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Everything You Need to Know about Landing Page Best Practices

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The Essential Landing Page Checklist: 16 Things You Need to Double Check

Whether you're setting up a landing page for the first time or the billionth time, it's easy to forget something. Though it's just one page on your website, there are lots of moving parts you...Read more

What in the World Is a Thank-You Page? [Under 100 Words]

A thank-you page is the page contacts see immediately after filling out and submitting a form on a landing page. The thank-you page is the final stage in your conversion process. In addition to...Read more

10 Common Landing Page Myths: Busted

I remember when I found out the Tooth Fairy wasn't real. My whole world was shattered. Granted, I was about eight, but I was furious to find out that my parents had been putting a quarter...Read more

The Resources You Need to Master Landing Pages [In Under 100 Words]

Wait, what's a landing page? Here -- read this. Now, let's get you information on key landing page components: This will help you master landing page design, this will turn you into a...Read more

What Is a Landing Page? [FAQs]

You know how we talk about using your blog to answer common questions that your leads and customers have? And sometimes even popping on over to Sales and Customer Service and asking them, "Hey, what...Read more

Why Marketers Should Ditch Thank-You Messages for Thank-You Pages

Finally! You've made it through the long and arduous process of developing a new content offer. You’ve chosen a topic, gone through the painstaking process of developing a great piece of content,...Read more

11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

There's no question that landing pages -- and the lead-capture forms that come with them -- are two of the most important elements of lead generation. Without them, marketers would be much more...Read more

Why You (Yes, You) Need to Create More Landing Pages

"Who, me? More landing pages, you say? But I've already got some of those floating around my website." Sure ... BUT WHERE ALL THE LEADS AT?! Several months back, I wrote an article about why landing...Read more

13 Little Landing Page Tweaks That Can Make a BIG Difference

It's no news flash that inbound marketers have to produce a lot of content and offers. After all, without these valuable assets -- and plenty of 'em -- inbound lead generation would be quite a...Read more

How to Leverage Thank-You Page Real Estate for Better Marketing

We've touted landing pages as one of the most crucial parts of your marketing (next to content creation, of course) for some time. But there's something that comes after the landing page that doesn't...Read more

Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing

 Any savvy inbound marketer "gets" that once you've done all that hard work to get visitors to your website, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business. But what's the...Read more