30 Best Creative WordPress Themes for 2020

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We are living in a rapidly changing age where digital technology is an essential part of our everyday life. The Internet is one of the most important elements, and an online portfolio is a great way to showcase your creative projects efficiently.

Being a creative person, artist, sculptor, photographer, or even tattoo artist, you definitely need to be present online. For this purpose, you need to find the perfect theme to meet your extraordinary requirements and personal needs.

We've done our best and compiled a collection of the Best Creative Templates for Artistic Projects that are recommended for literally for any project. They are interesting to explore considering the fact that they were developed by a well-known leader in the web design industry, TemplateMonster.

It is not a secret that most parts of artists' websites are built using the WordPress platform. Why namely WordPress for artists? Well, the answer is quite obvious, WordPress is the easiest, flexible way to get started with your website effortlessly.

Once you try WordPress, you will never regret using this powerful CMS platform. In fact, its user-friendly and unafraid techniques are developed to set up beautiful and fully functional websites suitable for all business types.

Moreover, WordPress features great editing tools and smart options to make the whole customization process fast and simple. By the way, you can find thousands of free and premium WordPress products available on the web market nowadays. Furthermore,  you will definitely face the tricky process of choosing that perfectly clean and crisp design suitable for your notable creative project.

Additionally, for your creative website to gain attention of visitors, it needs to be mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible to perform smoothly across all popular handheld devices available nowadays.

All the WordPress themes included in the collection below feature responsive and cross-browser compatible layouts, simple functionality, easy installation, and a clean design to encourage you to begin creating your exceptional presence online. Even more, you don’t need to pay big sums of money for custom designs or designer services. To summarize, everything you have ever wanted to create is possible with WordPress.

Best Creative WordPress Templates

1. Artwork

Artwork is a perfect theme for artist or photographer portfolio websites. It can make a great base for a gallery, museum and even design websites or blogs. Moreover, the fullscreen background makes a perfect place for showcasing artwork, photos, and various projects.

In addition, its parallax effect adds depth and allows users to perceive your works in detail. Furthermore, the best thing about this theme is that it can be customized to the full extent with a variety of color palette options. The visual page builder inside the theme helps to tweak the layout and add content effortlessly.

Artwork WordPress Theme

2. Art School

Bright and shiny, the Art School template is a great base for any artistic project. Its fullscreen background allows presenting works, announcing events, and introducing team members. In addition, it's beautiful from the outside and a powerful machine from the inside. Furthermore, the built-in drag-and-drop admin panel makes tweaking a snap. Its multiple layout options and content modules allow you to make a one-of-a-kind artist or photographer website. Custom widgets add functionality and broaden opportunities for owners and users.

Art School Responsive WordPress Theme

3. Art Gallery

Look at the splash of colors on the background! Due to their energetic nature, Art Gallery really makes a statement for a gallery website. Furthermore, this responsive and retina-ready template helps your art project claim a spot in the art field. It even allows you to add a background video to make your project live. In addition, the functionality includes a Megamenu, MotoPress builder, and MotoPress slider, not to mention a Cherry Framework base that makes the theme extremely flexible.

Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme

4. 3D-Printing Technologies WordPress Theme

This template is a great offer for a 3D-printing website or any other technology project. It includes modern design in combination with sleek functionality. Slider and parallax options allow you to add zest to your future website. Moreover, the lazy load effect help showcase your products on one page. Powerfully built, it incorporates custom font and color options, allowing you to tweak the theme to the full extent.

3D Printing Technologies WordPress Theme

5. Art Expo Room

The Art Expo Room template features a white background that allows you to make an accent to your content and projects. In addition, visitors are not overwhelmed with various design tricks and gimmicks and can focus on the images, photos, and text. Light and airy, it helps your content to breathe and is appealing to the audience. Furthermore, the template is fully customizable including various post types and formats. It's multilingual-ready which makes it a perfect option for projects aimed abroad.

Art Expo Room WordPress Theme

6. Web Design WordPress Theme

The Web Design WordPress Theme is a minimalist-looking template that includes a few bright accents to make it more bright and fun. Its clean layout helps focus user’s attention on the content, and its colorful menu blocks help make browsing your website easy. Since it’s based on Cherry Framework and Bootstrap, you get a fully-responsive template from scratch. It makes it possible to update your website with child themes any way you like. In fact, you can tweak anything on this theme, from layout to breadcrumbs settings.

Web Design WordPress Theme

7. Design Studio

Design Studio is a template created for web design studios and other design projects. Its grey-colored layout includes yellow tints to make it more vivid and attractive. Like other templates, this theme is retina-ready to make the content look bright and crisp on high-resolution screens. Powered with Bootstrap functionality, Cherry Framework options, and sleek MotoPress builder, this template makes a perfect choice for many projects.

Website Design WP Theme

8. Interna

Interna will make a great fit for an interior design studio or any other creative project. It is imagery-focused and includes a nice grid gallery to showcase your projects and products. Its stick-to-top menu helps your users stay comfy with navigation. Cherry Framework and Bootstrap functionality assure that your website will be easy to customize, optimize for search engines, and adapt to various screens.

Architecture Portfolio WordPress Theme

9. Pixel Storm

Pixel Storm is a colorful template that incorporates a cool design with powerful functionality. It is created to showcase designs and digital art projects. Thus, it sticks to clean design to keep the focus on your creations. Even its menu is minimized to a hamburger icon to save space for your projects. MotoPress editor and MotoPress Slider help in customizing the theme to your liking.

Design Studio WordPress Theme

10. Web Design Agency WordPress Theme

Web Design Agency has a template with a pristine-white background and minimalist design to keep all the user’s attention to your content. Its parallax effect makes any website more vivid and spacious. Its creative layout with a full-screen header takes all the space above the fold, making this theme a unique creation that's absolutely worth trying. And don’t forget its functionality, it's perfectly built and very flexible to keep any project working and safe.

Website Design WordPress Template

11. Addison

Addison has an absolutely unique design that is appealing to many users. Its clean background keeps all focus on the projects, and its animated effects allows you to add accents to the most important pieces of content. It has multiple layout options that Cherry Framework offers, which helps make this template a one-of-a-kind website for showcasing modern photography. Custom widgets add a great number of functions that help to keep in touch with users online.

Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

12. LFA

LFA is a great example of an artistic studio template that's absolutely responsive and retina-ready, which helps present products and services. It's imagery-focused and a powerful piece of work that allows you to create a perfect website for any artist or photographer. Its drag-and-drop builder inside makes it easy-to-tweak without spending much time.

photo WordPress theme

13. Houston

Houston has a cool template that takes advantage of black-and-white aesthetics. This vintage-looking theme is a really modern place for photographers to showcase their work. It's Cherry Framework and motoPress editor allow you to spend less than a day on setting it up and launching a shiny new project online. PSD is included in the package to make tweaking even easier.

Business Services WP Template

14. Director of Photography

Director of Photography is Cherry Framework powered and has a sleek design for taking a photographer’s portfolio online. It offers a very handy MotoPress Slider that helps showcase multiple projects on one page. Visual-based MotoPress sliders make customization a snap even for any non-techie users.

Photography WordPress Theme

15. Creative WordPress Theme

Creative is another website template made in a minimalist style. Its design is made to support your project, not to take any attention away from it. The theme focuses the attention to your works placing them on white backgrounds with minimal decorations. Animations and other effects are aimed at pushing users to explore your website more. The power of Bootstrap and Cherry framework help in effortless customization.

Art Photography WordPress Theme

16. Waylard

Waylard is a good fit for a fashion blog or any other project related to this industry. It incorporates a newspaper layout that allows you to showcase photos of clothes and models, as well as useful info from industry events. In any case, you can freely customize the website and its layouts to make it more fitting for your project and its goals.

Fashion Blog WP Theme

17. Fashion Spot

Fashion Spot is a responsive theme that has an elegant and stylish design that perfectly fits various fashion projects, from fashion blogs to brand websites. Custom page templates included, allow you to tweak this theme to the full extent and making it user-friendly. Contact form along with social widgets helps keep in touch with users and get the new ones. With custom post types you can experiment with your content presentation.

Fashion WP Template


18. StylePark

It’s all about colors! StylePark is a perfect base for art and fashion-related websites. It includes a bold color scheme that will fit brave personalities. Premium widgets allow for tweaking with ease and make the website as powerful and functional as you wish. Built-in WordPress Live Customizer helps add content, customizing layouts, and setting up designs within a few hours.

Fashion Blog WordPress Template

19. Kustrix

Easy and intuitive, Kustrix will fit a fashion blog or magazine focused on imagery. It includes a huge slider that helps showcase cool photos of models, fashion products, and events. The inclusion of charming handwritten fonts makes it absolutely unique and attractive. Custom widgets and live customizer help create a powerful and user-friendly website effortlessly.

Style Blog WordPress Theme

20. Fashion WordPress Theme

Images attract attention, and Fashion makes full use of images and various effects to attract more visitors to the website. With its hover effects on photos and huge Hero Header with appealing photos, everything here speaks of chic and fashion. Promo banners placed under the header help in monetizing the website if the owner needs it. The article section allows you to post interesting and engaging info about various events from the fashion industry.

Fashion WordPress Template

21. Durand

Fashion themes usually use bold and dark colors. Durand is a beauty salon template that's based on light tones to provide the feeling of calmness to the website. Its drag-and-drop builder helps in effortless tweaking, while its multiple layout options broaden opportunities for any creative industry. Content modules ease the work for your content managers by helping to add text and images with just a few clicks.

Hair Salon WordPress Theme

22. Madeleine

Madeleine is aimed at beauty industry themed websites. With its romantic handwritten fonts, airy layout, and beautiful images, its design looks very tender and light. But under its delicate skin, it hides great power represented by powerful widgets, customizable layout options, and drag-and-drop builder. The appointment manager allows this theme to be a fully-functional service website.

Spa Health - Skincare WordPress Theme

23. Beauty Spa & Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

built on Bootstrap, Beaty Spa & Massage Sala Responsive is beautiful, responsive and powerful all at the same time. It includes everything a beauty salon website needs, such as cool fonts, amazing gallery layouts, and custom pages for various needs. Live Customized from WordPress allows easy tweaking a website, even for a novice user who has little coding knowledge. Multiple widgets help make this theme an outstanding online spot for your business.

Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

24. Spa Accessories Responsive WordPress Theme

Spa Accessories is an amazing SEO-ready design that helps get your beauty business online in a few clicks. You just need to fill it with your own content and you’re ready to welcome visitors. Custom widgets, such as social sharing and commenting, help to make it user-friendly and attractive. Its slider and other options help tweak its design in full.

Spa Accessories Responsive WordPress Theme

25. Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is a multilingual-ready website template that allows you to create a website that will attract customers from around the world. With multiple color options, you can create a website that will stand out and differ you from all your competitors in the beauty industry. Custom post types allow you to choose the best way of presenting helpful info to your users.

Hair Transplant Clinic WordPress Template

26. Eplannr

Eplannr is a bright and energetic theme that's a great choice for an event or entertainment agency website. The built-in visual editor allows for fast and effortless tweaking. Retina-ready and responsive, it allows accenting imagery on your website. Parallax helps attract attention to the most important events and offers. Cool functionality, such as the MotoPress editor or Mega Menu, help to make a user-friendly website.

Event Planner WordPress Theme

27. Circus Tent

Circus Tent has a catchy design, bright colors, and a plethora of images that make it a perfect fit for any entertainment industry website. Includes a pattern-based header and footer to make a vibrant frame for a website layout. Its parallax effect adds movement to your images and attracts users. Its countdown widget makes a cool addition to the website functionality to inform your customers about upcoming events.

Circus Tent WordPress Theme

28. Amusement Park Responsive WordPress Theme

Amusement Park Responsive is an entertainment industry website theme with a plethora of options. Its lazy load effects, parallax, and slider make your website fun and attractive to users. A handful of other widgets and customization options allow you to create a really powerful website. You even get lifetime updates that are added to your website.

Amusement Park Responsive WordPress Theme

29. Rodeo Arena

The header of Rodeo Arena allows you to create a website for any cool event you want to host. Content blocks include catchy CTA buttons to lead your users to more info about your event or project. Social media integration and contact form help you keep in touch with your visitors and get new ones. The Cherry Framework helps keep your site up-to-date with no effort.

Rodeo WordPress Theme

30. Event Planner

Event Planner has pastel-colored designs that are powerful functionality to create a cool event planning website. Entertainment agencies will make use of its responsive layout, custom widgets, and amazing slider options. Promote your projects and showcase events you've already hosted. Keep in touch with customers through a contact form or on social media. Animation effects help make your website more vivid and attractive.

Event Planner WordPress Theme

We hope you've already bookmarked a few cool themes for your creative projects, but don’t forget about the proper promotion and optimization of your future website.

Knowing that human beings are becoming more impatient and lazy, TemplateMonster offers another great way to follow. If for some reason you are unable to control or don't enough time to edit the template, get a fully-fledged Service Center support and keep peace in mind. Consequently, you will get a unique and creative realization of your ideas.

All in all, we hope this collection of the Best Creative Templates for Artistic Project is useful for your project and can help to showcase your creativity in the best possible manner. Elegant and professional online portfolios that make a great first impression are a crucial part of your presence online. Our nice collection of creative WordPress templates is a wonderful way of doing that. For more additional tutorials and free eBooks go here.

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