5 Hypnosis-Inspired Tips to Use on Your Next Sales Call

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Salespeople can stand to learn something from hypnotists. For example, the next time a prospect brings up an objection on the phone, simply interject "You are getting sleeeeepy ... very, very sleeeeepy ... "

Okay, you shouldn't really do that. But a degree of overlap does exist between the worlds of sales and hypnotism, according to Aircall.

Think about how hypnosis makes people feel -- relaxed and at ease. That sounds like a good state of mind for a prospect to receive a sales call in, doesn't it? Hypnotists also advise their clients in the form of suggestions. Instead of saying "I demand you go to sleep right now!" they gently whisper "Imagine that your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier." And as any good salesperson can tell you, making demands of buyers is not a smart idea -- kindly suggestions are much more palatable.

The SlideShare below lists five sales call tips inspired by hypnosis. Discover how to calm your nerves and persuade your prospect with soothing tones and stories. No swinging watch required. 

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