12 Companies Shaping the Future of the Internet [Deck]

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Caitlin Macleod
Caitlin Macleod


A cartoon ape sporting a party hat and 3D movie goggles. A crowd of friends dancing with Justin Bieber as the digital avatar of the pop star walks through virtual streets. A child running across Central Park, catching Pokemon with Ash one moment and fighting wizards with Harry Potter the next.

Future of Web3

Since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto first published a white paper on bitcoin in 2008, the idea of a decentralized web — incorporating technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies — has proliferated.

From member-owned communities like DAOs to million-dollar NFTs, Web 3.0, or Web3, is becoming increasingly mainstream. In 2021, 34k+ new developers wrote code for Web3 projects, a record high.

Companies big and small are catching up, using digital ledgers and virtual reality to solve supply chain issues, conduct real estate transactions, make digital versions of real-world items, among others. As the internet evolves, The Hustle has compiled a list of a dozen companies who are leaning into Web3 to further their innovation in marketing, business operations and more.

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