9 Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins [+ What They’re Best For]

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Creating a unique website for your restaurant is easy on WordPress. You can use a restaurant WordPress theme to quickly customize the look and feel of the site or display your restaurant menu on a television. While most offer menu layouts and templates, some themes don’t — or don’t allow you to customize them to the degree you want.

Restaurant owner accepting order via restaurant menu WordPress plugin

In that case, you’ll also want to use a WordPress restaurant menu plugin. Let’s look at your best options below and what their ideal use cases are.

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1. Five Star Restaurant Menu

Best for: Creating and customizing separate menus

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a highly-rated free WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a responsive restaurant menu and ordering system in no time. You can easily add the menu to any page on your site with a Gutenberg restaurant menu block or shortcode, and customize it with the included layout and customization options.

What’s unique about this plugin is that you can not only create separate menu sections for weekly specials, appetizers, desserts, and so on — you can also create completely separate and customizable menus. This is great if you want to feature a separate lunch and dinner menu on your site, for example, or if your restaurant is split into different areas like a cafe and dining hall.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: Five Star Restaurant Menu with appetizers and main course sections

2. Best Restaurant Menu by PriceListo

Best for: Multi-site websites

Best Restaurant Menu is another free plugin that enables you to easily and quickly create a menu for your restaurant site. It comes with five responsive templates and a menu editor for easily adding menu item names, descriptions, images, and prices and grouping and re-organizing items. You can also choose to create a custom template if you prefer.

PriceListo’s plugin fully supports WordPress multisite so it’s ideal if you have a network installation.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: Best Restaurant Menu lists tacos, enchiladas, and drinks

3. WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

Best for: Displaying menu in posts, pages, or sidebars

MotoPress’s Restaurant Menu plugin is another free tool for easily creating and customizing a menu and accepting online orders. For each menu item, you can add a title and description, photos, price, detailed nutrition information, attributes, tags, and the list of ingredients. You can also organize these items into categories and display them in a grid or list layout.

Unlike many plugins on this list, the WordPress Restaurant Menu plugin lets you display your menus in posts, pages, and sidebars. This makes it easy to pair this plugin with any theme.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: WordPress restaurant menu lists three dinner options with ingredients and price

4. Restaurant Menu

Best for: Drag-and-drop editing

Restaurant Menu is a free plugin that will not only help you create a custom menu — it will also turn your restaurant website into an online business in no time. With this plugin, you can customize the sizes, choices, and add-ons for every menu item and add coupons or promotions. You can also upload your own images or use stock images included with the plugin. You can even accept orders and reservations online.

Restaurant Menu is unique in that it provides a visual, drag-and-drop menu editor. This makes it super simple to create and customize a menu for your restaurant site, without any coding or design skills.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: Restaurant menu shows pizza and pasta with images and prices

5. Food Menu

Best for: Currency options

Food Menu is a free, fully customizable restaurant menu plugin for WordPress. You can enable and disable images, change the color and fonts, and control every menu field (like title, price, excerpt, and label). Food Menu also provides multiple layouts, including a grid, slider, filter, and WooCommerce layout, so you can create unique menus.

One key differentiator of Food Menu is the number of currency options it provides. This makes it a good fit for multilingual sites that cater to a global audience.

6. WooCommerce Food

Best for: Menu styles

WooCommerce is one of the best-selling premium WordPress restaurant menu plugins in the CodeCanyon Marketplace. It’s designed to make it as easy as possible for your restaurant to display food items and for your customers to order online.

What sets it apart from other plugins is that it offers over 10 menu styles, including grid, list, carousel, and table styles.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: WooCommerce Food menu shows items in grid layout

7. WP Food

Best for: Customization

WP Food is another premium plugin that’s designed for restaurant owners to create and showcase their menu and receive and process online orders in one place.

The best part about WP Food is its customization options. It allows you to create custom food descriptions, build custom food image galleries, choose from unlimited colors and fonts, select from multiple layout options including grid, list, table and carousel (slider view), and set one or up to five columns. With all these customization options, you can create a menu that matches the look and feel of your restaurant website.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: WP Food menu lists menu items with price and add to cart button

8. Foodlify

Best for: Wholesale buyers

Foodlify is a premium restaurant menu WordPress plugin that’s fully responsive and easy-to-use. With this plugin, you can display the name, image, price, quantity, and description for each menu item. You can also enable visitors to search by category.

Designed to make it super easy for visitors to find the food products they want and order in bulk, Foodlify is ideal for wholesale buyers who want to create a simple menu and streamlined online ordering system.

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins: Foodlify menu allows search by category

9. Formidable Forms

Best for: Restaurant owners looking for an all-in-one form building solution

Formidable Forms is a flexible, powerful option for creating and adding a restaurant menu to a WordPress site. With its Recipe Catalog template, you can add a name, image, description, price, and category for every menu item and display the menu as a grid.

Unlike the plugins above, Formidable Forms is not a dedicated WordPress restaurant menu plugin. Instead, it’s a forms plugin that can be used to create a responsive restaurant menu. This is ideal for site owners who are looking to limit the number of WordPress plugins they use.

If you'd rather follow along with a video, check out this walkthrough created by the Formidable Forms team:

Creating an Online Restaurant Menu

Creating an online presence for your restaurant is easy on WordPress. With the right theme and any of the plugins above, you can create a custom menu to showcase your food and drink items to attract customers and even generate some online sales.

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