Ready for a career change?

You've spent hours searching job boards, identified the ideal job, and now it's time to apply. Then the panic sets in …

 You begin to question everything: How do I begin writing my resume? Do my skills even apply to this role? What does the employer want to know?

Not to fear! Here are some sales manager resume tips and templates to calm your nerves and help you get the job of your dreams.

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Sales Manager Resume Tips

After reading your resume, a potential employer should understand the impact you had in your previous roles and how well those experiences and skills will translate to the new role you're applying to.

I spoke with Pratik 'Tiki' Biswal, a senior sales manager at HubSpot, and he provided some resume writing tips. He recommends highlighting:

  • Coaching experience or your passion for coaching
  • Projects you worked on to elevate the entire division (especially ones that are outside the scope of your normal job)
  • How you helped others progress their career
  • How you led from the seat you're in: explain how you mastered your sales job and took on leadership opportunities

So, you brainstormed some of your highlights and you're ready to write your resume. But, what should you include?

Here are the key elements of a resume that a recruiter or hiring manager will be looking for.

1. Contact Information

How will a recruiter get in touch with you? Include your name, phone number, and email address at the top of your resume so they can reach out.

2. Sales Manager Resume Objective

The resume objective, also known as a professional summary, is the first thing that a recruiter or hiring manager will read on your resume. This is where you'll provide a brief summary of your experience which should demonstrate to the employer that you're qualified for the position.

3. Work Experience

This is where you highlight the specific jobs that helped you gain your sales and managerial experience. List your most recent jobs first and include action words to emphasize your impact in each role:

  • Achieved
  • Established
  • Coached
  • Influenced
  • Expanded
  • Improved
  • Collaborated
  • Trained

Bold any keywords, numbers, or statistics that highlight your impact so they stand out from the rest of the text. Many resume templates and builders allow you to add links as well. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile, a piece of content you wrote, or a project you worked on to provide additional context.

Include keywords that were used in the job description for the role you're applying to. If you upload your resume to a website, the keywords make it more likely to appear in search engines. And applicant tracking systems (ATS) will scan your resume for keywords to help recruiters see if you'd be a good fit.

4. Education

Include your education experience and academic achievements. If there are any specific leadership roles you took on during that time (e.g., team captain of a sports team or president of a club), add them to your resume. And don't forget to list any sales training or managerial courses you participated in.

5. Skills & Qualifications

There should be keywords from the job description used throughout your resume. This section of the resume should highlight specific skills and qualifications the employer is looking for.

Add any certificates you earned and any skills that match the qualifications from the job description. Here are a few common sales manager skills and qualifications that sales professionals will list on their resumes:

  • Coaching skills
  • Ability to observe, evaluate, and give meaningful feedback
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strategic planning abilities
  • Strong communication skills
  • Collaboration and motivation skills
  • Delegation skills
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure

Sales Manager Resume Examples

If you're ready to see what a great resume looks like, check out these sales manager resume examples next.

1. Sales Manager Resume Sample

Sales Manager Resume Sample2. Regional Sales Manager Resume Sample

Regional Sales Manager Sample

3. Technical Sales Manager Resume Sample

Technical Sales Manager Resume SampleSales Manager Resume Templates

Need some extra help and inspiration? Use these sales manager resume templates and examples to help you get started.

1. Sales Manager Resume Template from Resume Companion

This simple, sales manager template includes all the key elements you should have in your resume and allows you to customize each section.

Sales Manager Resume Template from Resume Companion (1)2. Sales Manager Resume Template from Resume Genius

Not only is this resume visually appealing, but it also includes a sidebar on the left of the page that highlights your key skills and achievements. It can be downloaded for Microsoft Word.

Sales Manager Resume Template from Resume Genius3. Sales Manager Resume Template from Zety

This sales manager resume template is well-organized and can be customized to your liking. If this style isn't right for you, choose a different resume design that suits your needs.

Sales Manager Resume Template From ZetyWith a well-written resume, you'll be prepared to apply to any and all sales manager opportunities that might come your way. And to learn more, check out the top sales blogs every sales professional should read next.

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