The 30 Best Photography Website Templates

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Doug Bonderud
Doug Bonderud


A picture is worth a thousand words — but it’s hard to get the meaning across if nobody sees it.

person building a photography website

The result? Getting your work noticed online means creating a photography website that merges style with substance to deliver an immediate impact when visitors land on your page.

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If you’re ready to get started but need a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered with 30 of the best photography website templates.

1. Jevelin

photography website templates, Jevelin

Jevelin is a multi-purpose theme that offers a host of different template options along with 40 multi-purpose demos. You’ll be able to choose a template that aligns with your industry, making customization a breeze.

This template is especially helpful if you’re looking for a no-code experience. You can install a demo site with one click. From there, a live drag-and-drop builder can help you create a page that matches your vision.

What we like: This theme includes 100 pre-built elements, so you won’t hit a wall when building pages for your site.

2. Gleam

photography website templates, Gleam

Gleam is all about creating a great photography portfolio. It’s simple, clean, and fully responsive, making it a great choice to help photographers reach clients across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Gleam includes galleries and albums to help site owners customize their portfolios. You can showcase your best work, so potential clients never need to ask for your samples.

What we love: Gleam has 19 home page layouts. You can choose the number of columns your photo grid displays.

3. Solene

photography website templates, Solene

Solene is a wedding-specific photography template, making it a great choice if you specialize in this special event.

This theme puts photographs front and center. You can choose from several portfolio displays. Do you want your images in a grid? Are you looking for zoomed-in horizontal images? Perhaps, you want a two-column layout, with multiple images on one side and a single image on the other? Solene has them all.

Best for: Creating a simple hub for your work, without additional bells and whistles.

4. Crop

photography website templates, Crop

Crop is a theme with a prominent hero image. You can focus on one of your best photographs or perhaps a picture of yourself. If you have one photo that summarizes your brand, you can prominently display it with this theme.

What we like: Fully responsive and designed with an emphasis on white space over noise, this template is a great choice to help highlight the power of pictures.

5. Ashade

photography website templates, Ashade

Ashdale is a minimalist template that leverages Dark Mode to capture user interest. The template includes 18 different layouts for photos and sliders, along with three background layouts for your home page: Static images, a photo gallery, or a looping video.

Best for: Multimedia creators. This theme allows you to display both videos and images. If you offer both services, this is the theme for you.

6. Snapster

photography website templates, Snapster

Snapster is a template purpose-built for studios and photographers. It comes with 18 pre-built homepages, 24 different portfolio management options, and 10 slider integrations. The template also lets users customize their photo galleries to ensure photos are shown to their best effect.

What we like: Snapster comes with ecommerce integrations, making it a perfect platform for selling your work. If you plan on monetizing your prints, this is the theme for you.

7. Norm

photography website templates, Norm

Norm is all about simplicity and speed. This template aims to help photographers get their images onto the web ASAP, rather than worrying about the intricacies of image uploading, arrangement, and modification.

Norm has no fixed design, allowing photographers to find what works best for their brand.

What we like: Some photographers are global travelers, working with clients across the globe. Norm makes sure language isn’t a barrier. With Norm, you can translate your pages directly via the Options panel.

8. Oculus

photography website templates, Oculus

Oculus uses a clean, trendy, pixel-perfect modern design to deliver a simple, easy-to-use template.

Photographers can pick from 5 different home page designs, multiple headers, and text sliders to create the page that works for them. There’s also a highly customizable shortcode add-on if users want even more options.

What we like: Oculus has a simple home page that puts the focus on both your images and your calls to action. Visitors can scroll through the images you choose paired with the services they could buy. You can make sure your clients aren’t overwhelmed.

9. Elise

photography website templates, Elise

Elise is modern and features multiple, custom animations that help set your photography website apart. As you scroll down the page, new images slide into view. The cursor isn’t your standard arrow but instead a dynamic circle that dances across your page.

This theme also links to your Instagram. Users can click on an image and get redirected to your social platforms for additional engagement.

Best for: Showing off a timeline of your work. The scrolling feature makes this template a natural fit to show the progression of your photographs over time.

10. Odry

photography website templates, Odry

If you run a photography agency, Odry can help you connect with the right clientele. Visitors’ journeys start with a stunning hero image. As they scroll, they’ll encounter a grid of your best work to showcase your services.

Then, they’ll see elements of social proof. That includes how many projects you’ve worked on and how many years of experience you have. And finally, they’ll reach the meet the team section. They can see who works for you and which photographer matches their vision.

What we like: We love this template's natural flow of information. You can hook users with your work and seal the deal by introducing your team. This template also makes it easy for site owners to start their own photography blog or set up their own, WooCommerce-compatible shop.

11. Skylith

photography website templates, Skylith

Skylith is a minimalist theme that puts your work front and center. On the right-hand side, you can feature a vertical image. On the left, you can add text that creates context for your work. Clicking on the hamburger menu reveals an about page and a link to your full portfolio.

With Skylith, you can focus on picking the right photographs instead of agonizing over text.

What we like: Skylith offers a host of customization options to help take your photography website to the next level. Features include 30 demos, 20+ portfolio styles, working Twitter and Instagram feeds, Google Maps integration, and easy customization via HTML.

12. Missio

photography website templates, Missio

Missio offers 48 layouts (and counting) to help photographers find the site concept that aligns best with their work. We love how this template includes many ways to showcase your images. That includes scrolling carousels, photo grids, and lightbox options.

Best for: Those with web development experience. This is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme. It’s easily customizable but does require more work from end users.

13. Divi

photography website templates, Divi

Divi has earned a reputation as the most popular WordPress theme and page builder — and with good reason. With advanced visual builder technology, it’s easy for any photographer to quickly create a compelling home for their portfolio.

You will need to sort through Divi’s multiple demo sites, many of which are not intended for photographers. However, if you’re looking for a renowned theme with a robust support community, Divi is a great option.

What we love: With thousands of positive reviews and frequent updates, you can ensure your site is secure and sleek.

14. ART

photography website templates, ART

ART is all about striking colors and images that capture user attention from the moment they land on your page.

You’ll start by choosing your home page layout. That could be a single image, a two-column page, a grid, or a hero image that leads to a full portfolio. From there, you can customize a simple menu and link to your social media.

What we love: This template also includes 19 header layouts and unlimited gallery and portfolio layouts that can be customized via column, spacing, hover, filter, and pagination options.

15. Photography Liza

photography website templates, Photography Liza

This template includes a wide range of modules, helping you really sell your services.

When visitors land on your page, they’ll see an ever-changing hero image that shows the range of your work. As they scroll, they can learn more about you and see social proof of how many clients you’ve helped. Then, you can write a pitch explaining why you’re the perfect fit for any role.

What we like: This Dark Mode template comes in both HTML and WordPress versions. Gallery options include a grid, fullscreen, and ribbon, along with multiple menu layouts for customization.

16. Leap

photography website templates, Leap

Leap makes the photos the star of the show by removing almost all other elements. Small and time text boxes appear in the corners of this design to help users find their way around, but photos are always the priority.

Best for: Photographers who want to focus on building a portfolio without the need for text.

17. Kotlis

photography website templates, Kotlis

Kotlis features seven different home page styles, six portfolio pages, full-screen backgrounds, and a fully responsive design. This lets photographers reach potential clients on any device, anywhere.

Mobile visitors can interact with your images by swiping through your portfolio. As more people browse the web on mobile devices, this template will help you stand out.

What we like: Kotlis offers both Light and Dark Mode versions along with both HTML and WordPress options.

18. Emily

photography website templates, Emily

Photo files are large, especially if you’re looking to showcase the high-quality images you capture. Emily can help mitigate this challenge. Its ultra-responsive design is built for speed, meaning your photographs will load quickly. Emily is also SEO optimized to help your page get noticed.

What we like: This template is available in both HTML and WordPress, so you can make a portfolio regardless of your web development experience.

19. Portfolio Pixies

photography website templates, Portfolio Pixies

Portfolio Pixies comes with seven layouts and four about pages. What it lacks in sheer variety, however, it makes up for in its focus on easy management of both portfolios and blogs, helping photographers more easily connect with clients.

We love how this theme makes use of animation. As you scroll, new images load on the page, creating a dynamic user experience.

Best for: Those looking to build a simple portfolio.

20. Inshot

photography website templates, Inshot

Capture a clean and modern design with Inshot. This template offers seven home pages and six different portfolio pages. You can choose a layout that best fits your aesthetic and your services.

Capture is also designed with connection in mind. The template works with an Ajax PHP contact form and Mailchimp to help visitors get in touch.

Best for: Capturing leads and making it easy for clients to get in touch.

21. Sepia

photography website templates, Sepia

Sepia offers Light and Dark mode versions with hover animations, customizable grid layouts, and full-screen carousels. No matter your client’s preferences, they’ll be able to view your website easily.

Sepia also includes right-to-left (RTL) compatibility for photographers working in global markets. If you’re a globetrotting photographer, this is the theme for you.

What we love: This theme offers two menu styles, so you can choose your preferred navigation.

22. Crea;tink

photography website templates, Crea;tink

Crea;tink is a multi-concept template that’s great for photographers, graphic designers, and other artists. The template includes more than 40 demos, 200 HTML files, and over 300 UI elements to help site owners create pages as unique as their work.

Note: You’ll be working with HTML files if you choose this theme. Make sure your coding skills are up-to-speed before you make a purchase.

23. Lydia

photography website templates, Lydia

Lydia is built for photography and magazine portfolios and also comes with blog options to help expand the impact of your site. We love the lightbox feature throughout this theme. If you click an image, you can see it in full screen.

In addition, site owners get Mailchimp integration, Flickr feeds, 11 color schemes, and cross-browser compatibility.

What we love: This template makes it easy for users to find your work on Flickr. This is helpful if you make shareable work.

24. Arcon

photography website templates, Arcon

Arcon is a great choice for creative website building. It offers more than 20 homepage layouts, 75 HTML files, SEO marketing tools, and online shop support to help photographers do everything they need, all in one place.

What we love: Arcon is a great website if you also have video skills to showcase. A fullscreen video background can appear on your home page, putting your multimedia skills front and center.

25. LeadGen

photography website templates, LeadGen

LeadGen comes with more than 30 landing pages, but what sets this template apart is its drag-and-drop webpage builder. Simply find and place page elements to get your site up and running ASAP.

Best for: Photographers who want to build a portfolio without needing to code.

26. Pofo

photography website templates, Pofo

Pofo brings more than 200 unique templates to the table, along with 26 demos to help photographers find the best showcase for their designs. This can be overwhelming; however, a simple search process makes the process easier.

What we like: This template is responsive and retina ready to help deliver the optimal user experience.

27. Outdoor

photography website templates, Outdoor

With a slideshow home page and full-screen backgrounds that include YouTube video backgrounds, Outdoor is a great choice for photographers that want to showcase more than simply static images.

This template comes complete with a built-in form that makes it easy for clients to contact you.

Best for: Photographers that offer videography services.

28. Exposure

photography website templates, Exposure

Exposure offers the ability to customize sites without coding and includes promotional tools that help photographers raise their brand profile. In addition, this template comes with an intuitive design editor and delivers high-quality image rendering.

What we love: Images load as colorful blocks until they are completely rendered. This adds energy to your site.

29. Photographos

photography website templates, Photographos

This no-code template is light, simple, and striking. Quickly and easily add text and photos for maximum impact, and use built-in transitional elements to keep users interested.

What we like: The text and layout of this template look like they came straight out of a magazine. If you specialize in editorial work, this template will pair well with your portfolio.

30. Oshine

photograph website templates, Oshine

Used by more than 34,000 site owners worldwide, Oshine includes an intuitive, fully visual page builder, a one-click demo installer, and 52 demos to help get websites up and running ASAP. It also provides full control over fonts and colors to help photographers create sites as unique as their snapshots.

What we love: With Oshine, you’ll have access to 50+ styling modules so you can bring your vision to life.

Take Your Best Shot

The right template can make all the difference when it comes to capturing — and keeping — user attention. This is especially true for photography sites; images are the currency of interest for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Best bet? Start strong with a high-impact photography website template that will leave visitors looking for more.

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