The Best NPS Survey Tools and How They Can Help You Gauge Customer Loyalty

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When you understand the level of loyalty your customers feel towards your business, you’re able to reduce churn, improve satisfaction, and increase retention.

the best nps survey tools available and how they can help you gauge customer loyalty

One of the best ways to gauge customer loyalty is with a net promoter score (NPS) survey.

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Let's take a moment to review the definition of NPS.

What is NPS?

Net promoter score (NPS) is a benchmark for customer loyalty that tells you how likely your customers are to recommend your business to someone they know.

What is an NPS survey?

An NPS survey is how you obtain that benchmark. Your survey must ask the question, “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend?"

Depending on the given score, a customer will either be considered a promoter (9-10), passive (7-8), or detractor (0-6).

From there, you may ask follow-up questions if you want more feedback about the score someone gave you or how their experience could've been improved.

NPS Survey Tools

Here are 13 of the best tools to help you create, share, and analyze your NPS surveys. 

1. HubSpot Customer Feedback Software

hubspot customer feedback tool to help you send customer loyalty and NPS surveys

Pro Tip: Get a better understanding of your customers and spot opportunities to make them happier to increase loyalty with HubSpot's Customer Feedback Software.

HubSpot’s customer feedback software is part of Service Hub — meaning, it integrates seamlessly with your customer service software and your all-in-one CRM. This keeps all of your customer, NPS, service, and support data centrally stored. The tool's survey feature allows you to create and share NPS and loyalty surveys with customers via email or your website, directly from HubSpot.

HubSpot recommends the right NPS survey template for your needs to help you gauge loyalty over time. (There are also template recommendations for customer effort score/ CES and customer satisfaction/ CSAT).

Get notified when customers complete your survey and watch completed surveys arrive in your HubSpot dashboard. You can view, organize, and analyze all completed surveys and scores via your dashboard.

2. Survicate

Survicate - NPS tool for Hubspot

Survicate is a survey tool that lets you send NPS surveys via emails or links. You can also run targeted NPS surveys on websites, desktop apps, or mobile apps. Survicate provides features that help you get more responses from NPS surveys including embedding questions into email previews to make your surveys more accessible and result in more responses.

With Survicate you can create NPS surveys in seconds without any code. All NPS responses are visible in a dashboard so you can analyze your data and track NPS over time at a glance. Survicate has a two-way native integration with Hubspot. You can create custom fields to store NPS scores, text, and more without having to dive into settings. And you can send data from Hubspot to Survicate as well.

Survicate has +2000 installs on the Hubspot App Marketplace, making it the most installed NPS tool. It also has native integrations with other CRMs, email software and analytics tools.

Pro Tip: Use the Survicate integration to run customer feedback surveys, including NPS, CSAT, and CES, from HubSpot.

3. SurveySparrow

surveysparrow customer feedback and customer loyalty survey tool for creating and sharing NPS surveys

Survey Sparrow is an omnichannel customer experience (CX) management software — it features an NPS survey platform to help you uncover actionable insights related to loyalty.

Create dynamic lists and use any criteria to segment your respondents. Add follow-up questions to your NPS survey to get more detail about what’s driving each customer’s response. Automate the process of sharing your survey by selecting the time and cadence that it should be sent, and the specific customers you want to receive it.

Pro Tip: Integrate SurveySparrow with HubSpot to generate leads, capture feedback, and elevate the customer experience.

4. Survey Kiwi

survey kiwi form builder and nps survey tool

Survey Kiwi is a survey and form builder that allows you to share NPS surveys and forms with customers via SMS, email, social media, WhatsApp, and more.

The NPS survey feature includes an easy-to-use building tool so you can easily customize your survey, add additional questions, and receive notifications whenever someone submits a response.

Use the analytics panel to better understand NPS over time and analyze individual responses. Decide whether or not you’d like to be alerted when you receive a low NPS score from a customer so you can reach out to that customer quickly (and hopefully, rectify the situation).

Pro Tip: Integrate Survey Kiwi with HubSpot to update your contacts with beautiful mobile-ready forms.

5. AskNicely

asknicely nps survey tool

AskNicely is a CX platform with survey and feedback capabilities. Collect customer feedback automatically with the help of customizable NPS surveys that you can distribute via SMS, your website, email, and more.

AskNicely makes it easy to create and share customer satisfaction and effort score surveys. AskNicely also offers an NPS ebook with original research to help you improve your score and better understand your customers.

Pro Tip: Integrate AskNicely with HubSpot to build an end-to-end customer experience program.

6. CustomerGauge

customergauge nps survey tool


CustomerGauge is an account experience management platform that combines customer experience, revenue, and account data. The software offers NPS, employee NPS (eNPS), customer satisfaction, and customer effort score survey tools.

With CustomerGauge, you can embed NPS surveys in your follow-up emails and campaigns to increase your response rates. Once you customize and send your surveys to customers — a process that you can automate with the tool — you can review, analyze, and share customer response data via the internal dashboard.

7. Qualtrics

qualtrics nps platform nps survey tool

Qualtrics is an experience management software with an NPS survey tool that helps you measure, analyze, and improve your net promoter score. Measure NPS at any customer touchpoint via any platform or channel (e.g. website, chatbot, email, or SMS).

The Qualtrics NPS tool includes their Predict IQ feature which combines NPS and operational data to predict customer behavior — this information has the power to help you determine which individuals are at the highest risk of churning. It also has role-based dashboards to ensure the right people on your team get the customer information they need to improve CX and loyalty.

Note: Qualtrics acquired Delighted, a turnkey customer experience platform perfect for startups, which has an AI-based NPS survey tool to help you measure and improve customer loyalty.

8. Thermostat

thermostat nps survey tool

Thermostat is an NPS software with the ability to create effective, one-question surveys that gauge customer loyalty. Choose to add an optional feedback box below the NPS survey for additional context about the score. All NPS data is viewable on a single screen with optional filters and comparisons.

Share NPS surveys with customers via email, popup (on your website or app), link, or native API and integration (via Zapier). Thermostat also makes it easy to respond to customers based on their scores and feedback via the platform, share survey results with team members, and design your surveys in a way that’s complementary to your brand.

9. SurveyMonkey

surveymonkey nps survey tool

SurveyMonkey is an online survey creation tool that allows you to customize and send NPS and customer experience surveys with ease. The pre-built NPS template allows you to add additional questions to the survey for more detail about the reason for a given score.

There's also an option to add an NPS question to another survey you’re already sending customers. In fact, SurveyMonkey offers ten ways that you can send one of their surveys — all of your SurveyMonkey results are then viewable in a gauge chart.

Pro Tip: Use the SurveyMonkey integration to take action on your data in HubSpot.

10. Wootric

wootric nps survey tool

Wootric is a customer experience management and insight software with NPS, CSAT, and CES survey tools so you can measure customer feedback throughout all parts of the buyer's journey.

Meet your audience where they are by sending them NPS surveys in-app or via email, mobile, SMS, QR code, link, and more. Customize NPS surveys in multiple languages to meet the needs of your global base of customers. Your Wootric dashboard will show you the rolling average of your NPS scores as well as your CSAT and CES scores as well as overall customer trends and sentiment.

Pro Tip: Use the Wootric integration to run a voice of the customer program in HubSpot, including NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys.

11. Retently

retently nps survey tool


Retently is a customer experience management and NPS survey tool. Retently is a fully automated survey platform so it saves you time and increases your response rates. You can A/B test your surveys to determine which versions get the most responses.

The template editor makes it easy to customize and brand your NPS surveys while the tool's survey campaign feature allows you to run multiple NPS campaigns among different audience segments at once. It then segments your responses accordingly.

All of your NPS surveys are kept on a survey delivery timeline so you're able to view when they're sent or scheduled to be sent, delivered, and returned back to you. Choose to send your NPS surveys through a variety of channels to meet your audience where they are. Then, use Retently's industry benchmark data to compare how you're doing with your industry leaders.

Now that we've covered some of the best NPS survey tools available, let's take a moment to review the three main types of NPS survey you may deploy. 

12. Qualaroo


Qualaroo is a customer feedback software that allows you to create many types of surveys including NPS. You can either use an NPS template and customize it according to your needs or create one from scratch. 

It also offers a huge question bank with which you can create pop-up surveys and add different question types like dichotomous, MCQ, radio button, etc. You can share your surveys on your website, mobile app, email, and even add it to your prototype. 

Qualaroo also has an advanced reporting dashboard and Sentiment analysis features. So, you can collect contextual feedback along with NPS and analyze the verbatim responses using AI-powered sentiment analysis.

13. Zonka Feedback

zonka feedback


A powerful Customer Experience and Feedback Platform, Zonka Feedback is an NPS Survey Tool with fully customizable surveys, multichannel surveys, insightful reporting, and CX automation.

Zonka Feedback allows you to measure and analyze NPS at all customer touchpoints with offline surveys, email, SMS, on the website, in-product, in-app, and more. You can run workflows and automation based on NPS Scores, send automated emails to detractors, passives, and leverage promoters to become brand ambassadors.

Every NPS report provides detailed, in-depth, drill-down reports and NPS scores as trends, insights, and text analytics. This allows you and your customer service teams to identify at-risk customers to resolve issues as well as identify key trends to understand customer sentiment. 

With key features like survey throttling to prevent over-surveying customers, survey redirection to run customer advocacy programs, and CX workflows to create follow-up actions.

Pro Tip: Use the Zonka Feedback integration with HubSpot to trigger surveys at key touchpoints in the customer journey through workflows and sync back feedback data to Hubspot.

Three Types of Net Promoter Scores

Here are three common types of net promoter score, according to Bain.

1. Relationship NPS Survey

This is the most common NPS survey — it provides insight into the relationship between your customers and business by asking whether they'd recommend you to a friend.

2. Experience NPS Survey

This NPS survey is distributed after a specific experience (hence the name). For example, you may ask a customer to respond to your NPS survey directly after completing a purchase via your website. This survey gives you a sense of how specific experiences and actions contribute to customer loyalty.

3. Competitive Benchmark NPS Survey

The competitive benchmark NPS survey is how you determine the NPS score of your competitors. In doing so, you can compare your score against industry leaders and your greatest competition.

TLDR: If you want to know how likely your customers are to recommend your business to a friend, use a relationship NPS survey. If you want to determine the NPS of a specific event in the buyer’s journey, use an experience NPS survey. And if you want to know your NPS score versus a competitor's, use a competitive benchmark survey.

Gauge Customer Satisfaction With NPS Survey Tools

NPS survey tools are a great way to quickly gauge loyalty among your customers and discover how you can improve upon your customer experience, support, and more — understanding your NPS provides powerful insights sure to help you to grow better.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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