The 21 Best Luxury Websites For Design Inspiration

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If you're creating a site for your high-end brand, looking at luxury websites to get a feel for what works is a great idea. Though luxury websites' designs vary, they all have one overarching theme: They are elevated and refined. Get Inspired: 77 Examples of Exceptional Web Design  [Free Download]

People looking at luxury websites for design inspiration for their high-end brand

In this post, we looked at some of the best luxury websites design to get an idea of what works. The luxury websites we investigated run the gamut from clothing brands to cars to accessories and beyond. Let's dive into what makes a successful luxury website design

From leather goods to shoes to vehicles to hotels, plenty of opulent retailers have gorgeous and engaging sites. We've rounded up 21 of the most visually stunning luxury websites. 

1. Gucci

Luxury websites: Gucci. The site shows a model wearing one of the brand's bags.

Gucci is a luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy. As you can tell from its website, the company is known for its high-end leather goods. The easy-to-read font on the homepage is a thread throughout the entire site. The website also displays a non-obtrusive menu that lays out the different sections of the website users can visit. 

What We Like: 

Gucci's website is timeless, and so are the products it sells. Remember: Your website needs to be cohesive with your brand identity and the products available for purchase. 

2. Porsche

Luxury websites: Porsche. Image shows a Porsche vehicle cruising down a highway coast.

Porsche's website is just as sleek and luxurious as its opulent vehicles. The German automobile brand's site gets high marks for its unique menu. The menu features images of popular Porsche models so visitors can click directly there and skip the hassle of searching the tabs.

What We Like: 

Porsche doesn't overcomplicate things. Its menu keeps it simple by allowing you to learn more about fan-favorite vehicles, navigate to your account, learn more about dealers nearby, or shop. 

3. Jimmy Choo

Luxury websites: Jimmy Choo. On the left side of the screen a model wears a Jimmy Choo purse and shoes. On the right, there is a close up of silver boots.

As one of London's most iconic luxury shoe and accessories brands, it makes sense that Jimmy Choo's website would be glittery and elegant. It shines thanks to its visually appealing homepage with visually attractive images, a delightfully simple menu, and cohesive branding throughout. This luxury website tells a straightforward brand story. It primarily features photos of shoes with a few images of other accessories the brand offers (such as handbags) woven throughout.

What We Like: 

The site is easy to navigate and even features a call to action at the bottom of the homepage, inviting visitors to provide their email in exchange for brand updates. (Psst: Including a similar form on your website is an excellent way to stay connected with your visitors.) 

4. Goyard

Luxury websites: Goyard. Website shows the company's signature Trunk bag. There are two trunk bags in the main frame.

Parisian fashion house Goyard's website is refreshingly simple. It focuses on its products by making the visual focus of the site the main image that shows two of the brand's signature trunk bags. The font is also easy to read.

What We Like: 

Because the trunks in the main image are colorful, the rest of the website is relatively devoid of color aside from a hunter-green menu. The menu is also concise and digestible, which is on theme. 

5. Telfar 

Luxury websites: Telfar. Features a single column style layout with the navigation on the left side.

Telfar, a unisex luxury fashion brand created by Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens, breaks the mold with an unabashedly unique site. This luxury website's design perfectly balances whitespace, images, and text. In addition, its single-column homepage is reminiscent of the blogs of the 2000s in the most delightful way. (It's worth noting the brand itself was a product of that era, as it originated in 2005.) 

What We Like: 

Telfar's site features a vertical menu. While this takes up more space than a traditional horizontal one would, it features a non-obstructive font and is a perfect match for the single-column style site. 

6. The Ritz Carlton 

Luxury websites: Ritz Carlton. Website shows a scene with palm trees that was taken at one of the company's hotels in Barcelona.

The Ritz Carlton is a household name and with good reason. This site provides a healthy dose of luxury websites inspiration. This luxury resort chain's homepage features dreamy images of Ritz Carlton hotels across the globe. The photos capture most of the screen and are immersive, offering visitors a glimpse into the Ritz Carlton vacation experience. 

What We Like: 

Despite how Ritz Carlton's website features sizable images, the website loads quickly. Remember: the first five seconds of load time significantly impact conversion rates, so ensure your website is up to speed. 

7. Louis Vuitton 

Luxury websites: Louis Vuitton. Website shows video of models walking down the runway at spring-summer 2023 show.

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton makes good use of the brand's visually appealing videos from a recent runway show. When you load the website, you enter the world of Louis Vuitton by getting a front-row seat-worthy view of the products on the runway. The site also features a concise menu and the company's signature, highly readable front. 

What We Like: 

As you continue to scroll down, you'll notice the entirety of the Louis Vuitton homepage is a collection of images and videos. All tell a cohesive brand story and follow a similar color palette

8. Prabal Gurung

Luxury websites: Prabal Gurung. Website shows close up of garment and invites visitors to shop Fall 2022 collection with call to action.

Prabal Gurung, who originally hails from Singapore, is proud to manufacture over 80% of the items in his eponymous luxury fashion brand's collections in New York City. This luxury website tells the story of Gurung himself and the brand through lush imagery and copy (one of the main headings of the site features text that reads 'Style with Substance'). The homepage features a teaser of this season's collection; when you scroll down, you find more supporting imagery. 

What We Like: 

Prabal Gurung's website is committed to more than showcasing clothes. When you scroll down on the homepage, you'll notice a considerable amount of space dedicated to the "World of Prabal Gurung," where you can click on several posts and read more about what inspired this most recent collection and beyond. 

9. The Savoy London

Luxury websites: The Savoy London. Website shows exterior image of the hotel, a grand building in London.

Upon arriving on this luxury hotel's website, The Savoy London ushers you inside its glamorous world. The site opens with an exterior image of the hotel. As you scroll down, The Savoy invites you to explore the interior of this opulent accommodation. That mirrors how you'd experience the hotel in real life, from the exterior first before walking inside. 

What We Like: 

The Savoy's website balances images and text. As you scroll through the homepage, you'll notice that on the side of each photo is a block of copy that further illustrates the Savoy experience. This website provides a valuable reminder of the value of pairing visually appealing images with effective copywriting

10. Off-White 

Luxury Websites: Off-White. Website shows center image of models wearing pieces of clothing from the collection.

This luxury fashion brand, founded by Virgil Abloh, is known for its one-of-a-kind balance of high-end style with streetwear-ready looks. Off-White's website balances white space with a large central image that your eye is immediately attracted to.  

The site uses a typewriter-style font for its menu navigation which is unique yet readable. When you scroll down the homepage, you see additional editorial-style images from the fall-winter collection this year. These images feature a green background which contrasts sharply against the plain background.

What We Like: 

When you scroll further down, the site displays a section called "Our Picks For You," where a curated array of products appears, a unique feature that sets this website apart. 

11. Bottega Veneta

Luxury Websites: Bottega Veneta. Website shows products in their bags on the left and a person wearing the collection on the right.

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta's website opens with several images that fill the entire screen and showcase people wearing the products. While scrolling, you're introduced to this season's collection, where shoes and accessories are mingled.

What We Like: 

Instead of using a horizontal or vertical menu, Bottega Veneta uses a hamburger, so its menu is out of the way. This creates more opportunities for the products the brand sells to take center stage. 

12. Land Rover

Luxury Websites: Land Rover. Website shows one of the brand's most popular cars in a desert.

Land Rover, a British luxury automobile manufacturer, presents a visually engaging website that feels on brand with the vehicle and is easy to navigate. If you run the mouse over the image, a pop-up appears that encourages you to learn more about the car shown. The menu offers sparse yet meaningful options to engage with the rest of the site from the homepage. 

What We Like: 

Immediately underneath the carousel on the top of the homepage, Land Rover invites you to stay in touch with the brand by engaging with their social media. It does this by showcasing recent posts in a visually appealing manner. The color palette of the media matches that of the site, so it doesn't feel awkward. 

13. Balenciaga

Luxury websites: Balenciaga. Features a person wearing Balenciaga apparel sitting on the beach.

Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion brand known for its shoes and other accessories. Its site epitomizes effective luxury websites design and offers inspiration thanks to its unique appearance. This site features horizontal navigation but is tucked away in the corner, so it is unobtrusive. Underneath the menu, visitors can type in what they're looking for. Direct — we like it! 

What We Like: 

Large, lush images make up the entirety of this homepage. The color palette of these images works well together. Underneath each picture is an invitation to click and shop the corresponding collection.

14. Prada

Luxury websites: Prada. Website features editorial-style images of two models wearing Prada items.

With its large, magazine editorial style images, Italian fashion house Prada's website stands out for its simplicity. The photos feature neutral backgrounds, which allow the models' clothing and accessories to shine. 

What We Like: 

You'll notice a news section at the bottom of the homepage that links to the company's blog. If you want to disseminate information effectively, you can incorporate your blog in your site's visual layout instead of simply including it as a link on the bottom menu. 

15. Yves Saint Laurent

Luxury websites: Yves Saint Laurent. Website features a single image of a model wearing the brand's products.

Yves Saint Laurent is a famous French luxury fashion house that reveals that sometimes less is more. This website is reminiscent of Telfar's and again demonstrates the fragile balance of whitespace with thoughtfully placed images and copy. 

What We Like:

YSL's homepage doesn't feature a ton to scroll through. It's relatively bland and thoughtfully so. Instead of getting distracted by images and plenty to look at, your eyes hone in on the sparse copy and singular picture. 

16. Swarovski

Luxury Websites: Swarovski. Features a video of a model wearing the brand's items, and massive font with the brand name.

Swarovski has one of the most unique websites we've looked at. The site features the company's name in massive yet easy-to-read font. The copy is layered on top of a video featuring several of the company's products — and showcases a celebrity for added visual interest. 

What We Like: 

Throughout the entire homepage (and the site as a whole), the color palette and imagery feel cohesive and on-brand. 

17. Cartier

Luxury websites: Cartier. Features an image of someone walking wearing Cartier and a piece of jewelry next to the person.

Cartier's website stuns with simplicity. Since the site is so straightforward, your eye focuses on the center image featuring a Cartier-wearing person. The entire experience demonstrates the company's unique branding, from the fonts to the photograph. 

What We Like: 

When you reach the bottom of the site, before the menu, there is a form embedded that allows visitors to provide their email if they'd like. By having a clear call to action for visitors to take, you can capture contact information you wouldn't be able to otherwise. 

18. Fendi

Luxury websites: Fendi. Website features a video of a model wearing Fendi clothes and makes the menu the focus.

This Italian luxury fashion house initially gained a reputation for its stylish accessories, but we think it deserves credit for its website, too. The homepage features a video playing in the background with the menu text overlay. When you hover over each word, the background image changes to a brand new picture to reflect that. 

What We Like: 

Underneath the video that takes up most of this homepage, you're invited to input your location to locate a Fendi shop or supply your email. Once again, these interactive features offer a meaningful way for visitors to interact with the brand. 

19. Hermès

Luxury websites: Hermes. Site features a typewriter style font and a collection of colorful illustrations that invite visitors to explore the brand's offerings.

Neutrals dominate the luxury websites space, but Hermès' site features a refreshingly colorful portion. Despite the majority of the area being neutral, once you scroll past the footage from the most recent runway show, you're greeted with an array of quirky, colorful images that detail the company's offering. When you click the illustration, you arrive at that product page. 

What We Like: 

Hermès also makes use of a typewriter-esque font throughout the site. It's readable yet chic — and memorable compared to a more lackluster font. 

20. Armani

Luxury websites: Armani. Website features a menu with small circular images and two models wearing Armani merchandise.

Armani is another Italian luxury fashion house that can teach a masterclass on creating luxury websites that are on-brand. This site features a balance of whitespace and imagery. The pictures are well-curated and feature a visually attractive color palette that matches the site style. 

What We Like: 

The Armani menu is more visual than any others we've seen. A collection of small round images is on the top of the page. A title appears when you hover your mouse over them. When you click, you can navigate to that page. 

21. Rolex

Luxury websites: Rolex. Website shows a video of one of the new watches from the collection and text that reads 'Sea Dweller' across the video.

The Rolex site boasts that these Swiss-made luxury watches were made with acute attention to detail, and the website was, too. This website features a video when you first arrive on the page, which brings you into the world of Rolex.  

What We Like: 

Once you scroll down, you'll see neatly organized images of Rolex's watches. The site's color palette seems finely tuned to the preferences of its audience. When you reach the bottom of the site, you'll see an opportunity to share this page if you desire, allowing you to connect to Rolex on socials. 

Luxury Websites Design Made Easy 

By looking at these luxury websites and what makes them successful, you can better understand what it takes to create a site for your high-end brand. If spending time looking into luxury websites inspiration taught us anything, it's that you should create a digital space that's on brand for your unique product — and not be afraid to step outside the box with multimedia elements. 

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