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According to HubSpot’s research, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. In other words, people love companies that support them after they make a purchase.

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These days, retaining customers is about more than delivering a high-quality product or service. Whether you’re an app developer, clothing store, restaurant, consulting agency, or any other business with an online presence, customers are going to have questions for you, and they’re going to expect answers.

One great way to serve these customers is with a knowledge base, an online collection of documentation with instructions on how to use a product, as well as answers to common questions. Knowledge bases are often searchable and organized in a hierarchy to help users quickly find the right docs — no one wants to sift through irrelevant guides when there are bigger problems to deal with.

Many CMSs and website builders like HubSpot offer a knowledge base component built-in. But, if you use WordPress, it shouldn’t surprise you that plugins are the best way to add a knowledge base to your site. In this post, we’ll explore 10 of the best free and premium WordPress knowledge base plugins to support your visitors, no matter where and when they need it.

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1. Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base is a leading knowledge base plugin from developer HeroThemes that adds a user-friendly knowledge base to any theme. Visitors will appreciate quick access to support documentation, and you’ll appreciate how easy Heroic is to implement and manage.

This premium plugin is great for adding a powerful, searchable knowledge base — thanks to asynchronous JavaScript (Ajax), the plugin will generate results as the user types their query. Visitors can also provide feedback on help articles, and you can even order search results to put the highest-priority documentation near the top. Lastly, Heroic Knowledge Base comes with integrated analytics to see what users are looking for and determine if they’re actually finding answers.

For pricing, Heroic Knowledge Base is available on three tiers: Essential ($129), Plus ($159), and Pro ($379). Alongside Heroic Knowledge Base, HeroThemes has also developed a knowledge base WordPress theme called KnowAll, great for dedicated support websites.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin heroic knowledge base

2. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base is a popular freemium solution for adding a knowledge base to any WordPress website. It offers a handful of frontend templates, all based on the classic knowledge base format that visitors will expect, while also allowing for customization to align with your site’s design. Whichever layout you prefer, getting started is easy, since this plugin walks you through setup and basic customizations.

Once your knowledge base is in place, you can populate it with articles. The plugin creates these articles as a new custom post type, and you can assign tags and categories to each. You’re allowed up to five levels of hierarchical documentation, and you can order articles any way you want. In addition, you’ll get FAQ templates, real-time search results with Ajax, breadcrumbs, and comments for your support articles.

The base version of Echo Knowledge Base is free. To further improve your knowledge base, the developers offer a library of paid add-ons that you can explore on their website. These add-ons let you set access permissions, view search analytics, and more. You can buy add-ons individually or purchase a bundle.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin echo knowledge base

3. BetterDocs

For a freemium tool, BetterDocs offers an impressive product. This knowledge base plugin’s templates are modern, well-crafted, and configurable via drag-and-drop, allowing you to deliver a seamless support experience to visitors and customers. BetterDocs is made to be compatible with any WordPress theme, but works especially well with the Elementor page builder plugin.

On top of the live search results you might expect, this plugin comes with an instant answer bot that searches for answers to common user queries. Another notable feature of BetterDocs is its automatic table of contents — as you create your documentation, the plugin will add to this directory and give users an easy way to navigate without any extra effort on your part.

BetterDocs also offers a pro version on its website that enables faster, more advanced searches. BetterDocs Pro is available for $49 on one website, $99 on unlimited websites with one year of support and updates, and $249 for use on unlimited websites with lifetime support and updates.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin betterdocs

4. weDocs

weDocs is a free and open-source documentation plugin for WordPress that helps you organize your support docs into a useful knowledge base. It works best if you already have an existing library of support content that you want to wrangle — with weDocs, you can sort these posts into sections and hierarchies.

Though the visitor interface is simpler than other paid options we’ve listed, this plugin works well for anyone who wants a basic support section of their website for free. On the admin side, weDocs offers a simple area in the dashboard where you can view and manage all documentation.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin wedocs

5. WP Knowledgebase

Like weDocs, WP Knowledgebase is free and made for organizing documentation with tags and categories, as well as enabling a simple search of your support content. It gives you tons of options for fonts, colors, and sidebar layouts too. Its support pages are also responsive, which means they automatically adjust to the width of the visitor's screen (desktop or mobile) for optimal user experience.

WP Knowledgebase works by adding a new knowledge base section to your website, but you can change the URL slug of this new section to your liking so it makes more sense with your site structure. In the free version, you can also toggle breadcrumbs, comments on docs, and the number and order of displayed articles

There’s also a pro version of this plugin, starting at $74 per year for use on one website. The premium version allows you to place a widget to collect user feedback, view search analytics, and restrict your support content to certain users.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin wp knowledgebase

6. Yada Wiki

If you’re looking for a way to link your site’s support posts without the need for search or a dedicated knowledge base page, try Yada Wiki. This free plugin creates a new wiki post type, tags and categories for your knowledge base, and an index of support content. It’s best for those with a bit more time to dedicate to structuring a simple knowledge base by themselves.

Yada Wiki comes with two shortcodes for linking to other wiki pages, easily letting you connect your support content and place relevant links in the right spots. It also lets you make a table of contents that you can then embed in other posts. Whenever you add a new wiki post, link to it in your table of contents, and this change will be reflected across your site.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin yada wiki

7. Very Simple Knowledge Base

Very Simple Knowledge Base provides a lightweight solution for WordPress support sites. With this free plugin, all you need to do is insert a piece of shortcode or a widget to display your existing posts and custom post types content in multiple responsive columns. You can tweak these shortcodes and widgets to display certain categories of posts and change the order that these posts appear.

If you need a plugin that lets visitors search a knowledge base and lets you manage a knowledge base separately from your other content, you’ll probably prefer an alternative. However, if you have existing support content and need a simple way to compile them, Very Simple Knowledge Base is the, well, very simple solution you’ll enjoy.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin very simple knowledge base

8. WP Glossary

Looking to add a glossary of terms to your site? WP Glossary will give you much of what you need to make it happen. This paid plugin makes a new custom post type (or lets you use an existing post type) for your terms, compiles them into an index page, and displays them in a clean interface. Users can search through terms and filter them.

WP Glossary has some other useful perks too. For example, there’s an auto-linking feature that scans your pages and posts for terms and phrases, then links to the glossary page to help your SEO efforts. You can also set the plugin to show a quick tooltip window when a visitor hovers over a term. Most of WP Glossary’s visuals are customizable as well, and it's compatible with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and many other popular plugins.

As for the price, WP Glossary retails for $35.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin wp glossary

9. Helpie WP

HelpieWP is a highly collaborative WordPress knowledge base plugin. It’s one of the easiest ways to create and share knowledge for teams, and to create beautiful documentation sites for your products and services.

Key features of Helpie WP include publishing capabilities to manage who can edit and approve changes, a revision system to roll back to previous revisions, a front-end editor with integration options, extensive style customizations, and integration with page-builders like Elementor.

Helpie WP is available starting at $69 (one-time payment) for use on one website.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin helpie wp

10. MinervaKB

MinervaKB is our last fully featured premium plugin that adds a searchable knowledge base to your website. The search page is simple, modern, and highly customizable with Ajax live search results and control over how your support content is grouped together in results.

Configuring the layouts of your MinervaKB knowledge base is made simpler thanks to its integrations with Elementor and Visual Composer, and the plugin works with WooCommerce websites too. Other premium features include content restrictions, an analytics dashboard, like and dislike buttons, feedback forms, and a dynamic table of contents option that updates as you change your content.

product page for the wordpress knowledge base plugin minervaKB

A WordPress Plugin With All the Answers

If a user purchases your product or service but can’t figure out how to use it, that can leave a worse impression than if they had never bought it in the first place. So, if your business is based around a product, you should expect questions from your current and potential customers and provide a convenient way to answer them.

While a support team can deal with highly specific requests, you can handle the bulk of these queries with a well-structured knowledge base. And, luckily, these plugins aren’t tough to set up on your own — after installation and a bit of setup, you’ll have a fully functional reference under your domain.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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