25 Podcast Website Examples of 2024

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Jamie Juviler
Jamie Juviler



Looking for podcast website examples to inspire your own? You’ve found the right blog post.

two people hosting a podcast on a podcast website

While the majority of your listeners are probably discovering your episodes through streaming services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, it doesn’t hurt to have a dedicated website to host your content. And it definitely doesn’t hurt to make that website look amazing.

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That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite podcast website examples — so you can grow your audience and get more eager listeners to push play. Let’s dive in.

1. 99% Invisible

podcast website example: 99 percent invisible

You would probably expect a podcast about design to have a well-designed website, and you’d be right. 99% invisible explores the ways in which design and architecture influence the world, from curb cuts to city flags to 3D printing to pockets on your clothes. The branding is strong with this website, which implements a subtle grid background.

Another cool feature is the podcast player sticks to the bottom of the screen and is always available to toggle — something we’ll see in other examples later on. Users can add episodes to their playlists or easily click an episode to play it on the spot, as well as download it. or access the transcript.

Plus, episodes are sorted into neat categories (each with a neat icon) so you can find episodes of interest. These kinds of touches you won’t see on 99% of other podcast websites.

2. This American Life

podcast website example: this american life

This American Life is a radio-show-turned-podcast out of WBEZ Chicago that’s all about stories — that’s probably the best way to describe it, since the subject matter is so diverse and rich.

A podcast that pulls in millions of weekly listeners needs a website to fit. Fortunately, this website pulls it off, without going overboard. It’s easy to access episodes from the archive, each with a player page (sort of like a product page) with a color that matches the episode’s featured image.

The bottom of the player page features recommended episodes for newer listeners, and related episodes if you like what you’re hearing.

3. Serial

podcast website example: podcast-website-examples-serial

We simply couldn’t make this list without mentioning Serial. A spinoff of This American Life, Serial is an investigative journalism podcast that follows a different subject each season. Serial is best known for its first season, which helped propel podcasts into the mainstream.

This site also features a sticky podcast player and a stripped-back look to keep focus on the content. There’s also a large emphasis on photography on this site, which depict the characters of the stories. This helps to give listeners a better idea of who the podcast is actually talking about.


podcast website example: serial

CTRL SHIFT is a self-proclaimed “podcast about pivoting” that highlights stories of business people changing their perspectives to make a difference.

We think that story extends to the website too, since the designers clearly weren’t afraid to push boundaries. It’s the kind of site you need to experience yourself, but it’s safe to say that this is one of our favorite uses of animation on any website.

5. Side Hustle Pro

podcast website example: side hustle pro

Side Hustle Pro puts a spotlight on Black female entrepreneurs who turned their side businesses into full-time ventures. We love the website’s use of color blobs (I think that’s the technical term), sliders, and spacious layout.

It also puts the host Nicaila front-and-center, since her story is a big selling point for the show. This makes the website good inspiration if you want your podcasting site to double as a personal website.

6. Finding Founders

podcast website example:finding founders

Finding Founders takes a deep dive into the minds of entrepreneurs and business owners. Its website is a great example of what can be achieved even by a beginner with basic building blocks like a hero image, social links, recommended episodes, testimonials, and more. The site also has multiple ways to subscribe and keep up with the latest content.

7. Call Your Girlfriend

podcast website example: call your girlfriend

Unlike other websites on this list, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast homepage doesn’t require users to scroll down. Instead it greets you with a well-designed splash page and only a few links. This way, visitors can learn what the podcast is all about, or dive right into episodes.

8. Nudge

podcast website example: nudge

Nudge is a podcast that applies behavioral science concepts to business. Its website is simple, clean, and user-friendly. Things are easy to find without being overwhelming, even though there’s more content here than the typical podcast website. It also employs smart use of color, including with its CTAs.

9. S-Town

podcast website example: s-town

S-town is another offshoot of This American Life that investigates an Alabama town and its residents. The animated effects are immaculate, making the entire website feel like a limited run drama. Episodes are introduced on scroll, with minimal background. But, what does the S stand for? I can’t exactly say here — you’ll have to listen to find out.

10. Radiolab

podcast website example: radiolab

Radiolab is another investigative podcast that tackles deep questions surrounding technology, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. Each episode is a fascinating look into society, and its website adopts a modern aesthetic reminiscent of something Apple might design. You rarely see sleek designs like this on podcasting sites.

11. Crime Junkie

podcast website example: crime junkie

No one can argue that true crime is one of the most popular podcast topics, and Crime Junkie leans into that full-force. We love the recurring use of purple (its main branding color) and splashes of color throughout, reminiscent of the podcast’s logo. As a bonus, episode pages are accompanied by slides with additional materials to add to the listening experience.

12. Criminal

podcast website example: criminal

Criminal is another true crime podcast that focuses on more offbeat crimes, featuring “stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” The palette is simple — black and white — but the website does a lot with illustrations for each episode. The entire site feels stripped-back but simultaneously captivating.

13. Forward Obsessed

podcast website example: forward obsessed

A fascinating podcast with an equally fascinating website, Forward Obsessed talks to disruptive entrepreneurs about their visions for the future. Featuring an entrancing 3D animation and buttons that “follow” your cursor, these creative choices elevate this site above the rest.

14. Being Boss

podcast website example: being boss

Being Boss is a podcast for “creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms.” The website is more than a podcasting website, promoting content offers, events, a newsletter, and a community you can join as well.

15. The Hustle Daily Show

podcast website example: the hustle daily show

A solid example of what you can build with the Django framework, the website for The Hustle Daily show is a no-nonsense website with catchy titles and descriptions, plenty of CTAs to encourage engagement, and enough content to satisfy your need for business and tech news.

16. The Intermingle Podcast

podcast website example: the intermingle podcast

The Intermingle Podcast, which unpacks the experience of being a gay male person of color, is easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to listen to. There’s nothing particularly fancy about this podcast website, but there doesn’t need to be, as long as users can find the episodes they’re looking for.

17. Shameless Acquisition Target

podcast website example: shameless acquisition target

The aesthetic of this podcast website is like no other on this list. Shameless Acquisition Target embraces an almost digital brutalist look with big bright buttons, scrolling text, and liberal use of emojis. Plus, this website doubles as an online store. The homepage has large images of products that encourage clicks.

18. Flash Forward

podcast website example: flash forward

Another website with truly awesome art, Flash Forward is a futurist podcast about what humans may be able to actually accomplish within our lifetimes — and beyond. Episode cards include a colorful image, a brief description, and subtle social links.

19. Techish

podcast website example: techish

Techish explores the intersection of technology and pop culture. A simple website, it greets visitors with a photo of the two hosts and a link to the latest episodes. Scrolling down reveals tweets praising the podcast, encouraging more listeners to subscribe.

20. Song Exploder

podcast website example: song exploder

One of my personal favorite podcasts, Song Exploder dissects a song each episode, interviewing the writer and understanding their thought process while composing and recording the song. The song exploder podcast website is built with a WordPress theme, showing how competent website owners can build a capable site with free and open-source tools.

21. All My Relations

podcast website example: all my relations

The All My Relations podcast also leverages an affordable website building tool, Wix, for its website. Notice how the website leerages sliders and some pretty fantastic illustrations to draw visitors into each episode.

22. The Shine Online Podcast

podcast website example: the shine online podcast

Here’s another gorgeous, stripped-back website design with just enough creative details to help it stand out, without appearing gimmicky. We love this website’s color palette, friendly and inviting tone, and easy navigation. It’s the perfect experience for new business owners who want to learn about the lifestyle aspect of entrepreneurship.

23. Pushkin

podcast website example: pushkin

Pushkin is a podcast network with an awesome website that perfectly balances content and style. Visitors can navigate the site to discover its offerings of not only podcast episodes, but also audiobooks and merchandise. CTA buttons are obvious too, but nothing feels gimmicky or forced.

24. Diagrama

podcast website example: diagrama

Diagrama boasts one of the more technically impressive podcast sites we’ve seen. The standout feature of the homepage is the realistic three-dimensional canvas element. If you’re on a desktop, try bringing your cursor to the center of the page and getting the letters to line up — it’s pretty satisfying.

25. Earn Your Leisure

earn your leisure

To close out our list, we’re featuring a podcast and a platform that supports rising content creators. There are distinct sections for the podcast, coaching services, merchandise, and even a chatbot in the bottom right.

Websites to Inspire Your Podcast Business

While podcasts are primarily an auditory experience, your website adds an extra way to gain listeners, track engagement, and market other aspects of your business like merchandise, courses, and content offers.

How much work you want to put in is up to you. But, since you’ve made the effort to produce a whole podcast, why not go the extra mile on your website?

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