Cryptos Fastest UnicornsVisual: Singdhi Sokpo

Bitcoin may be crypto’s top dog, but a white-hot market has supercharged the values of new crypto coins faster than ever.

Over 100 cryptocurrencies are now worth more than $1B in market cap, and many of them have outpaced Bitcoin’s initial rise. Among the top 10 most valuable cryptos, 8 reached unicorn valuations quicker than the reigning crypto king, which took 4+ years to cross the 10-figure mark.

Its canine rival, Dogecoin, beat its time by 2 months — and Doge’s meme coin brethren, Shiba Inu, became an unicorn before its 1st birthday.

Even that’s not enough to claim the fastest in the land: Cardano, launched by an Ethereum co-founder in 2017, crossed the $1B mark in just under 4 fortnights.

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Originally published Jan 21, 2022 9:29:00 AM, updated April 15 2022