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Everything You Need to Know about RFPs

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The Anatomy of a Winning Marketing Agency Proposal

Many clients think don't seem to place a lot of importance on the proposal phase of the relationship. While you think you're moving to the next stage in the sales process, they simply think they are...Read more

7 Things to Consider Before Issuing Your Next RFP

As the end of the calendar year nears, RFP’s are likely going to be coming out fast and furious. Sadly, we can all probably agree that the RFP process likely isn’t going away anytime soon. But that...Read more

How to Get Paid for Proposals

I think we all can admit that the proposal process is broken. Besides the fact that proposals are costly to the agency, time-consuming, and typically result in low close rates, they are also a...Read more

The Proposal Formula That Gets an 80% Close Rate

The opportunity to send a proposal can be exciting. Maybe it's a coveted client. Maybe the work will give your team a creative outlet. Maybe the budget will make a big difference for your growth...Read more

Why the Digital RFP Process Is Broken — and 6 Ways to Fix It

We like to think we are smart decision-makers. We weigh the pros and cons. We fill out a spreadsheet comparing features and costs. We read customer reviews and analyze competitive matrixes. This...Read more

21 Expert Tips for Winning More Proposals

"Send me a proposal." These words will send most agencies into a spin, working furiously to complete an insightful, in-depth document outlining what they can do for a client, how they can do it, and...Read more

Why RFPs Fail When Choosing a Marketing Agency

The RFP process has been a tried-and-true tool for selecting and hiring vendors across the spectrum of services. But are they still the best means of selecting a marketing services provider? Not...Read more

Should You Respond to That RFP? 4 Reasons For Saying 'Yes'

Whenever an RFP (request for proposal) drops into my mailbox, I get a very familiar feeling: it's a sense of opportunity, pretty similar to the opportunity offered by a lottery ticket, combined with...Read more

The 2 Essential Questions Every CMO Needs to Include in an RFP

RFPs are not typically set up to let an agency show off its problem-solving abilities.  They are really set up to compare one agency with another in a line-item format.  That doesn't...Read more

4 Tips For Presenting Powerful New Business Proposals

Presenting a proposal is the culmination of a large amount of time and work. The last thing you want to do is to make mistakes that can cause you to lose deals. I have been in sales for more than a...Read more

Bidsketch Gives Agencies the Tools to Create Proposals — Fast [Tech Profile]

Ruben Gamez is the founder Bidsketch. How you got into this field? I've been in software development for more than 10 years. About four years ago, I launched my own product and soon grew that product...Read more

5 Things Every Marketer Needs to Include in a RFP

It’s taken me years of outlining that perfect proposal, weeks of developing and relying on industry trends and algorithms to determine cost, and hours of endless comparison with competitive agencies...Read more