It can be a tough task looking for quality fonts that are free. You will see that most of the fonts that you get for free do not have the necessary license for being used commercially. Fonts can be utilized for a large number of applications, such as MS-Word, Web Designing, Logo Designing, etc.

It can be rightly said that these can be easily used in all areas that require handy and beautiful fonts. As a matter of fact, fonts give a stunning, powerful and unique appearance to any piece of work and can be easily stimulated in whatever way they are interpreted.

It can be a lot of fun to make or modify one of your own for free. Making fonts according to your style and, later on, modifying them as per your requirement is fascinating!

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Keep reading to get more information on some of the most amazing Free Font Generators available online.

Best Free Online Font Generators

1. Glowtxt

This is an awesome free online text generator. It can be easily used for the purpose of generating beautiful texts. This is a powerful online tool that permits you to make the text in the unique gif image format. The best part is that it will appear on your social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Glowtxt-Best Glowing Text Generator

2. Stylish

In case you are interested in creating some attractive and fresh text, then the Stylish Text Generator offers the ultimate solution. It has special symbols, language characters as well as other characters.

Stylish Text Generator

3. Font Meme

It allows you to design unlimited free text, effortlessly. The final result will be an attractive text image that can be easily downloaded to your computer. You can set it in the HTML code on your website or blog.

Font Meme-Beautiful Text Generator

4. Cool Text

This is a free online tool that allows you to quickly make a logo design. All that you have to do is insert the desired text and then custom image. The tool automatically creates an appropriate Logo Text design for you.

Cool Text Logo Generator

5. Calligraphy

If you are a big fan of calligraphy, then the Calligraphy Free Text Generator offers the ideal solution. This will help you in creating custom calligraphy letters within no time, and the final results are stunning and beautiful. You get to select diverse background colors and font types.

Calligraphy Free Text Generator

6. Fontello

This is a handy and free online icon font generator. It proves to be of great help in personal blogs and web design. You can select different kinds of Icon Fonts and make an attractive font icon.

Fontello Free Icon Font Generator

7. Glitter Text Generator

This is considered an incredible online text generator tool. It is superb for creating impressive text fonts within no time. You will be surprised to see that catchy effects pop out quickly and even glitters can be added to the text. You get to share it without any issues on social networks.

Free Online Glitter Text Generator

8. Flaming Text

This is a free service that allows you to make amazing logos from the various remarkable designs offered.

Flaming Text

9. GraffWriter

You will be happy to see that the Graffiti effects are fantastic. You can easily make text fonts in Graffiti style with the help of GraffWriter. It is a well-known fact that if you plan to create Graffiti text, the whole process can turn out to be very complex. But if you are using this free online tool then there is nothing to worry as you will be able to create it within seconds.

GraffWriter Free Graffiti Generator

10. FontArk

This is a font generator that is online browser-based, and you can quickly draw letters for generating different fonts. The whole concept is not very complicated. The outline is automatically created with the help of the tool. So all that you need to do is write the basic text. You get the opportunity to tweak it as per your taste to make a final font image.


11. Web Font Generator

This is a free online service. All that you need to do is upload an OTF or TTF file from the computer and then make a “WEB” font. It permits you to conveniently insert or download the font.

Web Font Generator

12. Fontstruct

This is a very unique tool that gives you the opportunity to simply create your fonts in the web browser. The best part is that you don’t have to install any plugins or software. You can get started by simply typing in the text.


13. Fontastic

This is a remarkable text font generator tool that is readily available online. You will be happy to see that you can create beautiful and high-quality fonts within minutes.


There you have our top picks for the font generators that shall assist you in developing your won customized fonts in a simple way.

None of these tools require any background knowledge of Photoshop. In just a few clicks, you can get the exact kind of font you desire.

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 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Jan 1, 2020 3:19:00 AM, updated May 13 2020


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