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March 14, 2017

5 CRM-Ready Email Templates for Technical Services and Products

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Do you sell a complex product or service? Then you know how hard it is to pare down a complicated pitch into easy-to-read, straightforward messaging.

As a growth coach for HubSpot's Sales Partner Program, I field a lot of different questions from sales technology specialists. The most common question by far is: "How can I efficiently pitch CRM implementation services to new prospects?"That's why I created this five-email sequence written in plain English that can be adapted to pitch a technical service or solution.

Want to save these templates for later? Scroll to the the bottom of this post for directions on how to use these templates in the free HubSpot CRM. 

1) The (Somewhat) Formal First Email

The first email to a new prospect should always be more formal than your follow-up messages -- but you still want to sound like a human. I recommend asking a general question about how they (or their business) is doing. Then, get into your pitch. Sticking to a couple, easy-to-skim bullet points shows you respect their time and will be easy to work with moving forward.



How are things going?

I am reaching out because I am offering free CRM consultations this quarter, and thought {!Receiving_User.CompanyName} may be interested.

On these meetings I typically go over:

  • An audit of your current system
  • Best practices for imports and implementation
  • Strategies to help improve your sales process and produce more revenue

Do you have any interest? If so, feel free to suggest some times for this week, or if it is more convenient you can schedule with me here: <<LINK TO YOUR CALENDAR>>.



2) The One-Line Follow-Up Email

Haven't heard back in three days? Send a simple follow-up asking if the prospect missed your first email. Keeping this email vague encourages your prospect to search their inbox for your first email. Chances are when they find it, they'll read it more carefully than they would have the first time. And if they can't find it, they'll probably reply asking about the first email -- giving you another avenue to begin the conversation. 



I know how busy things can get this time of year, so I wanted to follow up and see if you got a chance to see my last email?

Looking forward to connecting,


3) The Video Demo

Still no reply? It's possible the prospect isn't comfortable commiting to a general conversation about CRM systems (or whatever complex solution you offer). Sending them a video of the best fit CRM system or product for their business will help them quickly understand your value proposition. Prospects are 74% more likely to understand the benefits of a product when they watch a video of it in action. 

But guessing which CRM is the perfect fit for a prospect is difficult -- and you won't always get it right. Make sure to ask for their feedback after the link. Even if a prospect replies with negative feedback, you've started a productive conversation about their needs.



Hope all is well --  I thought I would send over a quick demo video of X CRM so you can get a better feel for the system: <<VIDEO LINK>>.  

Let me know what you think?



4) The Final Push

Some prospects require more touches than others. If the prospect has not replied to your first three emails, follow up with two or three points and a resource explaining why this particular CRM -- and your company's implementation services -- are a perfect fit for the prospect's business.

When pitching the HubSpot CRM, I usually empahsize its ease-of-use and high customer satisfaction ranking on G2Crowd



I thought it might make sense to send over some benefits of using X CRM in case you are on the fence on evaluating it:


Let's schedule some time this week and go through everything. We can set you up with a free account to compare it to your current process.



5) The Breakup Email

Try one last time before giving up. Ironically, salespeople often receive their highest reply rates with this type of message. For this reason, you should always incude a meeting link or phone number in the final email so it's easy for prospects to reach out when the time is right. 



How is your day going?

Since I have not heard back, I am going to assume you are completely satisfied with your current CRM solution, and close my file.

If you change your mind -- or have just been busy -- you can schedule a free CRM consultation with me here: <link to your calendar tool>

Hope all is well,



Of course, these templates won't work for every single prospect. But I am confident they will greatly increase the productivity of your current prospecting efforts.

If your still finding diffiuclt to find new clients for crm implementation services, please book some time on my calendar. I'll be happy to help any way that I can. 

Want to save these templates for later? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Sign up for HubSpot's CRM.

Step 2. Copy any of the templates above.

Step 3. Once you sign up, click here to open your HubSpot CRM email templates tool. Click Create your first email template, then Start from scratch.

Step 4. Paste the template and subject line. Click Add template to save it.

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