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Thanks to online font generators, you can add a custom typeface to your website even if you don't have an in-house team of typographers or the budget to hire one.

Web designer using free online font generators to create assets

With these tools, you can simply type in some text, pick the colors and effects you want, and generate the font file with the click of a button.

Let's take a look at the best font generators that don't cost anything to use. But first, why should you consider using a font generator over, say, Google Fonts?

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Why use an online font generator?

Font is an important part of web design. Even if we don't consciously notice how letters and characters are designed and arranged on a web page, they impact our experience. The art of designing and arranging type is known as typography, and it's something that brands think about a lot.

Apple, for example, switched its typeface from Helvetica Neue to a custom typeface they designed in-house and named "San Francisco.”

Demo card of Apple's proprietary typeface, called San Francisco

Image Source

Chobani also rolled out a new typeface as part of its rebrand.

Chobani's typeface before and after its 2017 rebrand

Image Source

Both of these changes made text more readable across their products and strengthened their brand identity. While Google Fonts is a fantastic place to start, millions of brands have access to it, meaning that using a Google Font won’t differentiate you.

Creating a custom font, however, will. And the best part is that you can do it for free. Simply use a free online font generator — we’ve listed the top ones below.

Some typefaces are expensive to license and use. Lexicon, for example, is a serif font created by Dutch designer Bram de Does that costs $4,996 to license.

But most fonts are priced much lower than that to make them more accessible to the public. In fact, there are many tools that offer open-source fonts that are free to use. Let's take a look at some of these tools below.

1. Fontstruct

free online font generators: Fontstruct

If you want to create a custom font for your website, Fontstruct is one of the best options that allow you to do so entirely for free. Once you create your font, you can download it as a TrueType file and use it anywhere — including your website.

You don’t have to start from scratch, either. You can browse through fonts that other people have created and adjust them to fit your brand imagery and aesthetic. Keep in mind that a service like this one is difficult to come by for free. If you wanted to create your own custom font, you’d typically have to hire a graphic designer, who would then create that font in a tool such as Adobe Creative Cloud or FontLab.

Best For

Fontstruct is an excellent option for creating custom font-faces entirely for free. It’s especially best suited for those who are looking to create quirky, geometrical fonts. Fonstruct’s font creations are ideal for use on websites, brochures, and other print materials, but they’re not ideal for use in social media captions and posts.

2. Calligraphr

free online font generators: CallgraphrCalligraphr is an online font generator that can help you create a TrueType font for use on your website or mobile app. While it does offer a premium option, the free version comes with all the tools you need to upgrade your website’s typography.

You can create an unlimited number of fonts, include up to 75 characters, and randomize the design of your letters — meaning that you can create a true handwriting-like font, because each letter will look just slightly different from the last.

If you crave more features, such as the ability to create up to 480 different characters, you can upgrade to the paid version for $24 per 6 months.

Best For

Calligraphr is a powerful online font generator that’s especially suited to creating handwriting-like fonts because of its character randomization feature. We recommend using your Calligraphr-generated fonts on your website, app, or print collateral, but not on social media captions.

3. BitFontMaker

free online font generators: BitFontMakerBitFontMaker is a free online font generator that’s optimal for creating pixelated fonts. It’s flexible, and its Minesweeper-style of font creation is fun to use. We highly recommend using this tool to get acquainted with font design, even if you ultimately end up choosing another tool on this list.

There are several methods you can use to create a font with BitFontMaker. You can begin with the shaded blueprint for each letter, which the tool offers automatically so you don’t have to guess where to put each pixel. You can also start with a sample font and then work from there. Or you can browse through other people’s creations and adjust them for your own website.

Best For

BitFontMaker is an excellent online font generator for those who run tech-oriented websites, since the pixelated font is reminiscent of low-resolution pixels. It’s also a fantastic choice for those who run a blog about video games, fantasy, or entertainment. We don’t recommend it for use in small screens, such as mobile apps, due to its stylized look.

4. Glyphr

free online font generators: GlyphrGlyphr is an online font generator that allows you to create custom fonts in an intuitive interface. It allows you to adjust every single pixel for each letter using “handles,” like you would in a more advanced font editor such as FontForge.

While the learning curve may be a little steeper than, say, BitFontMaker, Glyphr is absolutely worth learning because of its flexibility and versatility. Glyphr offers all the tools you need to generate a high-quality custom font for your website. If you wouldn’t like to start from scratch, you can use the application’s sample font, Modegg, to build off of.

Best For

Glyphr is a stellar all-around online font generator that’s ideal for creating more traditional serif and sans-serif fonts. Whereas tools such as Fontstruct and BitFontMaker will help you create fun-looking typography, Glyphr will help you create more corporate or business-friendly fonts. As such, we recommend it for businesses in more formal industries, especially in B2B.

5. FontArk

free online font generators: FontArkLike Glyphr, FontArk allows you to create more traditional fonts down to the curvature and angle of the letters. It works like more advanced font editors such as FontForge without you needing to download a desktop app to your computer. Simply sign up on the website and start designing.

FontArk is currently in open beta mode, so it’s wise to constantly save and export your work. While this tool does have that limitation, it’s just as powerful, if not more powerful, than other options on this list. It also has an open forum where you can post support questions and report bugs.

Best For

FontArk is a top-of-the-line online font generator that will help you create traditional serif and sans-serif fonts. Whether you choose it over Glyphr, a comparable tool, depends on how much support and guidance you think you’ll need. You can get support from other users, as well as FontArk’s creator, if you hit a snag.

6. Glowtxt

Glowtxt demonstration text with a pink pattern

Glowtxt is a simple online font generator for creating beautiful text as PNG or GIF files. Just select the size and style you want from the drop-down menu, check off whether you want to add an animation or glow effect, and change the glow background color. Once you're satisfied, you can click the download button. If you did not add a glow effect or animation, then it will be downloaded as a PNG file. If you did, it will be downloaded as a GIF.

Best For

Glowtxt is ideal for creating logotypes with fun patterns and colors. It’s not ideal for creating an entire custom font or for use in social media captions and posts.

7. Font Meme

Font meme generator example

Font Meme is a free online font generator you can use to create an attractive typeface inspired by your favorite brands and logos. You can click on Harvard Business Review, for example, and learn that it uses the National 2 Bold font. Since it's a premium font, you’ll be invited to click on the link to purchase the font, then return to Font Meme to upload it.

You can also browse through the free font collection, select one, then select a color and effect and hit "Generate." You'll then be able to embed this font using an auto-generated HTML snippet or direct image link.

Best For

Font Meme is an ideal online font generator for creating posters and marketing materials that require fonts from popular media, such as movies and shows. As such, we recommend it specially for theaters and entertainment websites. If you create a remake of a certain show, for instance, you can use Font Meme to create a poster with that show’s font.

8. Stylish Text Generator

Stylish font generator example

Stylish Text Generator is the simplest solution for changing the characters within a word or phrase and surrounding the word or phrase. Under "Text Effects," you can add special characters, symbols, and other language characters in your text. Under "Text Decorations," I can add characters around the text. When I'm ready, I can click "Generate" and simply copy and paste the result onto my website, social media platform, or messaging app.

Because it uses Unicode characters, the text will render perfectly across browsers and platforms.

Best For

Stylist Text Generator is ideal for creating eye-catching social media captions and posts. We only recommend using this tool for headings in your social media posts or for words and phrases that you’d like to draw attention to. Because of spam trigger filters, we don’t recommend using this text generator for email subject lines.

9. Cool Text

Cool Text font generator example

Cool Text is a free online tool that allows you to quickly create a logo design or download a free font. All you have to do is select the text style you want, input your text, select your colors, add a shadow effect and image if desired, and create your logo. You can then download it as a PNG file or fill out a form to get the HTML code.

Best For

Cool Text is another excellent option for creating logos or text that you’ll use within print materials, such as brochures and pamphlets. Because you can only export the fonts as PNG files, we don’t recommend this tool for social media captions or for use in your website.

10. Online Text Generator

Online Text Generator font generator example

If you're a big fan of graphic fonts, then Online Text Generator is the solution for you. This will help you create a custom font based on a wide range of themes they currently support. These themes include 3D, bubble, gothic, graffiti, calligraphy, and cartoon text. Within each theme, there are different styles you can select, making this a highly versatile tool. You can also select the size of the image and font and color of the font and background. When you're ready, click "Create" and then embed the image with HTML code.

Best For

Online Text Generator is best for creating fun, graphic logos. Whether you choose it over another tool, such as Glowtxt, will depend on which fonts you prefer.

11. Instagram Fonts

Instagram fonts demo

Instagram Fonts is an online font generator specifically designed for Instagram, but it will work on any website as well. With this tool, you type text into the input field and different typeface options are automatically generated. Once you see a style you like, you can simply copy and paste it into the bio of your profile or site.

The best part is that these are Unicode fonts — they’ll always show up regardless of the device or browser your user is using.

Best For

Instagram Fonts is best for writing captions for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. You can also use it sparingly on your website, especially in headings. Because these fonts could filter spam triggers, we don’t recommend using them in email subject lines.

12. Font Generator

Gothic text demo generated by Font Generator

With Font Generator, you start by selecting from a number of font categories, such as handwriting, gothic, and elegant. Within each category, there are several styles to choose from. You can click on one and then customize the font size, color, and background color.

You then have the option to download it as a PNG, JPG, or GIF file. The only downside is that Font Generator’s logo is included in your creation.

Best For

Because of its wide variety of calligraphic and elegant fonts, Font Generator is best for creating logos and posters with a fancy and vintage aesthetic. We recommend it for theaters and other entertainment-based businesses.

13. Flaming Text

Flaming Text font generator example

Flaming Text is a free service that allows you to make amazing logos based on a large selection of templates. For example, from the selection below, you could click the top left style called "Comics."

You'd then be able to select from pre-designed variations with different colors, gradient effects, and background colors. Or, you could customize it yourself, then download the final product as a PNG file or create an account to get the HTML code.

Best For

Flaming Text is best for creating PNG and GIF logos that can contain eye-catching animations, depending on the design you choose. The fun, unique designs makes Flaming Text a great fit for personal blogs.

14. GraffWriter

Graffwriters font generator example

If you are exclusively interested in a graffiti-style font, then you'll love GraffWriter. This online font generator makes the alphabets, images, effects, and concepts from the official and premium Graffiti Fonts® collection available to users for free. You can use these designs to create customized artwork for banners, buttons, logos, flyers, and other purposes without needing to register an account or provide any personal information.

Best For

GraffWriter is a great fit for creating rebellious and funky logos, especially for clothing brands and streetwear retailers. Because it’s highly stylized, we wouldn’t recommend using it for your website headings.

15. Cool Fancy Text Generator

Cool Fancy Text Generator example with different styles

Cool Fancy Text Generator is an easy-to-use tool for generating fonts for your social media and messaging apps. All you need to do is input some text and different typefaces will automatically be generated. You simply have to copy the style you like and paste it anywhere in your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, or Tiktok profile. You can also add it to your website.

Best For

Cool Fancy Text Generator is best for creating social media captions and direct messages. We highly recommend using it for headings in your captions and for words and phrases you’d like to highlight.

16. FontSpace

FontSpace free font generator example with different styles

FontSpace is an easy-to-use font generator that lets you insert text and then immediately copy it straight from their website into your website. It uses Unicode styles, meaning that you won’t run into compatibility issues with other browsers or devices.

You can use this tool to spice up your social media profiles and your author page on your website. You can also use it to style headings and quotes.

Best For

FontSpace is best for creating social media captions and direct messages with understated styles. Whether you choose it over Cool Fancy Text Generator depends on the fonts you prefer. Overall, FontSpace offers more subtle styles, making it a better fit for transforming entire sentences and even paragraphs.

17. TextFX

TextFX free font generator example

TextFX.co is a free font generator that allows you to create a logo or a banner with custom text. To start, choose the font you’d like to use from the drop-down menu and type a word or phrase. You can change the color if you’d like. After, choose a style from all of the ones they’ve listed on the page. Last, choose a background pattern. You can then download the image as a JPEG or PNG, then insert it into your site.

Best For

TextFX.co is best for creating impactful and intricate logos. It’s also a great option for creating headings in PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. Because the fonts offered by this generator are highly eye-catching, we recommend using it sparingly on your website and marketing materials.

Customizing the Font on Your Website

Using any of the font generators above, you can create a custom font for your logo, web pages, or social media platforms — without needing to know anything about Photoshop, vectors, or any complex web design topics. Instead, you can get the exact font you want in a few clicks. When you're done customizing your font, you can turn your attention to generating leads from the beautiful content you're creating.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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