We’ve written before about the importance of laying a strong foundation of customer support down when you start a new business. Customer support is table stakes -- you need to be able to answer questions and solve problems for your first customers before you can start building new products and expanding.

Once you’ve reached that point -- where you’re keeping customers satisfied and happy using your products, and you’re earning recurring revenue every month or every year, you can start thinking about customer success -- working proactively to prevent customers from churning and helping them get more value from your products so they become enthusiastic advocates.

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In order to keep track of your customer success best practices and workflows -- like collecting and analyzing customer feedback, managing customer communications, and setting up self-service customer education -- you need tools to help you track, organize, and manage everything.

So I’ve made this list of out-of-the-box customer success tools that work for every budget, whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company. Learn more about the different solutions to see which would be the best fit for your team, your budget, and your customers.

It’s worth noting that there are other customer success tools available that didn’t disclose their pricing structures on their websites, so I didn’t include them on this list. To learn more about solutions not listed here, you could request a demo or speak with a salesperson.

I also didn’t include tools that were strictly customer support tools -- tools on this list needed to include an element of customer analytics that allowed agents to work proactively to prevent churn.

6 Helpful Customer Success Tools for Every Budget

1. HubSpot Service Hub

Price: Starts free; $1,200/month for 10 users

HubSpot’s all-in-one customer success solution starts free and grows to meet the needs of an enterprise team. Our products and tools include:

  • Tickets to organize incoming customer requests and issues
  • Team inbox to share messages and assign tickets amongst your reps and agents
  • Customer feedback to deploy surveys and analyze feedback and customer satisfaction scores
  • Knowledge base to create educational resources to help customers self-serve
  • Conversations to connect all channels of customer communications so you can have context whenever you get in touch with them
  • Automation to use customer feedback responses to kick off workflows that route customers to the solutions they need automatically

If you’re already using HubSpot’s free CRM, Service Hub integrates with it to use and update the customer data you’re already tracking, too.

2. Zendesk

Price: Starts free; $89/month/user for the full suite

Zendesk, another freemium customer success solution, offers another full-stack solution to use at every stage of your customers’ journeys. Products and tools include:

  • Channel integration to allow customers to connect with you across different channels
  • Ticket forms to create different support requests to make it easy to provide support for different issues
  • SLA views to see how your team is stacking up against your sales and marketing teams to make sure you’re all working together effectively
  • Multilingual and multi-brand support to coordinate your approaches to customer service, even if you’re managing multiple multi-national brands at once
  • Customer feedback analytics to track and predict customer satisfaction scores over time

3. Intercom

Price: Starts at $49/month for eligible startups; $136/month depending on # of users/customers

Intercom is an affordable customer support and success software that gives customers the options to buy individual tools or use them all together to provide a cohesive customer experience. These tools include:

  • Messages to send and receive email, app, and chat messages to and from customers
  • Inbox to organize messages and respond to customers as a team
  • Articles to create help content for customers to use to answer questions without your team’s help

4. Customer SuccessBox

Price: Starts at $199/month for eligible startups; $999/month depending on # of customers

Customer SuccessBox is a customer success solution built for B2B SaaS businesses that offers a variety of different package options, depending on the size of the company, the number of customers, and the number of products it sells. Tools offered in these packages include:

  • Customer communication
  • Account health monitoring to give customer success managers alerts at signs of customer churn risks
  • Customer onboarding workflows to get customers up-and-running using your software fast
  • Customer portfolio management for CSMs managing multiple enterprise clients
  • Predictive account and revenue forecasting to help you plan for your bottom line every month or quarter

5. Akita

Price: Starts at $240/month; includes 3 users

Akita’s customer success software helps you ramp up a customer success program and team -- fast. It offers a laundry list of helpful tools, including:

  • Customer lifecycle management to work proactively throughout the customer journey to provide relevant support
  • Customer reviews to schedule and track customer feedback over time
  • Customer health scoring to identify indicators of churn before it happens
  • Team inbox and reporting to keep customer communications in context
  • Customer success engineering support from Akita to help with the technical side of using the software

6. Planhat

Price: Starts at $500/month; unlimited users

Planhat offers three different customer success packages for startup, professional, and enterprise businesses at different prices and product offerings. These include:

  • Customer health scores to evaluate signs they’re succeeding or at risk of churning
  • Customer segments to organize your customers into groups for more streamlined communication
  • Revenue tracking and forecasting to help you plan for your bottom line
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to measure customer sentiment and feedback
  • Churn tracking to give you a quick look at which customers you’re retaining and churning

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Originally published Sep 19, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated January 29 2020


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