Most bloggers are eager to generate passive income with ads, and usually, turn to Google AdSense to do so. The term "Google AdSense" is much like that of a pop song - so popular, nearly everybody's heard of it! And, of course, want to make a profit with this market leader.

Google AdSense is undoubtedly a very reliable Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) marketing tool used to increase the income of your blog. However, because of the platform’s rigorous click fraud control, thousands of accounts don’t last long with Google AdSense (for some, getting approval is even difficult). It makes website owners look for some lesser-known (while still amazing!) Google Adsense alternatives – while of course still being wary of scams or ineffectiveness. Yes, the lesser-known guys are not usually as powerful. Yes, you'll earn more slowly with them. But, there are still many quality alternatives worth discussing.

Moreover, some bloggers find even more value in the alternatives for reasons such as a simplified approval process, low payout threshold, a variety of ad types, etc. Often, these campaigns can help you achieve even higher clickthrough rates than you'd achieve with AdSense.

There are 2 main models of Pay Per Click campaigns (be sure to read the details of the campaign's offers before proceeding):

  • Flat-rate: This model implies that you agree to be paid a fixed price for each click.
  • Bid-rate: Stands for the advertiser's competition in the niche in the private auction. Namely, advertisers bid for placing an ad in search engine's sponsored links.

Before listing some popular alternatives of Pay Per Click campaigns, let’s take a quick look at what you should pay attention to before choosing the one for your blog:

  • Choose wisely which advertiser will attract the right visitors for you (consider appropriately the kind of traffic you generate on your blog);
  • Pay attention to the campaign rules: some advertisers allow publishers from the US only, some have restrictions to page impressions, and others require putting your tax details;
  • Don’t stop at the first one. Try different alternatives over a period of time and decide which is the best route for you.

Let's at last revise some of the good-paying alternatives!

#1 - MediaNet

MediaNet is one of the market leaders in the industry of contextual advertising. They run the second-largest contextual ads revenue across the net. Pay Per Click ads are displayed on Bing and Yahoo search engines. Targeting is performed through keyword search terms.

As a publisher, you’ll have the tools to customize the appearance of the ad to suit your website color scheme and overall design. You’ll also have one of the biggest support teams at your back to solve any issues you run into fast, and easy. English should be used as a primary language of the site to start with a MediaNet campaign. Minimum cash out payments start at $100 via Paypal and Wire Transfer.

Medianet Ad Platform

#2 -

This is another highly reliable and well-known network of publishers (a division of AOL platforms). Simply log in and find the needed method to monetize your traffic. The network works with the biggest brands across the net and helps you choose the best quality ads. The admin interface is also very intuitive, helping you to set up an account and choose ad formats easily step-by-step.

Because of high-quality offers, the approval process for publishers can take days and even weeks. The publisher’s website language is not limited to English. Available payment methods are Check, Direct Deposit, and PayPal. The minimum payout is $25. ad platform

#3 - RevContent

A highly reliable source with great monetizing opportunities, but very difficult to join – all because they are focusing on quality rather than on quantity (this means better engagement rates and loyal clientele). If you are lucky enough to join the program, you’ll be provided with an intuitive admin interface and a transparent reporting system. This platform provides you with various advertising formats like display ads, video, and mobile.

Publishers get paid on a monthly basis via PayPal. The payout limit is $50.

RevContent ad platform

#4 - AddCash

AddCash provides more than 200 million active unique users making high conversions and 850k app installs each month. Impressive, right? Within this popular platform, mostly all ad formats are supported: from premium units like pop-under, interstitial and in-stream video to standard display ads. Once your website is accepted, putting and customizing an ad unit is very simple. Real-time reports can be also previewed in detail via the admin panel.

The company also offers great withdrawal options like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout is €100 (threshold is not offered in USD).

Adcash ad platform

#5 - InfoLinks

In-text advertising leader. They also provide effective video and banner ads. InfoLinks work with world-famous brands such as Facebook and Amazon, still requiring no setup fee and no minimum requirements for page views.  Apart from being one of the greatest monetization opportunities for publishers, their admin tool is also very easily integrated into your website, so you don’t have to wait long to test it out.

You’ll be able to get paid via PayPal (the minimum payout threshold is $50), Wire Transfer, eCheck, Western Union, and Payoneer.

InfoLinks ad platform

#6 - RevenueHits

Another highly popular and reliable platform. You can generate a great income with their art contextual and geo-targeted ad serving technology. The ad types offered include display ads, pop-ups, apps, widgets, and buttons. One big advantage is that the platform offers an advanced tool that learns from your ads to provide you with the most optimal ways to display ads on your site.

They pay on a 30-day basis via Wire (from $500), PayPal, and even Payoneer (from $20).

RevenuHits ad platform

#7 - Bidvertiser

With this advertising tool, you are able to target your ads by channels, keywords, and geolocation. You get paid for every ad click and extra revenue for clicks conversion. The ads will be displayed within the Bidvertiser network, where you’ll need to choose the needed category for your website. You’ll be also able to customize the layout of your ads in order for them to not have a bad effect on the website quality.

You can receive your earnings through PayPal (the payout threshold is $10), Wire Transfer or by check.

Bidvertiser ad platform

#8 - Chitika

A lot of publishers say that Chitika operates similarly to AdSense, and you can even use both services simultaneously. Traffic comes from the recent searches on the search engines, mobile, and targeted text ads. The ads are not contextual and depend on the keywords placed into a search field of the search engines. The approval period can take up to one week, though creating an ad unit on the Chitika admin panel is relatively fast and easy. You also have the opportunity to resize mobile ads and get more from mobile traffic.

Minimal payment limit is only $10 via PayPal and $50 by check. Find out more about terms and conditions for publishers here.

Chitika ad platform

#9 - PropellerAds

One of the more well-known and fastest-growing pop-under networks with great opportunities for publishers. If your website deals with niche topics like entertainment, video/movies, games, dating, software, gambling, etc., you'll be able to generate even more money than with an AdSense campaign. High monetizing opportunities are also provided within mobile traffic and apps. Detailed optimization for each site is guaranteed to allow you to set the best performing ad campaign.

The payouts are available from $50 (Paypal), $100 (Payoneer) and $500 (Wire Transfer).

PropellerAds ad platform

#10 - AdBlade

AdBlade is another well-known company for monetizing your blog, but the publishers must meet their strict requirements. Native ads are AdBlade’s main specialization - they display the ads that look like small related posts thumbnails along with related articles. It’s required that your website has a huge amount of traffic to gain profit from published ads. Mobile ad units are also available within the platform. The metrics are updated every 15 minutes throughout the day.

You can receive payment via PayPal and check (a payout limit is $100).

AdBlade ad platform

#11 - BuySellAds

Lastly, BuySellAds is a self-serve ad portal for publishers. Though you should know that bloggers’ options are extremely limited to this company. Publishers can be approved only in the case that their websites come with professional design, quality content, and good traffic volume.

Creating an account is free, but the network will charge a 25% commission from your overall earnings. As for ad formats, you are offered a banner, a placement for text ads, text+image ads, Tweet ad, and RSS feed. They offer you PayPal ($20 minimum balance required), Check ($50 minimum balance required) and Wire Transfer ($500 minimum balance required) cash-out alternatives.

BuySellAds ad platform

A Reason To Act

You now have a reason to act! And this act doesn’t require putting your shoulder to the wheel. So, why not grab the opportunity that a PPC campaign can give you: earn money for a better blog (or better vacation!) while you sleep?

Think that this list needs updating? Share your 'reasons why' in the comments.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 2:04:00 AM, updated January 28 2020