20 of the Best Interior Design Websites to Inspire Yours

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


The best interior design websites showcase your firm's unique design style and taste. Many interior designers use their sites to showcase their past work and entice potential visitors to move forward in working with their firm. But figuring out how to make your firm's website stand out can be tricky. This post will walk you through 20 of our favorite interior design websites.

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The 20 Best Interior Design Websites

Ready to discover the best interior design websites to get some inspiration for your own? We've rounded up 20 examples that stand out.

1. Cathie Hong Interiors

interior design websites: Cathie Hong Interiors shows pictures of different design projects

Cathie Hong beautifully showcases her experience creating gorgeous interiors on this website which features various projects. Hong's designs are earthy, natural, and lighthearted, and her website reflects this with the colors and whitespace.

What we like: Landing on Cathie Hong Interiors feels like a breath of fresh air, thanks to the cohesive photography.

2. Tyler Karu

interior design websites: Tyler Karu website homepage shows a kitchen designed by the interior designer.

We're a big fan of Tyler Karu's bold yet playful title header font . Because that font is so strong, the rest of the site features much softer, thinner fonts that contrast beautifully. Plus, the designer offers visitors a logical and cohesive story as they scroll. To start, Karu invites you to learn more, and once you've seen examples of past work, you get the invitation to reach out.

What we like: When you hover your cursor on the Tyler Karu site, you can be invited to scroll or view the project, which helps visitors decipher which elements have links.

3. Karageorgiou

interior design websites: karageorgiou text reads passion for quality and shows an abstract sitting room.

This example is on our list of the best interior design websites because of how user-friendly yet visually attractive it is. As you scroll on the homepage, the CTAs are clearly placed yet true to the rest of the company's branding.

What we like: Similar to Tyler Karu, when you land on the homepage, your mouse turns into an arrow, which makes it virtually impossible not to click and move forward with learning more about the featured project.

4. Studio Jari

interior design website: Jari shows a bedroom scene and the menu on the left hand side of the screen

Studio Jari keeps the focus where it should be: On the interiors. A sizable image of previous work greets you when you arrive on their website. As you stay on the homepage, you will notice that the image changes to showcase more than one past project.

What we like: You can find the Studio Jari menu on the left side of the homepage. It's a vertical menu, which is different from many other examples and effortlessly allows the site to stand out.

5. Elite Design Studio

interior design websites: elite which shows the name of the company and pictures overlaid

Elite Design Studio is one of the most unique interior design websites on this list, which is why it scores so many points with us. The studio keeps its name front and center; as you scroll, images of the designers or past projects float in front of the name. The result is a website that feels almost alive.

What we like: There's no need to guess what Elite Design Studio does — in the top left-hand corner, two lines of copy reveal the studio's services, so visitors know they're in the right place.

6. Kati Curtis Design

interior design websites: Kati Curtis design

Kati Curtis Design's site is more playful and colorful than many other examples on the list, which is why it's so eye-catching. The website is more text-heavy than many others, which is actually to its benefit as visitors are invited to get intimately acquainted with

What we like: A pop of color goes a long way — and the Kati Curtis Design site's menu proves it.

7. Infinite Bespoke Interiors

interior design websites: infinite bespoke interiors website homepage

Infinite Bespoke Interiors uses a fun yet elegant font on its website. When you arrive on the website, a video plays in the background. A CTA layered on top of the video feels intuitively placed and is cohesive with the branding.

What we like: When you scroll down, there's a menu that lays out different homepage sections. When you click the text corresponding to each category, it's an anchor that will bring you there.

8. Studio 397

interior design websites: studio 397 shows the exterior of a house created

Before entering the Studio 397 website, you'll find a video of a previous project the firm has completed. Then, when you click through, there are various images that showcase the firm's capabilities. It also opens on the project page, which is a practical choice as visitors have no option but to look at past creations.

What we like: Underneath each image features a call to action inviting visitors to learn more.

9. Renner

interior design websites: Renner shows an interior next to copy

Renner features imagery in squares throughout its website. As you scroll down throughout the homepage, several links to previous projects exist. You can also learn more about the firm and even see some of the designers working at it.

What we like: Renner has a blog, and they feature it on their menu so visitors can easily navigate there.

10. Format Furniture

interior design websites: format furniture shows heavy block text and design project.

The Format Furniture website uses strong, geometric fonts that still feel warm and inviting. The site's homepage presents past projects that you can click on. When you do, a color palette for the project pops up as the page loads, which is an attractive feature.

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What we like: We're a huge fan of the footer on this website. There are links to the firm's social media pages, a button inviting visitors to "talk," and information about how you can get in touch.

11. Amhad Freeman Interiors

interior design websites: amhad freeman interiors shows three beautiful interiors next to each other

The Amhad Freeman Interiors website is minimal yet gorgeous. The menu is easy to navigate, and the images of the firm's past projects speak for themselves. When you click on the story page, you are greeted with information about the company's story paired with imagery of the designer and past projects.

What we like: We love how the homepage of this website features three images side by side. They are beautifully paired and tell the brand's story effortlessly.

12. AphroChic

interior design websites: Aphrochic shows name of website on top and living room sitting area

Up next, we have AphroChic. This is one of our favorite interior design websites because it is visually appealing. There's an excellent balance of whitespace, beautiful and elegant fonts, and compelling imagery.

What we like: The menu is disguised as a hamburger on the right-hand side of the screen, so it's out of the way.

13. Krane Home

interior design websites: krane home shows a large bed and text overlay about previous accolades

Krane Home's website feels as cozy and inviting as the interiors Krane Home's products will help you curate. The central focus of the homepage is a large image that switches every few moments and showcases various products you can purchase or the images of spaces that feature the items.

What we like: Krane Home features its previous accomplishments in a visually appealing manner on the homepage.

14. Evolve Residential

interior design websites: evolve residential shows a living room sitting area with menu overlay

The Evolve Residential site shows you everything you need right when you open the homepage. The background is a visually attractive image of a past project and a semi-transparent menu layered on top.

What we like: Evolve Residential focuses on what matters (the imagery) with limited copy on the homepage.

15. Sashya Thind

interior design websites: sashya thind website shows menu on top and large image in the middle

Sashya Thind's interior design style is advertised as 'warm minimalism' on her website, and the site itself echoes this. The site focuses on previous projects by showing flashes of homes previously designed. There's also text overlay on the images, which adds character.

What we like: Never underestimate the power of color. We love the hue Sashya Thind uses in the font throughout the site to add a subtle yet eye-grabbing pop of color.


interior design websites: OK DSGN uses large font and a large picture on homepage

Before you enter the homepage, OK DSGN briefly flashes images that showcase previous designs. Then, when you finally do arrive on the homepage, you'll be met with pictures of the designer behind the firm, previous work, and copy that shares the brand's story.

What we like: OK DSGN features a simple yet beautiful font that's easy to read.

17. IN56

interior design websites: IN56 homepage features sage green and describes house style

IN56 is one of the most eye-catching interior design websites because it feels alive with movement, thanks to parallax scrolling. As you scroll, images float left to right so you can admire the different styles of interior design the firm has completed. The menu is intuitive and easy to navigate, and we love how cohesive the branding is.

What we like: IN56 uses parallax scrolling features to add visual interest and bring its site to life.

18. Arthur Casas

interior design websites: arthur casas shows darkened black and white image of space designed.

Many of our favorite interior design websites feature light, airy colors, but not all of them. Just check out Arthur Casas' interior site to learn why sometimes, sticking with moody, dark colors is an excellent option.

What we like: This website isn't overwhelming in the slightest. Because it's so digestible for visitors, they could be less likely to get frustrated because they can't find what they're looking for and bounce.

19. Carrier and Company

interior design websites: carrier and company shows living room sitting area.

Carrier and Company's website is simple yet effective. It showcases one of the company's most beautiful projects to reveal what the interior design team can achieve. This is an excellent example of why investing in photography for your website is essential — check out how visually appealing Carrier and Company's site is, thanks to the imagery.

What we like: This firm doesn't make it too complicated. The designers present you with their past work, offer a straightforward menu, and share their accolades in an intuitive, no-frills, yet attractive manner.

20. D2 Interieurs

interior design websites: homepage for d2 which shows an island and bright white kitchen with pops of blue.

The D2 Interieurs website is one of our favorites because it's fun, slightly nostalgic, and colorful. The website features a gallery-wall style collection of images that you can click on and check out different website pages. We also love the playful font.

What we like: On the bottom of the homepage, D2 Interieurs has an email newsletter signup form, which is a wise addition.

Use these interior design websites as inspiration for yours.

Now that you've seen some successful interior design websites, you can start designing yours. We're sure that with a touch of creativity, you'll design a site that tells your brand's story and looks great doing it.

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