The Best Resume Website Templates: 27 of Our Favorites

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


Whether you're in a creative field or a more analytical one, there are plenty of reasons you might be interested in creating a resume site. However, if you have little site-building experience, you might think your only option is to pay someone to do it for you. These resume website templates prove that isn't the case.

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In this post, we're walking through the best resume website templates you should consider using. Regardless of how you build your suite (on Content Hub, WordPress, or HTML), you'll be thrilled to learn there are plenty of resume website templates that can help you create a site that perfectly expresses your experience.

Content Hub Resume Website Templates

If you're building your website on Content Hub, we've rounded up some of our marketplace's best resume website templates. (Psst: If you want to learn more about Content Hub templates and themes, you can do so here.)

1. Bomby

bomby best resume website templates homepage Price: $79 for a regular license

First up is Bomby, which is an excellent option if you're building your site on Content Hub. This multipurpose theme would beautifully suit a resume site. It's responsive, clean, and features more than 25 modules you can customize. Within this one theme, there are 25 templates to work with as you curate your resume website.

2. Jake Portfolio

jake portfolio best resume website templates home page example

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Price: $59

Next is Jake Portfolio, which you can find on our Content Hub theme marketplace. Building a creative portfolio is a seamless experience with the help of Jake Portfolio. If you don't have any experience with coding, you don't have to sweat it — you won't need to touch any code to make this site your own. You can highlight your project details to showcase past work, build custom pages, and create an online-specific resume.

3. Magnetic

magnetic best resume website templates

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Price: Free

Hear us out on this: While Magnetic isn't a resume-specific theme for Content Hub, it's so highly customizable that you can usually update it for that purpose. It's responsive, doesn't require any coding, and offers six sections and 17 modules you can use to tell your career path story.

4. Entrepreneur Studio

entrepreneur studio best resume website templates


Price: Free

Again, this isn't a resume-specific theme, but it certainly is one you can adapt for these purposes. This theme is elegant with Parallax features; you can add carousel sliders to showcase information about your experience. Choose from 25 modules to add personalization to your site.

5. Artist Theme

artist theme hubspot cms hub best resume website templates

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Price: Free

This is one of our favorite resume website templates for Content Hub. For starters, this clean and simple website is free, responsive, and customizable. It also prioritizes accessibility to ensure visitors have a pleasant user experience on your site regardless of disabilities. The site features drag-and-drop building and loads quickly.

6. Resco Resume

resco rescue best resume website templates Price: $99 for a regular license

Resco Resume is an excellent contender if you want a drag-and-drop-enabled theme that will take your Content Hub resume site to the next level. It's easy to customize, fully responsive, and well-documented. The theme also includes a variety of system pages.

WordPress Resume Website Templates

Ready to dive into the best WordPress resume website templates? Here are some of the premium options we've rounded up. (If you're interested in free resume website templates for WordPress, we've got you covered there, too.)

7. ShiftCV

resume-website-templates-shiftcvPrice: $69 for a regular license

This is one of our favorite WordPress resume website templates because it mirrors the layout of a traditional paper resume. You can click the icons adjacent to the section copy, and the sections expand. The entire presentation is polished yet personal.

8. Resume & CV WordPress Theme

best resume website templates resume and cv wordpress themes Price: $49 for a regular license

This well-documented theme features various sections to build your site as effectively as possible. You can add information about education, work experience, social media links, and a skills section with a percentage bar indicating your proficiency. There are plenty of colors to select from, more than 200 fonts, and the theme is WooCommerce compatible.

9. RyanCV

ryan cv best resume website templates Price: $39 for a regular license

RyanCV is noteworthy because it offers several variations of demos for those looking to create a resume site. As a result, there's something for you to get started on, regardless if you're making a creative or technical portfolio. There are more than 10 animated background options. Plus, the theme works with the WooCommerce plugin and is compatible with Elementor.

10. Kerge

kerge best resume website templates Price: $39 for a regular license

Kerge is a template option that features plenty of whitespace. It boasts a drag-and-drop page builder, so you don't need any coding knowledge to get started on your site. This theme is also Gutenberg-optimized and fully responsive. Plus, it's easy to customize this template so you can ensure it tells the story of your career path as effectively as possible.

11. Unique Resume

unique resume website templates Price: $29 for a regular license

Unique Resume is another excellent choice for quickly building a resume site. If you don't want to start from scratch, you don't have to. Instead, there's the option to use a demo site to begin. The theme is also fully responsive, offers a drag-and-drop builder for customization, and is highly customizable. This template is one of the best options for those with limited experience creating a website but want to ensure their resume site is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

12. Volos

volos best resume website templates Price: $29 for a regular license

Up next on our list of the best result website templates is Volos, a premium WordPress option. This one-page resume site theme is ideal for those building a personal portfolio site. You can choose your color combinations and import from several demo site options. Additionally, this theme boasts several pre-made sections you can add or remove as you build your site. It's also compatible with Elementor, responsive, and widget-ready.

13. Teoro

teoro best resume website templates Price: $29 for a regular license

Teoro is another premium WordPress resume website template offering several demo sites you can build. It's compatible with Elementor, widget-ready, and responsive. This theme is colorful and customizable, featuring blocky sections which you can use to showcase your unique career journey. Plus, the theme features a smooth scroll and seamless transitions.

14. Bolby

bolby best resume website templates Price: $39 for a regular license

Bolby offers nine pre-built homepages so you can start creating your resume site quickly. Or, if you prefer to start from a demo site, you can do so with just one click. This Gutenberg-optimized, responsive theme features a live customizer to curate each section of your site to your liking. Additionally, you can use Elementor to build Bolby. Another favorite feature is that you can toggle between light and dark modes to select which works best for you.

Free Resume Website Templates: WordPress

If you're searching for free resume website templates to implement on your WordPress site, you're in the right place. Here are some of our favorite options.

15. Russell

russell best resume website templates First up is Russell. This is an elegant option for those seeking a no-frills yet beautiful resume site. To make this theme entirely your own, you have the opportunity to select your fonts and colors. You can also choose to add your personal logo if you so desire.

16. Tú

tu best resume website templates Up next is Tú, one of the most refined free resume website templates available. It's simple yet packs a punch. Tú is just a one-page theme, so if you're looking for a more in-depth look or a portfolio page, this probably isn't the best option. But this is a great place to start if you want an 'about me' page to live online. You can also link to your socials or include a downloadable link to your resume at the bottom.

17. Farrow

farrow best resume website templates Farrow is another beautiful minimalist option for a one-page resume website. In the demo site, the CTA button invites visitors to get in touch, but you could also change it to include a downloadable link to your resume.

18. Baker

jasmine baker best resume website templates Up next on our list of favorite free resume website templates is Baker. Building out this template is simple; whatever you see in the backend is exactly how it looks on your website. Similar to the previous two templates, this one-page option is ideal for those who want a concise resume site.

19. Seedlet

seedlet best resume website templates Seedlet is a block-editor-friendly free template that allows you to create your resume website seamlessly. It's elegant but not cold, plus it's easy to customize. This template features a unique two-column layout to convey your information to site visitors easily.

20. Dalston

dalston best resume website templates Dalston is another attractive choice for creatives who want to share their previous work in a visually compelling format. It's blocky but not too harsh, plus it offers different pages to make your site more digestible.

21. Maryland

maryland best resume website templates This free resume website template is ideal if you're a creative looking to showcase past projects and your resume. With Maryland, you can add pages like 'About,' 'Contact,' and 'Blog.' This is one of the most robust free options and is highly customizable.

Best Resume Website Templates: HTML

Last, let's run through some of the best resume website templates if you're building your site with HMTL.

22. BreezyCV

breezycv best resume website templates Price: $8 for a regular license

Want to build your resume website with HTML? BreezyCV is an ideal option. For starters, it's one of the most cost-effective options, as you'll just pay $8 for a regular license. Plus, BreezyCV is well-documented, features 12 color schemes, and features responsive design. You can also add different sections, including portfolio, contact, education, and more. We especially love the seamless transitions from one page to the next.

23. Ryan

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 4.07.40 PMPrice: $17 for a regular license

Ryan is a well-documented HTML template you can use to build your resume site. It features eight pre-made layouts you can work with, more than six page transition effects, plus it's completely customizable and responsive. You also get documentation when you purchase this template. And yes, it's also available on WordPress, as you may have noticed.

24. WatsonCV

watsoncv best resume website templates Price: $19 for a regular license

This HTML template is also available as a WordPress theme, so select whichever works better for you. Dark and light modes are available to customize your site as much as possible. Choose from six color schemes, 36 page animations, and six background variations. This template is also quick to load and fully responsive.

25. CVup

best resume website templates cvup Price: $14 for a regular license

Next is CVup. This resume template offers 10 color schemes, is fully responsive and high resolution, and offers detailed documentation as you create your own HTML site. With the help of this template, you can create a robust portfolio and resume site. You can also add a blog.

26. Kitzu

kitzu best resume website templates Price: $9 for a regular license

This is another highly cost-effective option. The template offers 24 color variations, so you can customize it as much as you desire. This modern option is clean, fully responsive, and provides a resume and blog page. We also love how this template was created with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

27. Kerge

kerge best resume website templates Price: $9 for a regular license

Last is Kerge. If that sounds familiar, a WordPress version is available if you prefer to work on that platform. It's inexpensive, features six color schemes, and has two variations — animated or one page. Plus, Kerge is retina-ready and responsive.

Create your resume site with the best resume website templates.

Ready to start creating your resume site to tell your unique career journey? You can use any of these resume website templates to have outstanding results.

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