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14 Best Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress Plugins for 2021

Setting up a WordPress wiki knowledge base allows you to make large amounts of information organized and easily digestible.

Want to make your knowledge base better? I know you do! We've already published an article about the best wiki knowledge base WordPress themes. In this post, I'll take it even further and show you the best wiki knowledge base WordPress plugins.

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#1 - Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base is one of the most popular premium WordPress knowledge base plugins available. It's been carefully designed to integrate into any theme and brings with it a whole host of powerful features.

You get all the features you’d expect from a powerful knowledge base plugin such as content categorization, drag & drop content ordering, article attachments, display widgets, and more.

The best part about the plugin is their built-in analytics and user feedback feature that lets you collect insights to improve your existing documentation, so you can reduce support, save time, and grow sales.

Heroic Knowledge Base

#2 - BWL Knowledge Base Manager

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is one of the most comprehensive wiki knowledge base plugins currently available.

No complicated setup is needed for this newbie-friendly plugin - you can get started almost instantly. It has a grid-style display for showing your content, and you can classify your content in whatever categories you want.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager

#3 - Very Simple Knowledge Base

Very Simple Knowledge Base is, well, simple. With this plugin, all you need to do is insert the shortcode [knowledgebase-three] or [knowledgebase] to display FAQ-style knowledge base content in three or four columns (on mobile devices, the content is displayed in two columns).

Very Simple Knowledge Base

#4 - HelpieWP

HelpieWP is the only fully collaborative WordPress wiki plugin. It’s the easiest way to create and share knowledge for teams and also create beautiful documentation sites for your products and services.

Key Features:

  1. Publishing capabilities (who can edit, publish, or approve changes)
  2. Revision system (ability to rollback to previous revisions)
  3. Medium.com-like front-end editor (with customization and integration options)
  4. User Access Restrictions (restrict users to certain topics)
  5. Extensive style customizations (plus integration with page-builders like Elementor)

HelpieWP WordPress Plugin

#5 - Yada Wiki

This plugin allows you to create wiki post types, custom tags, and categories. It's perfect for providing support for products and services.

Yada Wiki

#6 - UserPress

This premium plugin helps you create a great knowledge base site with ease. You can allow your users to edit the content from the front-end of the site. Also, you can track changes, so you'll be able to quickly identify and remove any spam.

This plugin works with any WordPress theme, so you don't have to change your current design to use it.


#7 - Knowledge Base - HelpDesk

If you really want to customize the look of your support pages, check out Knowledge Base - HelpDesk. Its drag-and-drop design system gives you a lot of control.

Knowledge Base Plugin

#8 - KnB

KnB may be a premium plugin, but it has features that most of its free alternatives don't offer, such as a search form and voting. It's got a great, modern design, too.


#9 - WP Knowledgebase

WP Knowledgebase is free, and it gives you tons of options for fonts, colors, and sidebar layouts. It's also responsive, which means it automatically adjusts to the size of the visitor's screen (desktop, mobile device, etc.) for optimal user experience.

WP Knowledgeable

#10 - WP Glossary

If you're looking to add a glossary of terms to your site, WP Glossary will give you everything you need. It's compatible with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and many other popular plugins.

WP Glossary

#11 - Pixel

This plugin is lightweight and super-fast. You'll be able to add all the documentation you need without slowing your site down.

WP Pixel Plugin

#12 - KnowAll

KnowAll is a great theme for setting up a knowledge base for your business quickly without sacrificing the powerful features you’d expect such as live search, analytics, and feedback. With this theme, your pages will be fully responsive and can be easily customized to match your company's brand. 

KnowAll Knowledge Base

#13 - Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base has been around for over 6 years now, and it's earned quite a following in that time. People love its flexibility - there are 4 color skins, 3 post format options, and 3 homepage options to choose from.


#14 - KnowHow

KnowHow comes with 2 custom widgets for the latest and featured articles. Its video post format is supported by YouTube and Vimeo. Also, there's an animated navigation feature, which really sets it apart from other knowledge base plugins.


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Originally published Jan 2, 2020 6:00:00 AM, updated April 02 2021


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