Ask The Hustle: ‘I need some great mermaid names for my charter boats’

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Sara Cravatts
Sara Cravatts



A few weeks ago we invited you to slide into our DMs, and almost 300 of you wrote in with questions. We got some crazy ones, and here’s our 1st installment:

mermaid names for charter boats

“I need some great mermaid names for my charter boats. My company name is Salty Mermaid Beach Boats.” — Gabriele from Clearwater Beach, FL

Here you go, Gabriele. Hope you enjoy a pun…

  • The Sea Suite
  • Crypto Current Sea
  • Knot Safe for Work
  • Out of Of-Fish


The Hust-Shell

Have more names for Gabriele? Submit them here. And remember, our door is always open: keep asking The Hustle. Extra points if your question makes us LOL.

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