9 Thank You Page Examples to Improve User Experience

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Landing pages may be the equivalent of making a good first impression, but thank you pages are the final memory you leave a website visitor with before they go.

person sees a thank you page on a website

They’re often the final opportunity to engage your site visitors and leave them with a warm, fuzzy feeling about their overall experience on your site.

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Like any website page, good thank you pages require careful consideration across design, layout, copy, and calls-to-action (CTAs).

If you’re struggling to make your thank you page work for your visitors and website goals, check out these nine examples to get inspired.

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What is a thank you page?

A thank you page is what your customers and leads are redirected to immediately after completing a form or making a purchase on your web page.

Its primary purpose is to acknowledge the website visitor’s action, whether that’s a purchase, a sign-up, or a request for information.

While thank you pages perform a similar function to a confirmation email, viewers don’t have to choose to open it.

Think of a thank you page as both the last step in your conversion process and the first step for customer retention.

The thank you page presents a prime opportunity to turn a lead into a customer — or a customer into a brand advocate. The best way to do this? Make the next step(s) in the buyer or user journey:

  • Obvious and clear.
  • Immediate.
  • Exciting or desirable.
  • Value-driven.

This means clear and concise copy, good layout, and taking the opportunity to add value for your website visitors.

What is the benefit of a thank you page?

Think of it this way: You may never have an easier, more natural opportunity to give a customer something that pleasantly surprises them and precisely fits what they want.

How do you know what your customer wants? They just told you exactly what they want by following a CTA on your site.

After someone follows the CTA on a landing page, take them to step two in their journey before they click away. Show customers you’re ready to deliver value time and time again.

For instance, if a customer makes a purchase on your site, use the thank you page as an opportunity to add value through additional resources or content — which will build trust and delight customers.

Alternatively, you might use a form thank you page as an opportunity to provide leads with the next steps. If the lead downloaded a Social Media Calendar ebook, the thank you page can list out alternative social media resources you’d like to provide.

Thank You Page Examples

1. Contact Form Completion

Confirm to your customer that they completed their intended action successfully — and remind them what you will (and won’t) do with their information. Build trust and let them know you’re on their side.

Let consumers know you’re interested in delivering value … and won’t be emailing them just for the sake of it. While you have them engaged, take the opportunity to highlight what they can expect from speaking with you and what else you can offer them.

This is your best chance to convince consumers your brand is different, and it comes long before they run across one of your messages in their inbox.

Best Contact Form Completion Thank You Page

Image Source

Rocket Agency does an excellent job of reinforcing its brand, providing other offers, and highlighting its achievements with previous clients on the thank you page for their Contact Us form.

The page flawlessly mixes and matches valuable offers like a digital marketing guide and their ongoing podcast with social proof such as award wins, partners, and customer logos.

Best of all, they provide their direct phone number in case the visitor wants a faster touchpoint.

2. Resource Download Thank You Pages

You likely have an ebook or other lead generation downloadable sent automatically via email. However, it’s still best to offer a download link to the originally-requested item right on your thank you page, as well.

This can keep your customer engaged on your site and increase the likelihood they’ll open and engage with your materials right away. It also gives you the opportunity to continue nurturing them towards a higher-intent conversion action on the site.

Best Resource Download Thank You Page

Image Source

One of the best ways to extend the value of a content download is to combine it with your subscription process so you can continue nurturing your leads.

That’s exactly what Smart Passive Income does before leading you to a thank you page where you can access the resource you wanted to download.

The thank you page also welcomes you as a subscriber and fosters a sense of trust and community. Users can customize their content preferences according to their biggest challenges, download other relevant resources, and see upcoming events.

Most importantly, the page contains a CTA to purchase an all-access pass to Smart Passive Income’s extensive training material.

3. Purchase Confirmation Pages

The post-sale confirmation page is an often-missed opportunity to surface similar, related, or complementary products.

To increase effectiveness, you’ll want to customize these recommendations with an aligning offer — such as a coupon or a rewards program.

If customers can create an account on your site but also have the option of checking out as a guest, the confirmation page is a great opportunity to prompt a free account creation.

Best Purchase Thank You Page

Few companies can even begin to approach the level of customer data that Amazon collects, stores, and leverages across their businesses.

This quality of information — and the company’s essentially limitless supply of items and store listings — makes the purchase confirmation page incredibly effective (and, as a consumer, quite difficult to resist).

Amazon frequently uses its thank you page to encourage further purchases of related products or drive users to other offerings like Amazon Prime.

4. Appointments and Reservations

When you’ve got someone newly signed up for an appointment, the thank you page provides a ready-made opportunity to expand or extend the conversation with them.

Encouraging viewers to follow or engage with your organization on social media is a natural next step.

As your follower on social, they’ll get frequent reminders about your brand, including any specials or deals you have on offer. If you’re a business that relies on repeat custom, this is a huge win.

Best Thank You Page for an Appointment or Booking

OpenTable incentivizes users to download the app once they’ve made an appointment so they can track and modify changes from within the app itself.

The thank you page also includes helpful notes about what to know before arriving at the restaurant.

5. Account Creation Thank You Pages

This is a prime opportunity to usher your lead seamlessly into your onboarding or account setup process.

You’ll want to make it so easy they don’t even think about clicking away.

The thank you page for account creation provides an opportunity to move your new users a step or two along in the customer lifecycle and increase retention.

You can offer resources to guide them through your product or platform or provide prompts to fully complete their account set-up.

Best Account Creation Thank You Page

Backlinko goes above and beyond in laying out the next steps for their leads.

They’ve infused their page’s messaging with urgency, but also friendliness and approachability.

6. Donation Thank You Pages

A donor isn’t “buying” a product in the same way most other customers are, but they’re undoubtedly looking for some element of reassurance, affirmation, appreciation.

Or — at the very least — some confirmation that their contribution is making a positive impact and being well spent.

For nonprofits, political campaigns, and other donor-soliciting sites, use the thank you page to provide a window into each donation’s impact, right from the start.

Additionally, it never hurts if you can anticipate and answer questions about your efficacy before they’ve even asked.

Best Donor Thank You Page

Save the Chimps nails the impact of storytelling on their donor thank you page, putting the chimps — the organization’s beneficiaries — front and center.

7. Consultation Booking

Many businesses rely on an initial consultation with their prospective customers to seal the deal, whether the consultation will take place in-person or virtually.

From tattoo and beauty parlors to B2B marketing agencies, free consultations are an ideal lead magnet. The trick is to make sure your thank you page is effective at keeping your new prospect engaged so that they’ll show up for your consultation appointment.

Best Consultation Booking Thank You Page

Cayk uses an embedded form on their site so prospects can book a time and date that’s most convenient for them without waiting to hear back from a salesperson.

Once the appointment is confirmed, a thank you message is displayed along with reminders about what the prospect will gain from the meeting.

Cayk also takes the opportunity to highlight their value propositions and what sets them apart from competitors.

8. Newsletter Subscription Thank You Page

If someone decides to sign up for your newsletter, it’s likely you’ve already impressed them with the content and quality of your website and resources.

So, why leave a bad taste with a poor newsletter subscription experience?

A well-designed thank you page here can make sure your subscribers stay engaged, not just on the site at that moment, but with any subsequent content that lands in their inbox.

Best Newsletter Subscription Thank You Page

Consumer Reports does a fantastic job on the newsletter subscription process and the thank you page. Upon signing up, users can select exactly which topics are relevant to their interests to customize their newsletter experience.

Once that’s done, the site confirms the sign-up process is complete and presents visitors with relevant content to keep them browsing on the site.

9. Event Registration Confirmation

Whether you’re encouraging visitors to sign up for a webinar or an in-person event, your thank you page helps to set the tone of the event.

You can use the thank you page to set expectations, provide important details, and keep users engaged until the event itself rolls around.

Not only does this provide a great user experience, but it also increases the chance of the registrant showing up — a particularly relevant concern if your event is free to attend.

Best Event Registration Thank You Page

MarketingProfs runs a lot of virtual events and webinars as part of their content strategy. When users sign up for an event, they’re taken to a thank you page that confirms all the event details, including the price, start time, and duration.

Registrants can also use social and email buttons to share the event with friends and colleagues to help boost sign-ups even further.

MarketingProfs also takes the opportunity to provide some FAQs about the webinar experience, how to access the session, and what happens if a registrant misses the event.

Saying Thank You

Thank you pages let you express gratitude and show appreciation towards visitors who have taken action on your website.

By acknowledging their interest, you create a positive relationship with potential customers, increasing the chances of building long-term brand loyalty.

So, start expressing your thanks so you can feel the love long term.

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