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Rachel Leist



If you're regularly on our blog, you know that we love SlideShare presentations. What better way to display valuable pieces of information than through a visual format like a SlideShare?

Last year we posted an article about 20 inspiring SlideShare presentations we wanted to share with our audience. Well, we can't get enough. There are so many more presentations like these that are valuable that we wanted to share another 20 for you to check out.

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If you haven't seen that original post, be sure to check it out! But in the meantime, here are an additional 20 presentations that are truly inspiring pieces of content.

P.S. If seeing these SlideShares makes you want to design one of your own, feel free to use these PowerPoint SlideShare templates so you can create one! They're all set with the right dimensions and everything ;-)

20 MORE of the Best SlideShares for Marketers

1) 40 Tools in 20 Minutes: Hacking Your Marketing Career, Eric Leist

Marketers are constantly trying to multi-task while also trying to figure out ways to streamline some of their day-to-day responsibilities. From Zapier to IFTTT to Sidekick and Litmus, HubSpot customer Eric Leist gives us a snapshot of valuable tools to help marketers hack their marketing careers. We loved this presentation so much we even wrote a blog post about it.

2) 10 Ways to Be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga, Jesse Desjardins

Believe it or not, Lady Gaga is one of the best marketers of our time. She may do it in her own quirky way, but she is still a marketer. This presentation walks through all of the marketing lessons we can learn from Lady Gaga -- from leveraging social media to acting as a thought leader. There is actually a lot we can learn from Lady Gaga (besides how to have a poker face). 

3) 10 Tips for Landing on the Front Page of SlideShare, Explorics

When you create a SlideShare presentation, your probably want to land on the first page of SlideShare. But how do you do that, especially if you haven't had a SlideShare hit yet and are not a well known brand? Don't worry -- it's still possible. This presentation goes through everything you should keep in mind while creating your SlideShare that will help you land on the front page.

4) The Hard Truths of Entrepreneurship, Rand Fishkin

It wouldn't be a true list of the best SlideShare presentations without an appearance from Rand Fishkin. We look at Rand as not only a thought leader in SEO, but an inspiration for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. But being an entrepreneur isn't all the fun and glory it seems -- it's a lot of hard work and perseverance. In this presentation, Rand walks us through what you need to be an entrepreneur, including some of the ups and downs you will encounter along the way.

5) Networking Tips for Introverts (and Shy Folks): Visual Sketchnotes, MarketingProfs

Networking isn't just for extroverts, right? Okay, disclaimer. I'm an extrovert, but some of the most admirable and remarkable professionals in this industry are introverts! 

First of all, this presentation presents the information in an awesome way -- through sketchnotes. But it also gives valuable information for anyone who is networking, not just introverts. After all, us extroverts have to keep in mind how to approach people with different comfort levels.

6) Why Follower Count Is Bullshit, Mackenzie Fogelson

When marketers want to measure the success of their social media, where do they start? Is it the number of followers? The number of leads from social media? The amount of traffic coming to your website from social media? This presentation not only explains why follower counts should not be the only thing you are tracking, but gives some ideas into other ways to measure your social media impact.

7) The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates, Reid Hoffman

Okay, this is a long one. 113 slides to be exact. But Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, is the author -- so we know it's a good one. For anyone graduating this month, this is a valuable presentation to look over. Hoffman goes through ways that graduates can be successful when they graduate, providing actionable advice and explaining different situations they will encounter in the real world.

8) The Other C Word: What Makes Great Content Marketing Great, Velocity Partners

This presentation focuses on ways that marketers can create confident content, and how that content translates into brilliant marketing. For any marketer who creates content (which is probably the majority of us), this presentation is a surefire way to get you inspired.

9) Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You., Mark O'Toole

It's a tough job market; there's no denying that. In the spirit of graduation season, here is another presentation designed to give graduates some tough love about the reality of finding a job. This SlideShare sets expectations about what graduates should expect while also giving some advice on the best ways for graduates to get hired.

10) The Evolution of SEO - 2014 and Beyond, Joe Griffin

The fun fact about SEO is that it is constantly changing. And as marketers it's up to us to stay up to date with those changes. Even though we aren't even halfway through the year, there is already new information to learn. This presentation gives an overview of SEO, and provides us with the updates we need to know to be current.

11) 50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014, Content Marketing Institute 

The Content Marketing Institute compiled 50 of it's best quotes from various professionals to bring us this SlideShare presentation. These predictions include actionable advice that is relevant to content marketing in 2014.

12) The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing, Velocity Partners

When you think of a glamorous and exciting job, is B2B marketing the first thing that comes to mind? Probably not. But then again, many of us find B2B marketing exhilarating. This SlideShare presentation goes into some of the reasons why B2B marketing is so exciting -- and why others like us feel the same passionate way about the industry.

13) 52 Presentation Tips (The Best of 2013), soappresentations

An important part of any marketing job is learning how to present your results, accomplishments, and experiments to your peers and superiors. This presentation gives tips on public-speaking as well as general presentation skills. After all, we want our audience to be excited by what we are presenting, not falling asleep in their seats.

14) Four Public Speaking Tips From Standup Comedians, Ross Simmonds

Speaking of public speaking (see what I did there), who better to give us marketers advice on how to wow an audience than standup comedians? This presentation walks through some of the tips and tricks that comedians use to **wow** an audience. And even though you and I are probably not standup comedians, all of this advice can help us as we present in front of an audience.

15) Pixar's 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling, Gavin McMahon

When you think of powerful and engaging storytelling, Pixar is top of mind. Pixar has mastered the art of taking what may have been an ordinary story and taking it to the next level. This presentation walks through 22 rules that Pixar follows that you can, too, to master the art of storytelling. (And it doesn't hurt that there are images of some of our favorite Pixar characters on each slide, either.)

16) Storytelling in 2014, Gary Vaynerchuk

Storytelling has drastically changed. In this presentation, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the ways storytelling has evolved in the last two decades. He then provides advice on how to tell your story in 2014. And if you've ever heard Gary Vaynerchuk present, you know that he knows how to tell a story.

17) Why What & How of the Internet of Things, THINK Interactive

What is this Internet of Things you speak of? It's a somewhat new concept, but an important one as the Internet of Things is becoming a core part of marketing and our everyday lives. This presentation goes through what the Internet of Things is and what it really means for our industry.

18) Culture Code: Creating a Lovable Company, HubSpot

Culture is an important part of any workplace. Now more than ever, culture is a key part of a person's decision on where they want to work. This document walks through how HubSpot looks at culture -- what we are doing, how we are iterating, and policies we enforce (like "Use good judgment").

19) Data-Driven Marketing and Sales Predictions 2014, Lattice Engines

Data is at the heart of everything we do in Marketing and Sales. Understanding how it applies to your daily responsibilities as an employee in these industries is key to learning how to constantly innovate and grow in your role. This presentation provides advice from 25 experienced professionals in Sales and Marketing on how to use data.

20) Best Practice in Sales and Marketing Alignment, B2B Marketing

We constantly talk about the importance of Sales and Marketing alignment. A working environment with Sales and Marketing acting as partners leads to a much healthier business. This presentation covers best practices for Sales and Marketing alignment, and how to achieve this healthy relationship.

What other SlideShares have you seen and loved lately? How has it helped you in your job?

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