getting to know his mailman, and how Fred proceeded to wow him by going above and beyond the call of duty to provide an exceptional customer experience. You'll be inspired and moved by the conversation they shared, which teaches another lesson on the impact of doing as much as you can to help the customers you connect with.

13. Customer Service Training: Engage, Guide, and Grow Your Customers



Watch this training from Michael Redbord, the GM of HubSpot Service Hub, to learn how customer support, service, and success teams can work with their customers to solve their problems, proactively advise them, and help them achieve results that will pay off for your business, too.

14. Greg Has to Wait - Meet the Parents

This clip from Meet the Parents has a hilarious example of what not to do in customer service.

The flight attendant in this clip is so unnecessarily adamant about sticking to procedures that she completely disrespects and infuriates the customer.

The lesson learned from this video is that customer service doesn’t have to be so scripted and inhuman. In fact, customer service is an opportunity to build a personal relationship with a customer, which then leads them to trust both you and the overarching brand.

Online training videos are the perfect tool for those of us who don’t have the time in our busy schedules to attend in-person courses.

We can learn so much from industry professionals, right from the comfort of our desks or homes. All of these resources are available to you for free, so relish in all the new knowledge you can gain without spending a penny.

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