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Everything You Need to Know about Sales Management

7 Ways to Spot Burnout in Your Salespeople (and What to Do About It)

In a 2016 survey of sales leaders, CSO Insights found that the annual turnover rate for salespeople is 20%. When you consider that the average onboarding and ramp-up time for a sales professional is...Read more

The Secret to Managing Salespeople? Start with Their Myers-Briggs Personalities

If you’re looking for another article about why your sales team should only hire ESFJs, you’ve come to the wrong place. While it’s true that not everyone is a perfect fit for the sales profession,...Read more

The 3 Traits Every Sales Manager Must Have to Be Good at Their Job

I talk often about a new performance management culture taking hold in the today’s “B2All” marketplace. To meet that challenge, leadership skills must evolve. Your sales manager’s number one job now...Read more

The 16-Minute Exercise That Turns New Sales Hires into Top Performers 3X Faster

I always have lived by the motto, “Time and pressure make diamonds.”In business, we always have enough pressure but never enough time. This being said, when new hires start in sales, marketing, or...Read more

7 Strategies to Get a New Sales Rep Closing by Week 3

I just read a piece about how to deal with a brand-new sales hire. It was, to say the least, ridiculous. The opening piece of advice was to start the rep on a Friday rather than a Monday because they...Read more

What Makes a Great Manager, According to 60 SDRs

Over the past month, I’ve surveyed more than 60 sales development reps (SDRs) from 40 companies about what makes a great SDR manager. There are many articles on this topic written from the manager’s...Read more

How to Maximize Your Sales Team's Efficiency With Territory Management

Willie Sutton, a famous bank robber, is best known for his response to a reporter who once asked him, “Mr. Sutton, why do you rob banks?” Willie’s response? “Because that’s where the money is.” While...Read more

4 Proven Ways Sales Managers Can Make Their Reps Grittier

To be successful, a salesperson needs both passion and perseverance. A rep who’s enthusiastic but unwilling to put in the necessary effort and do less glamorous work will ultimately fizzle out. A rep...Read more

5 Strategies That'll Make Deal Reviews 5X More Successful

Predicting the outcome of a deal is like predicting a tornado. If you say, “There’s a tornado coming -- I know because I can see it,” no one’s impressed. The same is true for a deal that’s obviously...Read more

How Sales Managers Can Encourage Reps to Upsell and Cross-Sell

Do the reps on your team push for the close -- and then vanish from buyers’ lives, never to be seen again? If so, your company is losing out on a valuable source of revenue. It’s far easier to sell...Read more

4 Things Only Great Sales Managers Do

Coaching sales reps is the most important role front-line sales managers play, according to 74% of leading companies surveyed by Forbes Insights and Brainshark. And research from the Sales Executive...Read more

6 Phrases Sales Managers Use That Always Backfire

When I became a sales manager, I went from focusing on the words I used with prospects to the ones I used with my salespeople. Some phrases are incredibly demotivating -- and sales managers don’t...Read more